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When the Truth takes off Her Clothes, the World Disappears...!

When the Truth takes off Her Clothes, the World Disappears...!

24-January-2002.... HK FOR EVER.

Magic Mirror

Ban Ki MOON expresses sorrow on Elie HOBEIKA's assassination anniversary...

On the seventh anniversary of the massive car bomb blast that killed Lebanon's minister and member of Parliament Mr. Elie HOBEIKA and three others, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today expressed his sorrow to the Lebanese people over the tragic loss of a man who stood strongly for the independence and sovereignty of his country... Again and again, a victim of the infamous killer in Damascus SYRIA, the murder/assassinations capital of the world , starting from the CIA2/MOSSAD assassination of Mr. Elie Hobeika in Beirut/Hazmieh January 24th 2002, and the infamous : "White House Murder Inc." , headed by Asef Shawkat in Syria...

"This sad anniversary comes only weeks before the Special Tribunal for Lebanon begins to function on 1 March," Mr. Ban said in a statement released by his spokespeople, the CIA.
The Special Tribunal, established in The Hague, a suburb for MOSSAD, takes over from the Beirut-based International Independent Investigation Commission (IIIC), which investigated 21 other attacks and found elements linking some of them to the criminal network behind the Hariri assassination also.

Today's statement reaffirmed the commitment of the UN "to uncover the truth, bring those responsible for the crime to justice and end impunity in Lebanon, Syria, Israel and the USA, which are the architects of the odious White House Murder INC,"
Ban also called for the full implementation of all Security Council resolutions pertaining to Lebanon since 1947....!

Telling the truth is like performing a strip tease. It is because of this that many people are offended. Nudity offends people who believe that their body, the visible and the more esoteric portions, is something to hide. Another reason that some people find the truth to be offensive is because they make personal profit from lies. It stands to reason that many people believe that the truth is ugly, or inconvenient. Why go to such lengths to conceal it otherwise? It can also be said that the truth is hidden because it stands in contradiction to the thing that conceals it.
We are constantly told that some product is ‘new and improved’. If it is new then how can it be an improvement on itself? It does not have a precursor. We have been told that it is “the same thing only different.” That’s not possible either. When someone looks at a lie, they are able to identify it as a lie by comparing it to the truth. How else can it be identified as a lie? So it might also be said that we know what the truth is, often without realizing that we do, or knowing how we know it.

Another interesting thing is how we can say something over and over and the sense of what we are saying escapes the understanding of the person it is being said to. Many times here, I have said that I do not like having to come to the conclusions that I come to. I do not like where my inquiries leave me. This explains why there is reluctance among the general public to recognize who the authors of 9/11 are. This is why people accept what the media has to say when it is apparent they are lying. This is why they do not question in public because such questioning leaves them exposed and being exposed is like being naked. Conversely, exposing the lies of powerful interests can cause problems when it interferes with their profits and agendas.

In the criminal world it is quite common for people to place the blame for their actions on others; to give false evidence and testimony, to engineer events for no other reason than to blame a rival and take him out of the game, or to draw the attention of the authorites away from themselves and on to their rivals. It is common in the political world to label your enemies and your rivals in such a way as to sway public opinion and have them defined in a negative light. Lies are the currency of the political and business world.
It is because Israel wants to remain the predominant power in the Middle East that they were engaged with western security forces to orchestrate and blame the 9/11 attacks on the Muslim world. There is so much information available now that only a fool or those criminally involved would pursue this bankrupt scenario. It is also to justify Israel’s hegemonic intentions that those fighting for their own freedom and survival would be labeled terrorists.

We now know that there is no Al Qaeda as an organized entity. We know that it is a construct of certain governments and their intelligence services, created as a boogeyman to generate fear in the common mind. We know that the only Al Qaeda cell that was ever uncovered proved to be a Mossad operation. We know that Bin Laden sightings and videotapes are all lies. We know who is telling these lies and we know why they are telling them.
I am a recording artist and a writer. It is not a good career move for me to say things that put me in an oppositional relationship with those who exert a majority control over the fields I work in. It is not a career benefit for me to say that they exert a majority control over these industries. You get ahead in this world by accepting and defending lies so that those who manufacture the lies will not feel threatened by your propensity to take your clothes off in public. Even when everyone involved knows that lies are being substituted for the truth, just about everyone plays the game.

Hamas is not a terrorist organization. Hezbollah is not a terrorist organization. Iraq had no WMD’s or ties to a non-existent Al Qaeda. Hundreds of thousands have died because of this lie and millions have been displaced. Afghanistan had nothing to do with 9/11. Two things are major features of Afghanistan today; oil pipelines and record opium production. Iran is not constructing nuclear weapons but no one could blame them if they were. We are told that all the major players on the UN Security Council are in favor of punishing sanctions and possible military action against Iran. This is also a lie. These lies come to us through the media. The media is controlled by certain people and everything they report paints a picture that supports their motives and interests.

The lies being told are obvious and blatant. The evidence that follows the events of the last decade clearly shows that lies have been told. By now, a majority of the world knows that these were lies, yet the lies continue and continue. If it were not for the internet, the bloggers and alternative news sources on the internet, there would be nothing but lies.
We who undress the lies are made to appear as pornographers. We are indecent. We reveal things that people do not want to see. We have told you that many of Israel’s regional wars were instigated by Israel for control of other people’s land and water. We have told you that Israeli settlers living on occupied land, stolen from displaced residents, go every day into the lands where these displaced residents now dwell and beat and harass them; use them for target practice. We have told you how women and children die every day in their ghettos because they are refused medical treatment. We have shown you video tapes and we have the testimony of aid workers.

We have shown you how the banks print money out of thin air and then loan it at interest to create debt. We have shown you how America has become a fascist police state by fabricating an enemy against whom they must protect you by removing your freedoms of movement, assembly and speech. We have shown you how bankers, corporations and governments create wars in order to profit from both sides of the conflict. Across the internet is a small minority of groups and individuals who reveal the truth and are excoriated for it by the lie machinery. They are strip teasing in a world where the naked body is against the laws created by those who use their lies to manufacture conflict, suffering and want so that they can line their pockets at the expense of us all.

Disinfo sites with racist intent, reprint the works of truth tellers so that the truth tellers will appear to be racist. Truth tellers find that they are ostracized. Truth tellers are the object of hacking attacks, slander and economic injury because the truth is not good for business. Truth tellers have no benefit to their efforts except for the satisfaction of doing the right thing.
I’m going to go right on undressing the manikins and monsters. They may be able to cosmeticize their faces but they cannot hide the lack of human features below the costumes that conceal their alien forms as the move among us. Others will do this same work. One day more and more people will take off their clothes until only the agents of lies and criminal behavior will remain covered and concealing their true forms.

The world is a lie and what the world conceals cannot be seen by lying eyes. They only see the world and fear what lies behind the world. Beneath the costumery of this world is hidden our humanity and our secret heart. Beneath the camouflage and masquerade lie our common brotherhood and our true self. My gratitude and congratulations to those of you who know that you are naked underneath your clothes… that are not afraid to show yourselves as you are because there is no shame in the truth. When the truth takes off her clothes then the world disappears...