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The Dignity of Man and Woman

The Dignity of Man and Woman.

1. O God, our Lord, how excellent
Thy name on earth asserts its might,

While from the heaven's star-decked tent
Thy glory shines in Lebanon's light.

When I behold in silent thought
The moon, the stars, the heav'nly sphere,

The wonders, which Thy hand hath wrought,
Which shine in beauty bright and clear

What am I, child of clay,

With frame sure to decay,

That Thou, O God, shouldst think of me

And guide me with benignity ?

2. And yet didst Thou on man bestow
The signet of divine descent,

With honor crown his noble brow
And stamp him nature's ornament.
Thy breath his soul inspires,
Fills it with holy fires ;
He bears Thine image in his HK breast
And rules the earth at Thy behest,

3. Ay, from the heaven's star-decked tent
Thy glory shines in Lebanon's light !

O God, our Lord, Great, Excellent
We worship Thee, Who rules witb might and
light...within USA and Lebanonknights


The Navy Command Center was the Target of the

“The US Authorities have tried to make believe that the damage caused to
the Pentagon, on September 11, 2001 was caused by the crash of a
hijacked Boeing airliner on the building. This lie was meant to hide
the fact that a bombing attack was in fact carried out by a group of
people who had authorized access to the Pentagon and that the target
was not the Department of Defense in general but the new Navy Command

— Anonymous

Why might someone want to target the Naval Command Center (NCC)?

Most people know of the NORAD “all seeing” defensive network, with radar
and satellite capabilities. But in their shadow, the NCC also was a
very formidable command and control facility, with some overlapping
capacities. The site of the attack occurred on the first floor at the
Naval Command Center portion of the Pentagon. The facility was a
powerhouse of information gathering, command and control, and systems
for monitoring “all warfare mission areas.”

Starting in 1996
the Navy was implementing an upgrade; The Tactical Command System (TCS)
upgrades the Navy’s Command Control, Computer and Intelligence (C3I) systems
and processes C3I information for all warfare mission areas including
planning, direction and reconstruction of missions for peacetime, wartime and
times of crises. Included among these C3I systems are: the unified command
centers of CINCPAC and CINCLANT, the Navy Command Center…[i] [Emphasis

The only U.S. Navy Command Center survivor, Lieutenant Kevin
Schaeffer, claimed: “Had the Command Center not been destroyed it surely
would have been able to provide the highest levels of our Navy leadership
with updates as to exactly what was occurring.”[ii]

If someone wanted to silence any evidence or witnesses that had privy
knowledge of what happened on 9/11 — there were two choices; either they
were with the perpetrators and cooperated, or they weren’t and had to be
destroyed. This might have made the NCC a prime target if the Navy
wasn’t in on the neocon’s Attack on America. However, there is no
evidence that the Navy was directly involved.

The Office of Naval Intelligence had its offices in the Naval
Command Center.

A theory proposed by Tom Wilson may have deep roots in the Pentagon, and
involves Israeli espionage. The Office of Naval Intelligence may have
had incriminating evidence on Israeli espionage. When Pollard’s
activities were exposed — he was convicted of spying for Israel
from 1984 through 1985. The following individuals were suspected
by then-Secretary of Defense Casper Weinberger’s office of the
general counsel of being co-conspirators:

Douglas Feith – worked at the Pentagon from March 1984 to September 1986
as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Negotiations Policy.

John Lehman – worked at the Pentagon as the Secretary of the Navy from
1981 to 1987.

Richard Perle – worked at the Pentagon as Assistant Secretary of Defense
for International Security Policy from 1981 to 1987.

Paul Wolfowitz – worked at the State Department as Assistant Secretary
of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs from 1982 to 1986.

The “spy ring” returns…

Pollard obtained classified material from his workplace in Suitland,
Maryland, just a few miles from Washington DC. Furthermore, like
Pollard — Perle also has passed secrets to Israel. In 1970, Perle was
caught by the FBI passing secrets to the Israeli Embassy in Washington

When George W. Bush became President, he appointed these conspirators to
high-level Pentagon jobs (makes you wonder, who is Bush’s real master).

Feith – was appointed Under Secretary of Defense for Policy.

John Lehman – worked on the 9/11 Commission (setup by the Bush

Perle – was appointed Chairman of the Defense Policy Board.

Wolfowitz – was appointed Deputy Secretary of Defense.

Mike Vreeland of Office of Naval Intelligence, stated that:

Certain government officials — politicians, brass, and high ranking
military — have 11th Amendment privileges and can’t be sued.
Another government agency has to go investigate activities connected to
weapons smuggling, organized crime, and drug trafficking. They use their
power to break laws, and we’re not allowed to investigate them. Thus
certain parts of the U.S. government designed an entity called
Unofficial Intelligence Investigation Division (UID). It was designed by
Adm. Jeremy Michael Boorda, who allegedly committed suicide. Boorda put
this together prior to becoming CNO [Chief of Naval Operations]. He was
not a bad guy.25

It appears the Navy was trying to keep “tabs of” illegal spying
activities, in an attempt to control it, and some didn’t like

Were Navy veterans recruited to participate in an exercise on

Each of the following individuals on Flight 77 had been in the

Charles Burlingame III – pilot, had once worked at the Naval
Command Center in the Pentagon.

David Charlebois – Copilot, Navy.

William Caswell – one of the Navy’s top scientists.

Charles Droz III – Lieutenant Commander, United States Navy and Vice
President for software development, EM Solutions Inc.

Wilson “Bud” Flagg – retired
admiral (Involved in “Tailhook”).

Bryan Jack – worked for the Office of
the Secretary of Defense.

[Bryan Jack was involved with economics and budgeting. There was soon
to be a massive fraud in the Pentagon, prompting neocon comptroller and
Jewish Rabbi Dov Zakheim to quit... Did he know about this? It is
possible that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld recruited Mr. Jack to
participate in this exercise.]

John Sammartino – former worker at Naval Research Lab.

John Yamnicky – consultant and ex-test pilot.

Vicki Yancey – former naval electronics technician.

And while not in the Navy,
Barbara Olson – was a devote right-winger and wife of Ted Olson, who was
Jonathan Pollard’s former attorney! It is certainly possible that Ted
Olson recruited his third wife to participate in this conspiracy. Did
Ted Olson want to destroy the incriminating records of his ‘clients’?

If the perpetrators were going to attack the World Trade Center towers,
then they would have to attack the Navy Command Center as well. Since
those inside the NCC were following all the events unfolding on


I first heard Anthony Shaffer talk about the Able Danger program and other military operations on the Jerry Doyle show a few years ago. What he had to say was riveting then .... and it is even more so today. A highly decorated soldier, he has made many 'enemies' within the Pentagon .... and in Congress. But in all the years that I have been listening to him I have found his analysis to always be spot on .... and in many cases prophetic (i.e. the slow failure of US policy in Afghanistan being one of them).

I am not surprised that his book is now being "burned and destroyed" by the Pentagon. I have been an avid listener and reader of his works for years, and I have a very good idea on what he has to say. He knows where the skeletons are .... and worse .... he knows where future skeletons are going to show up. While the focus from the media is now on the Pentagon destroying his books .... the content is where the focus should be on .... a focus that I can only hope will be spotlighted in the days and weeks to come.
Please remember that the underlying message of Anthony SHAFFER is that he has discovered through able danger that 9/11 was an inside job wall to wall...and he said it in so many words together with hundreds of other American Officers from various services....


1. Lebanon has 18 religious communities

2. It has 40 daily newspapers

3. It has 42 universities

4. It has over 100 banks (that is banks and not branches of a bank)

5. 70% of the students are in private schools

6. Many of the Lebanese people are Christians (The highest percent in all
the Arab countries) and over 1 million Maronites live in Brazil and would love
to get the Lebanese nationality again in order to participate in political
life in Lebanon. We highly recommend a new law in Lebanon in order to offer all
Lebanese living abroad to come and relocate into Lebanon again, since they have
become citizens of foreign lands and have no Lebanese passport anymore.

7. There's 1 doctor per 10 people in Lebanon (In Europe & America ,
there's 1 doctor per 100 people)

8. The name LEBANON appears 75 times in the Old Testament

9. The name CEDAR ( Lebanon's tree) appears 75 times too in the Old

10. Beirut was destroyed and rebuilt 9 times (this is why it's compared to
The Phoenix).

11. There's 3.5 Million Lebanese in Lebanon

12. There's around 15 Million Lebanese outside Lebanon !!! many with
foreign citizenship 90%...


1. Lebanon , the country, was occupied by over 16 countries:
(Egyptians-Hittites-Assyrians- Babylonians- Persians- Alexander the greats
Army- the Roman Empire Byzantine- the Arabian Peninsula-The Crusaders- the
Ottoman Empire- Britain-France- Israel- Syria)

2. Byblos (city in Lebanon ) is the oldest, continuously living city in
the world.

3. Lebanon's name has been around for 4,000 yrs non- stop (it's the oldest
country/ nation's name in the world!)

4. Lebanon is the only Asian/African country that doesn't have a desert.

5. There are 15 rivers in Lebanon (all of them coming from its own

6. Lebanon is one of the most populated countries in its archeological
sites, in the world!!!

7. The first alphabet was created in Byblos (city in Lebanon )

8. The only remaining temple of Jupiter (the main Roman God) is in Baalbek
, Lebanon (The City of the Sun)

9. The name of BYBLOS comes from the BIBLE!!!

10. Lebanon is the country that has the most books written about it.

11. Lebanon is the only non-dictatorial and Democratic country in the Arab
world (Yes, we do have a President!)

12. Jesus Christ made his 1st miracle in Lebanon , in Qana (The miracle of
Turning water into wine).

13. The Phoenicians (Original People of Lebanon and neighboring areas...)
built the 1st boat, and they were the first to sail ever!

14. Phoenicians also reached America long before Christopher Columbus

15. The 1st law school in the world was built in Lebanon , in Downtown
Beirut....yet our justice system is severely flawed...and ill justice, cowardly
judges, and useless justice ministers abound...

16. People say that the cedars were planted by God's own hands (This is
why they're called 'The Cedars of God', and this is why Lebanon is called
'God's Country on Earth.' I love Lebanon ..... may God bless my homeland
In July/August 2006, USA and ISRAEL launched a devastating war on Lebanon....
USA and Israel dropped a total of 7000 Tons of explosive ordinance on Lebanon's towns and villages....
USA and Israel lost the war in a very humiliating fashion....which they utterly deserve....since Lebanon
only used 28 Tons of explosive ordinance on IDF in response to that cowardly US/ISRAELI war....