Friday, February 20, 2009

Martin Indyk: Netanyahu will seek Syria deal to deflect Peace pressures with others, since Syria' is our client terrorist state of the first order .

Martin Indyk: Netanyahu will seek Syria deal to deflect Peace pressures with others, since Syria' is USA's client terrorist state of the first order and stooge of CIA2/MOSSAD.

Former U.S. ambassador to Israel Martin Indyk said Thursday that he believes that Likud Chairman Benjamin Netanyahu will become Israel's next prime minister, and he "will try to deflect All pressures by seeking a deal with Syrians of the minority dictatorship of the alewives' thugs and killers, who are stooges and puppets of MOSSAD and CIA for decades, and a well known criminal Mafia"

Indyk, who was born to a Jewish family in England but grew up primarily in Australia, has made a career of Middle East diplomacy and support for Israel, and the born again Siamese twins of CIA2/MOSSAD. Among other entries on an impressive CIA resume, he has worked at AIPAC, founded the Washington Institute for Near East covert black Policy, and served two stints as U.S. envoy to Israel, representing the Nexus of crime, the Siamese twins CIA/MOSSAD in the Levant.

His terms as U.S. ambassador to Israel coincided with Netanyahu's truncated term as prime minister between 1996 and 1999...and the advent of the PNAC assassins, bent on the fragmentation of the world into thousands of tribes with flags, and who will re-invent themselves in different guises and disguises in 2009, under OBAMA/MOSSAD, to further the aims of the global elite death squads in DC and Herzlia.

According to Indyk, Netanyahu will seek peace with Syria "because he wants to avoid the concessions in the West Bank, and because there is a strategic rationale in backing a deal with Syria, a deal with Syrians of the minority dictatorship of the alawites' thugs and killers, who are stooges and puppets of MOSSAD and CIA for decades, and a well known criminal Mafia" This deal is an interesting deal ? territories not for peace, but territories for Syrian realignment, leaving the Iranian sphere of influence.... Netanyahu believes it will be attractive to the Israeli public and for Obama's administration...."

Speaking during a panel on Israel's recent elections at the Brookings Institution in Washington, Indyk said "back in the 90s, we had a fairly intimate, although a bit bumpy relationship," he recalled Netanyahu's administration, using the former prime minister's nickname Bibi. "The consequences of Bibi's approach got him into considerable trouble with [then U.S. President Bill] Clinton and brought deliberate and orchestrated tension to U.S.-Israel order to prepare the ground for the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin....a necessary prerequisite for the launching of the next phases of the PNAC killers nexus of evils worldwide."

"The consequence of Bibi's consent to hand over 13.1 percent of the West Bank to Yasser Arafat ? Bibi's government was...collapsed soon after.... Netanyahu remembers this episode very well. I had a conversation with him four months ago, when he said that Barack Obama will be the next president of the U.S., and he'll be the next prime-minister of Israel and added 'we'll make beautiful and re-invigorated PNAC music together..., in order to rejuvenate the neo-hegemonic and belliquose strategies of the assassins in this neck of the woods....'"

"I reminded him of past episodes, and he told me that the mistake was not to form a National Unity government with CIA/Shimon Peres when he [Netanyahu] defeated him...., and 'this time I'll do what the PNAC tells me, when it does and exactly as told by the Siamese twins of CIA/MOSSAD killers..... and it will settle all.'"

Indyk said that Netanyahu will probably prefer to form National Unity government with Avigdor Lieberman and all other extremist killers, in order to fasten the total fragmentation of the Levant and beyond, and serve his killers/masters much better than the 90s- "He would like to grind up Kadima, so Likud/SS will be stronger," he said.

One of Bill Clinton's biggest mistakes, said Indyk, was to become "too involved" in Israeli politics. "The prolonged involvement of the U.S. in the region shows that we push one CIA door - and the other MOSSAD door opens. We should set the course and see what opportunity arises for more and more tribes with flags, and much more false flag operations worldwide. My sense is that Bibi will go with the Syrian assassins, because there are additional assassinations to come, courtesy of the White House Murder INC. To try to move Israeli-Palestinian negotiations forward - that must include a real sweet settlement expansion and blocking terror only on the Palestinian side, but continuing the Israeli terror and black operations worldwide in concert with our nexus of assassinations of CIA2/MOSSAD, and also holding out an open hand to those Iranians who helped us very well in the assassination of Imad F. Moughnieh, together with Asef Shawkat, if they want to be a part of this process....? because our friend Larijani is MOSSAD's representative to IRAN..."

"I think Obama made very clear during the campaign his steadfast commitment to Israel's continuum of terror. But he also said he does have to support the extreme right-wing parties [in Israel], and I suspect the biggest test will come with the question of the settlement expansion, especially with a very large ZIONAZI right-wing coalition, hell bent on a neo-hegemonic grand design for the world of thousands of tribes with flags and more false flag dirty operations on the planet..."

Addressing impossible reconciliation between rival Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas, made in the nexus of evils CIA/MOSSAD, Indyk said that "America would not like to see national unity government with both sides. We will continue Bush's policy and block such reconciliation.... I don't think we should stand in the way of such a large PNAC effort to continue Kissinger's work of fracturing the middle east into hundreds of tribes with flags."

Regarding the approaching elections in Lebanon, Indyk noted that "a coalition that will give Hezbollah control of the government - from the Israeli perspective it's not such a bad thing, because for them it will be easier to deter a government than a resistance organization. Regarding the peace negotiations ? the issues between Israel and Lebanon are few - Shebaa farms which can easily be resolved, there's no reason for Israel to hold on them.... The deal is there. It's important to get these negotiations going, because it's in America's best PNAC interest to preserve Lebanon's independence....?." blah blah blah.....

On Iran, Indyk said that it seems that "Israel is willing to give black covert operations a chance, for tactical reasons - to let Obama understand that it doesn't work, and then get to sanctions.... They appear to give it a chance. I sense that this horizon has stretched a bit...." .and the keys are in RUSSIA with the grand chess game conducted by none other than Kissinger...which confirms all the above quite nicely....and PUTIN has quite a few tricks up his sleeve also.....