Friday, February 20, 2009

To the losers in this unstable world, stop your double standards and Give Iran a break from your utter Hypocrisy.

To the losers in this unstable world, stop your double standards and Give Iran a break from your utter Hypocrisy.

Three decades of tension since the 1979 Iranian revolution and six years of diplomatic war over Tehran's nuclear intentions have left many Western governments thinking that whatever Iran does must be irresponsible and dangerous.

President Barack Obama pledged to extend a hand to hostile nations if they are willing to unclench their fist. Now is the time to introduce a more nuanced approach to Iran.

Two weeks ago, Tehran launched its first domestically developed satellite into orbit. Named Hope (Omid), it places Iran in a club of just ten countries, India being the only other developing nation on the list.

The U.S. State Department expressed "grave concern" emphasizing the link between developing a space launch vehicle and a ballistic missile system. The British foreign minister said the launch could increase tension between Iran and the West. The French foreign ministry underlined that the launch added to Iran's already controversial nuclear program. Germany's foreign minister called the launch a "worrying development."

In an era of increased reliance on advanced technology, space programs are critical for developing countries. It is unfortunate that Iran receives equally harsh reaction to military missile tests and a peaceful satellite launch. The flood of negative comments from the West sends a disconcerting message not only to Iran, but also to developing nations more generally. The 1967 Outer Space Treaty guarantees the right to space exploration. Extending the double standard that already reigns in the nuclear sphere to space will neither stop the Iranian program nor win support for Western efforts aimed at scaling it down.

While the Iranian people may not always support the current regime in Tehran, they are a proud nation celebrating their country's technological advancement. The past two weeks have demonstrated, however, that it's easier to place an object in space than to get acknowledgement from the West.

Furthermore, the hardliners in Tehran who oppose rapprochement with the United States are likely to benefit the most from the West's negative comments... For the hardliners, a sneer in response to peaceful space development is a convenient demonstration that there is no "pleasing" the West and those who are open to normalization are doomed to fail. In the eighties, the US government jerks tried to divide Iran between so-called "moderates" and "fundamentalists", they failed miserably...and made a mockery out of their institutions...and paraded their stupid policies in congressional hearings for years. Despite that waste of resources, it seems that they still have not learned any lessons, since they are still trying to divide the whole middle east between "moderates" and "fundamentalists"... again.

Iran has shown time and again, since 1979, that they have mastered the chess game with the US better than anyone as of yet, with Russia and Vladimir PUTIN...but the greedy Chinese will stumble and lose BIGTIME soon....since the Grand Hegemonic enterprise of the Kissingerian killers are itching to break-up ASIA, all of ASIA, into a zillion areas of Tribes with more Flags.... courtesy of the new-improved Neo-PNAC and the infamous White House Murder INC,...

Chain reactions and the rabid "sauce" of disinformation processes at work full speed ahead
So here we go again, it's good we're getting back to the Iran story,
there's been a break in the clouds then, given domestic affairs have
obtruded big time (you'll recall the election swerved from Georgia
straight into the "bank bailout" black hole). Neocons have no clue
how close IAEA let alone NSA really are to the action, judging from
CBS tapes pretty dang close, and there's been no change in judgment
about their being a cover-up, same as 911. However, what you *can*
do is manufacture tiny pieces of story that can't be unverified (or
verified) and see which news sources irresponsibly circulate i.e. it's
an old technique, used since Roman times (Venice also) to "taint" and
then follow the news like a dye, listing pundits who lap it up and
respew, a kind of daisy chaining. This is because you need to know
who's naughty and nice before you play Santa Claus with the real
insider information -- that goes to your friends, not to irresponsible
hacks who believe anything they read on the Internet.

Further analysis: Obama has made no mistakes yet, just won some big
points for his party. McCain is saddled with the idiots as you know,
dumbfuckistan as you've seen in cartoons, and I'm not just talking
about Republicans, but about gringos more generally, hill billies who
never went to school and think "bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran" is
what McCain was actually advocating in those commercials, whereas if
you watch the raw tape, his message was "get a life", i.e. he's in the
loop, might have been president, and knows what the NSA verdict has
been for some years now: no cover-up, don't need one.

Why would Iran be sincere in keeping its nuke program civilian? It
takes the average analyst about 30 seconds to see through this chess
game. "Prove the gringos can't be trusted" would be the short
version, i.e. the more rabid the Wall Streeters get, hoping to feed at
the Pentagon tit, the more you'll see these Ponzi schemes based on
faux promises of war profits, suckering investors who can't see their
money in CDs (hardly any return there), the more you'll see pundits
fronting for the scam artists on the news, and the more you'll know
who *not* to trust. Very easy. Thank you analysts, you get a pat on
the back. By "gringos" I of course don't mean just the lily white zip
codes, but any "why we fight" crowd with money under the mattress,
"broken back cowboys" a role model.

Speaking of 911, you've seen a lot of these same techniques in
action: carefully constructed tidbits of malware get ground up in the
meat, and those posing as empiricists simply pipeline the data (called
"stove piping" -- mostly soot). Vast armies of true believers grow up
in the wake of the jazz, but you can write them off as "focus groups"
because you know they're just suckers, not much of a threat. It's the
intelligence services you need to watch, the ones that play these same
games. They're in it for keeps and for the long haul and won't
abandon their powers of verification (i.e. rational thought). We have
very few gringos in these networks, despite high powered recruiting
via the fictional TV shows. Everyone wants to learn about explosives
(NM Tech good for that) but can't go much higher, where you need
to know NATO stuff like OWL/DAML, RDF, all the basic tools of
analysis these days (can you spell "ontology"?).

Now don't get all paranoid that some government office is "watching"
the 911 kooks. Understand that the buzz bots score postings at a
million a minute, just like Google does for commercial purposes, no
one violating your privacy, given it's your choice to make "world
readable" in the first place (a chmod setting). You basically distill
huge populations to "profiles" and work with those, with a fake
identity for a reason (it's not a real person, more like a puppet or
artificial person, a company, a corporation). This is the same we the
political campaigns are run by the way, if they can afford a buzz bot
in the background. Given Google exposes its API, as does Technocrati
and a few others, any geek with a laptop can write one, although the
secret sauce is in the scoring algorithms, not in the screen scraping,
although that's difficult too (so many self-styled "web masters" don't
know XHTML for shit, put all that JavaScript right in the page, and
don't get me started on PHP, a truly gnarly language, yar).

That being said, there's no law against some dude in a cubicle using
"stumble upon" to find your threads. If the boss says OK, simple
traceroutes and other tools will help tie your identity into a tight
little bundle, making you "a person of interest". But that's what
some of you *want* right? Come out on the Internet as some kind of
weirdo and maybe that'll help you sell books like Dr. Phil. Loved it
when Britney took that guy out. No secret I'm in her fan club, and
no, I'm not the Kansan writing about Heidi Klum, much as I'm aware
of the RAW heritage (via Esozone etc.) i.e. yes of course I'm aware
of the techno-occult connections twixt Britney and Plame (per this
very archive in fact) -- enjoy your "good will hunting" if curious.

Finally, yes of course I'm interested in the safehouse program for
economic gain, have made no bones about recruiting, did have a fine
student from Japan a few years back, but what I'm up against is the
"no up to date schools" brick wall. I'll write more about this in my
other venues (easy to tail me across newsgroups) or just go back in
the files, but basically you can't tempt a kid into school systems
that avoid all the sexy technology. In the USA we have coercive
powers and can force kids to beat their heads against their desks,
punching mindlessly on calculators. But in South Africa, if you're
not teaching SQL or LAMP, they just won't come to class.
Anything that's just "chalk 'n talk" is considered "an elective".
Of course I exaggerate, am talking mostly about "the barrios".
In elite zip codes with old money, you still have the old slave ships,
kids forced to "learn math" that has nothing whatever to do with
TCP/IP or URL parsing, no regular expressions, no RSA, no nothing.
That might be OK for gringos (aka residents of dumbfuckistan who
believe everything they read) but it'll never get you a job at NSA,
or Google, that's pretty obvious to all.