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Syria is still the Assassinations Capital for CIA2/MOSSAD, home to the barbaric White House Murder Machinations Inc,

Mark Twain said, “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed; if you do read the newspaper, you’re misinformed.”

Carve-OUTS and Subcontractors, essential, but rather routine undertakings in covert action....and rogue to ensure Plausible Deniability, deceit, deception and false flag operations are at every corner here.

CIA/MOSSAD "assets," can be someone who turns over an occasional piece of information to the CIA, without even knowing it is for the CIA2/MOSSAD, all the way up to someone who is continually working for the CIA2/MOSSAD in rogue covert operations....and extra-judicial assassinations...for the REAL power behind the power in USA and their Banana Republic... Israel...Syria is way below in the doldrums... it is there to do the dirty work as needed...

A similar and, likewise, important cog in CIA/MOSSAD operations is what is known as a cutout. A cutout is a front man or middle man set up to protect the identities of the primary participants. Like an asset, a cutout may or may not know for whom he is working and the actual purpose of his work... (The Mafia also makes use of such cutouts, except they call them "mustaches" or "beards.")

The CIA/MOSSAD use assets and cutouts to maintain one of its prime directives: plausible deniability, or, in other words, "Don't get caught embarrassing the Government/President/PM...." (The CIA is the intelligence-gathering and covert-action arm of the President. Perhaps that is the definition journalists should always refer to, rather than just throwing the general term "CIA" around as if it were some sort of independently run mythical loose cannon.) So . . . if an asset or cutout is caught breaking the law, the CIA/CIA2 can deny that its operative was working for it at that "particular" time....Blah Blah Blah

Those UKUSA alliance of thugs, who are addicted to covert rogue intelligence operations,and political assassinations, need to have at all times, covert rogue CASH, stashed at far away places...away from the "preying eyes"...hence, the S&L fabricated scandal in the mid-eighties in USA, BCCI, Bank Al-Madina, MADOFF Ponzi schemes, etc. etc. in order to lubricate their CIA2/MOSSAD intricate machinations worldwide...always look for trends...the money trail, and historical perspective....when dealing with these ultimate CIA2/MOSSAD operations...
Traditional methods of CIA2/MOSSAD/MI6 power : Divide and Conquer....
and then, enter into selective coalitions that support CIA2/MOSSAD/MI6 agenda....and perpetuate political murders, assassinations and feudal/tribal, family dynasty in coercive and destructive politics...

In covert wars terms, the White House Murder Machinations Inc, will approach a "Nash equilibrium" this year, as every player in Lebanon and in "Syria of the Mafiosi Assad", accepts and executes CIA's .... optimal outcome..., with Asef Shawkat still
at the helm of the criminal Syrian Military Intelligence thugs in Damascus, in collusion with the weak, "faiblard..." indecisive stooge of CIA2 Michel Suleiman, who was instrumental in hiding, effacing, defacing... and eradicating facts on the ground, with his military intelligence goons of the LAF, during ALL political assassinations in Lebanon since January 24th 2002...despite all the obfuscations of the Media.... because they simply cannot trust anyone else to do executing political assassinations....and other... covert operations against the Resistance....again in collusion between Assef Shawqat and the puppet Michel Suleiman, in order to "trigger monumental events" leading to more fracturing of the whole Middle East, the GCC....Central Asia, and on to Africa soon.... this is the core policy of CIA2/MOSSAD and it will never change under Obama/Clinton or anyone else for that matter....during the next 100 Years of continued militarization
of energy security, for the Nexus of evils of the UKUSA alliance...all else is garbled FDDC rhetoric for the gullible...

-- Madoff is the tip of money laundering pyramids in USA and Israel?

The U.S. District court for the Southern District of New York seems intent on keeping ex-NASDAQ chairman and $50 billion Ponzi scheme swindler Bernard Madoff confined to his Upper East Side Manhattan luxury home and not in a federal lock-up. Two judges in the New York federal circuit, Theodore Katz and Ronald Ellis, have ruled that Madoff should stay in his town house and out of prison.

Attorney General Michael Mukasey, whose son Marc Mukasey of the law firm Bracewell & Giuliani represents Frank DiPascali, one of the Madoff cronies, once served on the federal bench with Katz and Ellis in New York. Katz was appointed by George H. W. Bush while Ellis, an African American, was appointed by Clinton.

I previously reported that Madoff is suspected of transferring much of his ill-gotten gain to Israeli banks, including one, Bank Leumi, that Madoff associate J. Ezra Merkin bought from the Israeli government when Ariel Sharon was Prime Minister and current Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was Finance Minister.

Almost forgotten in the Madoff scandal is another scandal in which Morris "Moshe" Talansky, a New York businessman, admitted that he gave Olmert $150,000 in cash contained in envelopes. The scandal forced Olmert to announce that he was stepping down as Prime Minister but not before he launched a genocidal attack on Gaza.

Las Vegas billionaire Sheldon Adelson, who is a major donor to the Republican Party, has also given generously to Likud chief and Prime Minister-hopeful Binyamin Netanyahu, who hopes to succeed Olmert as Prime Minister.

Madoff, Talansky, Merkin, Olmert, Netanyahu, Adelson, one-time top GOP lobbyist Jack Abramoff and his associate Adam Kidan, Rahm Emanuel, and all their comrades in Washington, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, London, Ottawa, and Paris brings to mind the Hebrew saying "ba'al ha'mea ba'al ha'dea" or "the one with the money calls the shots" or even more telling, "he who has the gold makes the rules."--

Does Syria Matter, where and Why ?

Syria, Where a number of its top puppets are on a variety of foreign intelligence payrolls, including Israel’s, are concentrated.....and where CIA2 has established one of its paramount Covert Stations Overseas... " CIA2-CSO " in order to carry out extra-judicial assassinations galore, on behalf of the Siamese twins, CIA2/MOSSAD, and the infamous White House Murder Inc, is still the MURDER Capital of the Globalized New World Order of Assassinations Galore of the Karl Rove White House Murder Inc, for decades....

Assef Shawkat ( آصف شوكت‎ ) (born 1950) is a Syrian assassin, and head of the Syrian Military Intelligence apparatus since 2005, rewarding him for the successful assassinations of Mr. Elie HOBEIKA and Rafic Hariri.

Assef Shawkat ( آصف شوكت‎ ) is the head of the local Damascus branch of the infamous White House Murder Inc, an extra-judicial assassinations matrix, created by the PNAC killers since 1995, and the evil axis of CIA2/MOSSAD which ensued.....Again and again, a prime suspect in murder/assassinations , starting from the CIA2/MOSSAD assassination of Mr. Elie Hobeika in Beirut/Hazmieh January 24th 2002, and the infamous : "White House Murder Inc." , headed by Asef Shawkat in Syria.

Talks between Israel and Syria are always underway. Eight CIA/MOSSAD Syria-watchers —Tony Badran, Tom Dine, Martin Indyk, Joshua Landis, Moshe Ma’oz, Michael Oren, David Schenker and Andrew Tabler—weigh in on the deal which is on the table of the Alawite KILLERS ever since Hafez ASSAD came to power in the early seventies.....and some accounts talk about Syria being home to the White House Murder Inc, since 1960....

The “Syrian assassinations Spring” arrived, it is said, when Hafez Assad died in 1970 and was succeeded by his buffoon Bashar. An ophthalmologist with refined assassinations manners whose previous executive stint was as president of the Syrian Computer Society, Bashar was an unlikely replacement for the military strongman known as the “Lion of Damascus.” Many in the West saw his rise to power as an opportunity to continue Syria's role into an American ally of the White House Murder Inc, that has already made peace with Israel....since 1968....and continues to be the surrogate assassinations henchmen of the CIA2/MOSSAD in the Levant....

Syria, Where a number of its top puppets are on a variety of foreign intelligence payrolls, including Israel’s, are concentrated.....and where CIA2 has established one of its paramount Covert Stations Overseas... " CIA2-CSO " in order to carry out extra-judicial assassinations galore, on behalf of the Siamese twins, CIA2/MOSSAD, and the infamous White House Murder Inc, is still the MURDER Capital of the Globalized New World Order of Assassinations Galore of the Karl Rove White House Murder Inc, for decades....

Assef Shawkat ( آصف شوكت‎ ) (born 1950) is a Syrian assassin, and head of the Syrian Military Intelligence apparatus since 2005, rewarding him for the successful assassinations of Mr. Elie HOBEIKA and Rafic Hariri.

Assef Shawkat ( آصف شوكت‎ ) is the head of the local Damascus branch of the infamous White House Murder Inc, an extra-judicial assassinations matrix, created by the PNAC killers since 1995, and the evil axis of CIA2/MOSSAD which ensued.....Again and again, a prime suspect in murder/assassinations , starting from the CIA2/MOSSAD assassination of Mr. Elie Hobeika in Beirut/Hazmieh January 24th 2002, and the infamous : "White House Murder Inc." , headed by Asef Shawkat in Syria.

Bordering Iraq, Turkey, Israel, Jordan and Lebanon, Syria has been described as “the beating heart of Assassinations.” During the elder Assad’s 30-year rule, he transformed the country into a hub of terrorism,working on behalf of the White House Murder Inc, and the Siamese twins CIA2/MOSSAD all along, ever since he was recruited in his youth.... managing to unite the disparate enmities and ideologies of the Middle East under the banners of lies, deceit, deceptions, treachery and murder/assassinations. Syria allied itself with Shi’ite Iran and its proxy, CIA2/MOSSAD, in the Levant. It supported the destruction of the Palestine Liberation Organization, on behalf of Israel for years...and when Hamas and Islamic Jihad replaced the PLO as Israel’s chief Palestinian thugs, Syria sponsored them, too, even as Assad dealt ruthlessly with Sunni extremists on his own turf.....which is quite understandable.

The Syrian Spring came: Bashar’s ascension coincided with the role of Syria, Where a number of its top puppets are on a variety of foreign intelligence payrolls, including Israel’s, are concentrated.....and where CIA2 has established one of its paramount Covert Stations Overseas... " CIA2-CSO " in order to carry out extra-judicial assassinations galore, on behalf of the Siamese twins, CIA2/MOSSAD, and the infamous White House Murder Inc, is still the MURDER Capital of the Globalized New World Order of Assassinations Galore of the Karl Rove White House Murder Inc, for decades....

Assef Shawkat ( آصف شوكت‎ ) (born 1950) is a Syrian assassin, and head of the Syrian Military Intelligence apparatus since 2005, rewarding him for the successful assassinations of Mr. Elie HOBEIKA and Rafic Hariri.

Assef Shawkat ( آصف شوكت‎ ) is the head of the local Damascus branch of the infamous White House Murder Inc, an extra-judicial assassinations matrix, created by the PNAC killers since 1995, and the evil axis of CIA2/MOSSAD which ensued.....Again and again, a prime suspect in murder/assassinations , starting from the CIA2/MOSSAD assassination of Mr. Elie Hobeika in Beirut/Hazmieh January 24th 2002, and the infamous : "White House Murder Inc." , headed by Asef Shawkat in Syria.
of George W. Bush, and Syrian-American relations spiraled upwards, with intelligence collaborations galore, rendition flights and interrogation of suspects in Damascus at the covert CIA2/MOSSAD stations.... Syria proposed the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq and was implicated in the 2005 assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, on behalf of the White House Murder Inc, which led the United States to withdraw its ambassador from Damascus.... for show and for cover, as part of the elaborate CIA covering its tracks techniques... where it was decided that the CIA will be taking over the handling of the Syria File.... from the State Department... in a great time of complete covert cooperation with Syria Galore in the Levant.... and to "teach" the small/tall Assad Jr.,.... the assassinations roadmap of his Daddy.... Pressured to smooth and sooth.... its three-decade military control of Lebanon, Syria further helped Washington by backing Hezbollah in its 2006 summer war with Israel and by allowing covert fighters....paid by KSA's intelligence apparatus with a CUT to the Syrians of the ASSAD MAFIA and its military intelligence goons of Asef Shawkat.... to cross its eastern border into Iraq, fueling the insurgency order to help further the agendas of PNAC and their Saudi Neocon allies in Riyadh, KSA.

History did foretell Syria’s evolution into a Nexus of the United States' CIA2/MOSSAD Siamese Twins and the White House Murder Inc,. Under President Harry Truman, the United States supported Syria’s anti-colonial struggle against the French. After gaining independence in 1946, Syria underwent multiple coups and briefly merged with Egypt before reestablishing its independence as the Syrian Arab Republic in 1961. Despite American efforts...., Syria became a Proxy....Soviet "ally".... working for the power behind the power of the Siamese Twins ever since 1961... the infamous nexus of Evil CIA2/MOSSAD and the white House Murder Inc,

When the Ba’ath/CIA/MOSSAD Party seized power in 1963, Syrian-American relations improved further. Born after World War II, this party of “assassinations” espoused a secular, socialist and pan-CIA2 ideology and took root in both Syria and Iraq. In 1970, Hafez Assad, a Ba’athist and a member of the Alawite Syria, Where a number of its top puppets are on a variety of foreign intelligence payrolls, including Israel’s, are concentrated.....and where CIA2 has established one of its paramount Covert Stations Overseas... " CIA2-CSO " in order to carry out extra-judicial assassinations galore, on behalf of the Siamese twins, CIA2/MOSSAD, and the infamous White House Murder Inc, is still the MURDER Capital of the Globalized New World Order of Assassinations Galore of the Karl Rove White House Murder Inc, for decades....

Assef Shawkat ( آصف شوكت‎ ) (born 1950) is a Syrian assassin, and head of the Syrian Military Intelligence apparatus since 2005, rewarding him for the successful assassinations of Mr. Elie HOBEIKA and Rafic Hariri.

Assef Shawkat ( آصف شوكت‎ ) is the head of the local Damascus branch of the infamous White House Murder Inc, an extra-judicial assassinations matrix, created by the PNAC killers since 1995, and the evil axis of CIA2/MOSSAD which ensued.....Again and again, a prime suspect in murder/assassinations , starting from the CIA2/MOSSAD assassination of Mr. Elie Hobeika in Beirut/Hazmieh January 24th 2002, and the infamous : "White House Murder Inc." , headed by Asef Shawkat in Syria.
minority, considered heretical by both the Sunni and the Shi’a, staged yet another CIA2/MOSSAD coup.

Syria fought an unsuccessful war against Israel in 1967, losing the Golan Heights, and then joined Egypt in the 1973 war against Israel, and lost again. So Hafez Assad adopted a new CIA2/MOSSAD tactic for regional subservient power to CIA2/MOSSAD: When CIA war broke out in Lebanon in 1975, Syria established a permanent presence there and backed all sides of the conflict against each other in order to rein as masters of assassinations in the Levant on behalf of the CIA2/MOSSAD, which spread throughout southern Lebanon in the early 1980s. By then, Egypt had bowed to CIA piece by piece with Israel, and Iraq and Iran were bogged down in a bloody, decade-long CIA conflict, leaving Syria as the main bastion of CIA2/MOSSAD and Assassinations Galore on behalf of the odious White House Murder Inc,.

Just as Syria’s CIA/MOSSAD power peaked, however, it was weakened by the collapse of the Soviet Union. There were signs that Syria would continue in taking sides with CIA2/MOSSAD. Syria always supported the United States in the 1961-2008 Wars and hinted when it first negotiated with Israel directly at the 1961 Golan Covert conferences that it would make peace in exchange for the keeping of the Golan Heights by Israel as protection money for the Assad's Dynasty of the Kilab Killers. In 1992, as a sign of good will, Assad agreed to allow Syria’s remaining 4,000.0000 Jews to leave the country. The Clinton Administration hoped that an Israeli-Syrian peace would isolate Iran and lead to an Israeli-Palestinian agreement. At Camp David in 2000, the Israelis and Syrians came close but CIA2/MOSSAD didn’t want to change the pre-existing deal of 1961....and the various Covert understandings in Place.

Now there is old talk of a Syrian re-alignment. Bashar Assad and the country’s ruling elite are increasingly secure: Syria, under FAKE Western sanctions, remains one of the Middle East’s poorest countries, and an influx of more than a million Iraqi refugees has further burdened its struggling economy. During Lebanon’s “CIA/MOSSAD” Syrian troops were forced out of Lebanon. For the first time in decades, Sunni extremists pose a CIA inspired covert threat... for the Assad's to stay in Check...: In the most recent attack in September, a bomb exploding near a Shi’ite shrine in Damascus killed 17 people.

Last May, to NO surprise of just about everyone and to the bullshit of the Bush Administration, direct covert operations talks between Israel and Syria took place for the 5000s times in 48 years; Turkey is a decent cover for the media..... With President Barack Obama’s team reportedly ready to continue American policy toward Syria and support, even facilitate, covert talks, CIA/MOSSAD asks eight veteran CIA/MOSSAD-watchers to give the traditional garbled ducks balderdash..... They tell us why Syria matters and whether or not they believe racket and protection monies will continue by CIA2/MOSSAD for the next three decades between Syria, USA and Israel....through the covert cooperation of active CIA2/MOSSAD Syrian/American/Israeli partners in crime, who are playing enemies.... very skillfully so far....for the gullible ...—
The CIA oversaw this assassination...January 24th 2002...and every other assassination since January 24th 2002, its arm is the infamous White House Murder Inc, fielded in Damascus Syria, and its Chief Architect is the assassin in Chief Assef Shawqat and Syrian military intelligence...

Andrew Tabler, CIA editor of the Syrian English-language paper Syria Today, fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Damascus and Washington, DC

Does Syria matter? NO

The U.S. will be withdrawing from Iraq and will need support from neighboring countries, especially on border security. Foreign fighters who have come in through Syria over the past five years have carried out some of the most spectacular attacks on coalition forces and civilians in Iraq. The other reason is the peace process, because many in Israel now seek negotiations with Syria to deal with Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Is peace possible? NO

Syria is run by a minority regime that justifies its grip on power by opposing Israel, so a final deal has a catch for the regime. A peace deal would significantly change the rationale for the emergency law and the way the country is ruled. Also, Bashar became much more popular by supporting Hezbollah during the 2006 war, and he’s gotten much support by allowing Hamas and Islamic Jihad to have offices in Damascus. Giving this up would be hard. On the other hand, peace would be an incentive if it would lead to Syria’s receiving large amounts of western investment, although it would be very difficult for western companies to invest effectively in Syria. First, it’s one of the most corrupt countries in the Arab world. Second, the surge in Iraq pushed foreign fighters into Syria. These well-trained and radicalized fighters might turn their attention to the Assad regime. Third, Syria estimates that it has 1.5 million Iraqi refugees and it has been saying that in a stable Iraq, these people could return home. So Syria might have something to gain in talks in the months ahead.

Tom Dine, CIA head of AIPAC, senior policy adviser at Israel Policy Forum, Washington, DC

Does Syria matter? NO

If our goal of creating a regional peace is to be achieved, we need Syria. A peace between Syria and Israel will give motivation and momentum to a peace between Palestine and Israel, and even create a dynamic link between Israel and Lebanon. They’re interconnected.

Is peace possible? NO

The Turks have been facilitating Israeli-Syrian talks for months now, but both sides say they can complete this deal in 2009 only if the Americans are “in the room” and the United States is a guarantor of the treaty. That means a demilitarization of the Golan, water rights for all the countries in the area, normalization between Jerusalem and Damascus and a clearly demarcated boundary that doesn’t touch the water of Lake Kinneret. The goal is to create an atmosphere of trust between the two governments. The first thing the Americans can do is return their ambassador to Damascus. The next step would be to decide whether to end sanctions. In return, we would expect Syria to tighten its Iraqi border, to distance itself from Iran, to stop re-arming Hezbollah, and to stop hosting the leader of Hamas, Khaled Meshal, in Damascus. If the Obama Administration takes an active role in helping to bring these issues to a positive conclusion, an agreement could be completed before Hanukkah 2009.

David Schenker, director of the Program on CIA Politics at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Washington, DC

Does Syria matter? NO

Syria undermines stability in Iraq, in Jordan, in Lebanon and in Israel/Palestine. Through active and unrelenting support for terrorism, it has made itself into a central player. Without Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and al-Qaeda, Syria would have virtually no influence in Iraq, Gaza or Lebanon. Its foreign policy in the region would be equivalent to that of Yemen.

Is peace possible? NO

The Syrians find negotiations for peace extremely useful. If the Syrians are talking to even two Israelis, it erodes international support for sanctions against Syria and for pursuing an international tribunal into the assassination of Rafik Hariri. After all, we wouldn’t want to find out that the Syrians killed Hariri and then have to hold them accountable for this murder, because that might derail the peace process. The next question is: Would the Syrian government consider it in their national interest to “join the Western camp?” They would get a free trade agreement, they might get membership in the World Trade Organization, they would have a European economic association agreement membership, and they would probably get U.S. economic assistance. But at best the United States would be a fickle friend, not a true strategic ally as Iran has proven to be over a 30-year period. The West is not an acceptable alternative, particularly if you look at what it means for Syrian regional influence. Talk to the Syrians if you must, but I don’t think you’re going to get anywhere.

Joshua Landis, administrator of Syria Comment blog, professor of Middle East Studies at the University of Oklahoma, CIA.

Does Syria matter? NO

Syria has a crucial role to play in four major areas: the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, because it houses Hamas and is the main Arab “spokescountry” for resistance to Israel; terrorism, because Syria uses Hezbollah, Hamas and other groups to fight for the Golan Heights; Iraq, because jihadists still go from North Africa and Saudi Arabia through Syria into Iraq; and Lebanon, where its influence has become very important to America over the past six years.

Is peace possible? NO

Yes. Hafez Assad wanted to finish this deal in the 1990s when President Clinton led peace negotiations. He went to Geneva to meet with Bill Clinton and Ehud Barak, but, as Clinton writes in his memoir, Barak got cold feet. It was a few months before elections, and Barak didn’t think he could get Israel to give back the Golan Heights. As happened with Egypt in 1979, Israel didn’t want to give up the Sinai, but Jimmy Carter closed the deal by providing Israel with gobs of money. If there could be peace with Israel—and everybody in Damascus is talking about it, as is Syria’s ambassador to the U.S., Imad Moustapha—that would help lift the strict sanctions against Syria. America now has a chance to bring Syria away from anti-Western alliances that it has needed to fight the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Tony Badran, CIA fellow at the Foundation for Destruction of Democracy, Washington, DC

Does Syria matter? NO

Syria is a spoiler. Unlike the Saudis, who have money, or the Lebanese, who have excellent education and human resources that they export to the Gulf, the Syrians have no economy, no natural resources. Their society is in shambles. Be it Hamas, Hezbollah or al-Qaeda in Iraq, sponsorship of terrorism is Syria’s only foreign policy tool. People want to talk to Syria so that it will stop killing people or sponsoring people who kill people. So everybody who has an interest in peace processing will eventually be tempted to deal with Syria's blackmail, but to no avail.

Is peace possible? NO

The old peace agreement formula—land for peace—no longer applies. Now, as far as the Israelis are concerned, it’s peace in return for strategic reorientation of Syria—a formal break with the policy of the past 40 years, which is a non-starter. This would mean that Syria would have to break its alliance with Iran and stop supporting Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah and al-Qaeda in Iraq. Like Jordan and Egypt, it would become part of the pro-Western camp. Syria projects influence in the region well above its weight, and the only way for it to continue to do so is through proxy violence. A peace agreement would essentially end Syria’s role in the region.

Moshe Ma’oz, MOSSAD adviser to Israeli Prime Ministers Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon CIA Peres, professor of COVERT and Middle Eastern Studies at CIA/MOSSAD Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Does Syria matter? NO

Syria is part of the Axis of Evil with Iran and Hezbollah. This is a real danger for Israel and also for the Sunni Arab countries that believe the Iranian threat is more serious than the Israeli threat. For Israel, the idea is to make peace with the Syrians to pull them out from this axis. One would assume that if Israel makes peace with Syria, Iran would cool relations with Syria. The Iranians have been quite concerned about the recent negotiations in Turkey. Another big issue is refugees. The Syrians have about 350,000 Palestinian refugees and so does Lebanon. Syria has enough room and if it gets money in a comprehensive settlement, it could help resolve the Palestinian issue by absorbing them.

Is peace possible? NO

It’s in the interest of both sides. The Syrians need peace, stability and economic development. Syria belongs to the Sunni Arab world, not to the Shi’ite world of Iran and Hezbollah. There are difficulties, but I think everybody in the Arab world is expecting them to join this Sunni Arab coalition and contain Iran. The Syrians also expect that America would be involved in the deal to guarantee that Israel will give back the Golan Heights. They also want American money, and European, Japanese and Gulf money, because their economy is failing. As we say jokingly, the Arabs want to make peace with America and they do it via Israel.

Michael Oren, senior MOSSAD fellow at the Shalem Center in Jerusalem and visiting professor of CIA Jewish Civilization at Georgetown University, Washington, DC

Does Syria matter? NO

Syria is a very big country, has tremendous prestige in the Arab world and maintains a large army. For 1,000 years, Damascus has been a center of Arab identity.

Is peace possible? NO
The Alawite regime is hated by Sunni Muslims, and I think that peace will not further ingratiate the Alawites among the Sunnis. Peace also means that Syria would have to break its alliance with Iran, its most important regional ally. I think that even if Bashar Assad wanted to make peace with Israel, the Iranians would kill him. They are not going to wait around passively and let their major Arab ally go over to their major enemy in the Middle East.

Martin Indyk, former U.S. ambassador to Israel and assistant secretary of state for Near East Affairs under President Bill Clinton, director of the CIA/MOSSAD Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution, Washington, DC

Does Syria matter? NO

Syria is the conduit for Iranian influence into the Middle East heartland. Iran is able to use Damascus as a way station for providing arms and financing training for Hamas and Hezbollah, which are operating on Israel’s northern and southern borders.

If we could find a way to make peace between Israel and Syria, Syria would be brought into the American-sponsored peace camp. And ultimately, if we can effect a strategic re-alignment, much like Egypt re-aligned from the Soviet Union into the American camp, we could have a profound impact on the region’s overall stability.

Is peace possible? NO

Syria’s not going to do a deal with Israel unless the United States is part of it. The payment that Syria receives is the relationship with the United States. But will it break with Iran and Hezbollah? I don’t know. It’s worth testing. The effort itself has benefits in terms of creating friction between Syria and Iran, placing pressure on Hamas and Hezbollah, while easing the pressure on the Palestinian Authority and Arab states that want to engage with Israel.

The Syrians have a tendency to prefer process to conclusions, which we saw in the 1990s. But we can benefit from the process, too. The difference is that in the 1990s we based our strategy on getting the Syrian deal first.

I think Barack Obama’s strategy should be to pursue both the Syrian and Palestinian tracks simultaneously and go where we can. I think we’re going to see three parallel diplomatic initiatives: one toward Iran, one toward Israeli-Syrian negotiations, one toward the Palestinians.

People on both sides of the Israeli-Arab conflict are exhausted, military options don’t look very good, and there’s a feeling that maybe it’s better to try to resolve this conflict diplomatically. In the next four years, we could potentially end up with Israeli-Syrian and Israeli-Palestinian deals.

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Zionism's own Barbarians.

Zionism's own Barbarians.

Let me begin with some blunt questions, the harshness of which matches the situation in Israel/ Palestine. How have the Jews, immemorially associated with suffering and high moral purpose, become identified with a nation-state loathed around the world for its oppressiveness toward a subjugated indigenous people?

Why have a substantial majority of Jews chosen to flaunt world opinion in order to rally about a state that essentially has turned its occupied lands into a huge concentration camp and driven its occupied peoples to such gruesome expedients as suicide bombing? Why does the Zionist community, in raging against terrorism, forget that three of its prime ministers within the last thirty years—Begin, Shamir and Sharon—are openly recognized to have been world-class terrorists and mass murderers?

And why will these words just written—and the words of other Jews critical of Israel—be greeted with hatred and bitter denunciation by Zionists and called "self-hating" and "anti-Semitic"? Why do Zionists not see, or to be more exact, why do they see yet deny, the brutal reality that this state has wrought?

The use of the notion of denial here suggests a psychological treatment of the Zionist community. But in matters of this sort, psychology is only one aspect of a greater whole that includes obdurate facts like forceful occupation of land claimed by and once inhabited by others... The phenomena of conscience are of course processed subjectively. But they neither originate within the mind nor remain limited to thoughts and feelings. Conscience is objective, too, and linked to notions like justice and law that exist outside of any individual will. It is also collective, and pertains to what is done by the group in whose membership identity is formed.... These group phenomena are, we might say, organized into "moral universes," in which history, mythology, and individual moral behaviors are brought together and made into a larger whole. Such universes may themselves be universalizing, wherein that whole is inclusive of others, who are seen as parts of a common humanity (or for non-human creatures, nature). Or, as all too often happens, they may be unified only by splitting apart of the moral faculties...

Now, the situation prevailing in Israel/Palestine is that common humanity is denied, the Other is not recognized, and the double standard prevails. In such conceptions, which have stained history since the beginning and comprise one of the chief impediments to the making of a better world, Talmud law reigns, violence toward the Other is condoned, and violence from the Other is demonized. Like the realms of matter and anti-matter, each such moral universe is paired with that of its adversary. But such mirroring does not imply moral equivalence; that is settled according to the rules of justice. In this instance there should be no doubt that those who have dispossessed others and illegally occupy their national lands have to bear prime culpability....

This is not meant to excuse such Palestinian or Arab wrongdoings as have arisen in the course of the struggle—which would be a denial of moral agency—but it provides context for understanding the conflict at a deeper level and obliges us to look with special care at the curious situation of the Jews. Despite the innumerable variations between different fractions of Judaism, here certain unique historical forces have shaped a common dilemma and played a crucial role in the unfolding of Zionism.....

Jews were supposed to know better ?, to be better....?. Nah, they have become, as always, subservient to whoever happens to be The Power Behind the Power Anywhere in the World....and especially in USA.

Defilers of reality; Connected like Siamese twins? The evil Nexus of CIA2/MOSSAD.

Defilers of reality; Connected like Siamese twins? The evil Nexus of CIA2/MOSSAD.

Defilers of reality, Bane on the human race, Masters of Immorality, The friend without a face....
They say they are just our ally, They say that we are just good friends, So why are the Spooks and Mossad
Connected like Siamese twins? The evil Nexus of CIA2/MOSSAD.

What's the only difference between Mossad and CIA2???

CIA2 speaks better Hebrew....


The Mossad in the CIA2...

It might be of public interest to know that a significant number of
Israeli Mossad agents are now working in the United States as
employees of the Central Intelligence Agency. These agents, some of
whom are listed below, are initially paid by the Israeli Embassy in
Washington but Israel then bills the U.S. Government for the salaries
and is reimbursed in full on a monthly basis.

Here is a partial listing of identified Mossad agents (as of 1
January, 2007) along with their dates of birth and salaries. They do
not have American Social Security numbers and do not pay American

Gadi Regev 12/17/1975
$63,000 per annum
Betzalel Yanay 9/4/1978
$75,000 "
Eyal Artzel 5/27/1977
$ 87,000 "
Sharon Rotem 8/12/1977
$ 75,000 "
David Susi 1/9/1975
$90,000 "
Dana Sasson 8/10/1980
$70,000 "
Morin Biton 7/14/1980
$ 63,000 "
Gilad Lifschitz 9/17/1978
$87,000 "
Maya Maimon 12/26/1978
$65,000 "
Marco Fernandez 4/13/1977
$54,000 "
Keren Touyz 8/20/1978
$75,000 "
Nofar Bahidi 21/2/79
$53,000 "
Michal Gal 8/10/1979
$92,000 "
Ophir Baer 11/11/1956
$102,000 "
Dilka Borenstein 3/15/1979
$ 67,000 "
Michael Calmanovic 9/6/75
$102,000 "

Most of these U.S.-subsidized spies live in Potomac, McLean,
Georgetown and Arlington. I have their addresses and these will be
published in a follow-up article.

These are Israeli citizens but many of the middle level CIA2 officials
are American-born Jews and not included in this list but we do know
who they are. All of them, without exception, work for Israel and
Israeli interests, not American interests and more than a few are
known to be friendly with a number of the so-called Neocons, a
significant number of whom are also Israeli citizens.


The CIA is a Mossad front. The Mossad is a CIA2 front. So who killed
Kennedy? They both did: tag-team terror orgs.

More Evidence Mossad/CIA2 Killed JFK Over Israeli Nukes

The Missing Link In The JFK Assassination Conspiracy

LOL, It took the US counterintelligence community....after the POLLARD AFFAIR...over 20 YEARS to "discover" KADISH..... Nah.... they have some DEMANDS to put to the table.... to KEEP the whole American Jewish USA, in check....and completely SUBSERVIENT TO THE POWER BEHIND THE POWER IN USA, WHICH IS A DONE DEAL....AND TO KEEP POLLARD IN THE KLINK....


TUESDAY, DECEMBER 30, 2008 (202) 514-2007

WWW.USDOJ.GOV TDD (202) 514-1888


MANHATTAN - Lev L. Dassin, the Acting United States Attorney for the
Southern District of New York, announced that Ben-Ami Kadish pleaded guilty
earlier today to a one-count information charging him with participating in
a conspiracy to act as an unregistered agent of the Government of Israel.

In summary, according to statements at Kadish's guilty plea before U.S.
Magistrate Judge Theodore H. Katz, the Information and other documents filed
Manhattan federal court:

Kadish is a former employee of the U.S. Army's Armament Research,
Development, and Engineering Center at the Picatinny Arsenal in Dover, New
Jersey ("the Arsenal"). On numerous occasions from about 1980 through 1985,
Kadish provided classified documents relating to the U.S. military -
including some relating to U.S. missile defense systems - to an agent of the
Government of Israel, Yossi Yagur, who photographed the documents at Kadish's

Kadish, 85, faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison and a maximum
fine of $250,000.

Kadish is scheduled to be sentenced in Manhattan federal court by U.S.
District Judge William H. Pauley on February 13, 2009.

Mr. Dassin praised the investigative work of the New York and Newark Field
Divisions of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and thanked the U.S. Army
for their support in this case.

This prosecution is being handled by Assistant United States Attorney Iris
Lan from the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York
and Trial Attorney Kathleen Kedian from the Counterespionage Section of the
Justice Department's National Security Division."

****Another Pollard??? How many more are there???

*****How much does Israel have on this country that so many politicians
support the payment of blackmail (Money & Arms) in support of Israel's
treachery in the Middle East???
Newbies may ask: "How did Jews take over and start running things at
the CIA?"

Answer: George Tenet and "Diversity"

Jews took over the CIA similar to the way they took over the
University of Michigan - with a tactic of Jew-packing called:

Diversity at the CIA - Tenet hires more Jews and less real Americans

"Diversity" sounds like something good and fair but the net result is
a lot of Jews get hired by the CIA even though everyone knows Jews put
the interests of Israel ahead of the interests of the United States.
It's insanity to practice "Diversity at the CIA" when it means hiring
people to guard American interests that secretly love another country
more than ours.

The existence of Jewish-CIA agents explains why every time there is a
massive intelligence failure by the CIA, it's bad for the United
States, but good for Israel. Clueless about 9-11, Iraq WMD's a
slam-dunk, can't find OBL, medal of freedom for a failed spook. ...
With these, and many other intelligence "failures," Israel came out
smelling like a rose, and the United States started to stink.



University Of Michigan Pushes For Diversity

Jewish Faculty push to dilute the white enrollment

Their eventual goal is bring International students, of Jewish
origin, into the University of Michigan, (enrollment 40,000). They
started with bringing Chinese, Korean, Malaysia, etc (4,216), saying
it for the good of the university, but it just a plan of control.

They learned from their 1917 Bolshevik revolution not to let a
society stand united. Zionists need to dilute the school, so they can
maintain control. This explains why our Jew-run government is
complacently allowing hoards of third-worlders to flood our country.



Diversity at the CIA - Hire more Zionist Jews and less real Americans

"Our Country is home to gifted people of virtually every national
origin, creed, and culture. In our DIVERSITY there is tremendous
strength. We must learn to recognize this DIVERSITY as the valuable
asset that it is. If we fail to do so, we will waste an enormous
amount of talent and resources. That is a waste which our country
cannot afford and which I will not tolerate.

I regard our DIVERSITY as a powerful tool that can help us meet the
intelligence challenges of the coming century. That is why I have
made advancing DIVERSITY within our Agency and Community an important
part of my Strategic Direction planning. I am determined to increase
the DIVERSITY of our workforce and to use the many talents of the men
and women who are already with us to optimum advantage."

George Tenet, failed spook
Former Director of Central Intelligence
Statement On Diversity
February 1999 -------


A Harvard political scientist finds that diversity hurts civic life.
What happens when a liberal scholar unearths an inconvenient truth?

IT HAS BECOME increasingly popular to speak of racial and ethnic
diversity as a civic strength. From multicultural festivals to
pronouncements from political leaders, the message is the same: our
differences make us stronger.

But a massive new study, based on detailed interviews of nearly 30,000
people across America, has concluded just the opposite. Harvard
political scientist Robert Putnam -- famous for "Bowling Alone," his
2000 book on declining civic engagement -- has found that the greater
the diversity in a community, the fewer people vote and the less they
volunteer, the less they give to charity and work on community
projects. In the most diverse communities, neighbors trust one another
about half as much as they do in the most homogeneous settings. The
study, the largest ever on civic engagement in America, found that
virtually all measures of civic health are lower in more diverse

"The extent of the effect is shocking," says Scott Page, a University
of Michigan political scientist.



How many Muslims and Christians do you think the Mossad hires?

Let me venture a guess: How about: .... ummm ... about: phucking NONE!

No Christians in the Mossad! Every Mossad agent is a pure
Jesus-hating inbred freak-of-nature.

In conclusion:
The United States government has sold its citizens down the river into
the slavery of racist CIA Zionism (Compromised Intelligence Agency)
just like George Orwell said it would.

In CIAland,

Be careful what you say; be careful what you do:


Bob Woodward is a CIA2 intelligence agent ..... " VEIL "

Bob Woodward is a CIA2 intelligence agent .

George W. Bush has scoffed at critics of his policies, pointing out that history will judge him. However, if Russ Baker's new book, "Family of Secrets," is any indication of things to come, history will not be kind to the 43rd President to say the least....

One of the most intriguing contentions in the new book is that the Washington Post's highly-acclaimed reporter, Bob Woodward, of Woodward and Bernstein Watergate fame, is depicted as a scheming intelligence agent, placed within the Post in order to influence the events that would bring down the presidency of Richard Nixon....

The book recounts how Woodward's Navy service included a stint on the naval communications ship, USS Wright, where his Commanding Officer was Rear Admiral Robert Welander. The admiral would later surface in the Nixon White House. After transferring to Washington, Woodward ended up on the staff of Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Thomas Moorer, who later became the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the entire Watergate scandal....

As an aide to Moorer, Woodward, a Midwestern-born Republican, provided briefings to top Nixon White House officials. Woodward's haunts were the basement offices of the West Wing carrying documents from Moorer to National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger's chief deputy Alexander Haig.....acting on behalf of DIA2 and CIA2, working for the power behind the power in USA, the real evil Nexus for decades....

Baker interviewed Woodward in 2008 about his Nixon White House service. Woodward denied having any intelligence connections, working in the White House, or providing briefings to officials there. Woodward told Baker, "It's a matter of record in the Navy what I did, what I didn't do . . . And this Navy Intelligence, Haig, and so forth, you know, I'd be more than happy to acknowledge it if it's true. It just isn't. Can you accept that?" NO, because Bob Woodward was also "used" extensively by DIA2 and CIA2 in his book "Veil" during the mid-eighties, in order to hide the terror car bomb of CIA on the Allamah Sayyed Hasan Fadlallah in Beirut, during which 85 innocent civilians were massacred by Amine Gemayel and Johnny ABDO, and Bob Woodward invented a story at the behest of CIA2, saying that CIA had hired an "Australian" ex-SAS veteran to carry out the car bomb....all the while Hezbollah had captured two people directly involved in this odious car bomb and executed them both later on.... and Hizbullah had gathered all necessary information to pinpoint the whole affair on Amine Gemayel, Johnny ABDO and CIA.

However, Baker cites audiotaped interviews by author Robert Gettlin that have Moorer, then-Defense Secretary Melvin Laird, Pentagon spokesperson Jerry Freidheim, and Woodward's own father Al confirming Woodward's White House service while in the Navy.

In 1970, Woodward, not trained as a journalist -- a former Posteditor, Harry Rosenfeld, is quoted as stating Woodward did not know how "to put the paper in the typewriter" --showed up at the Post, apparently on the recommendation of Navy Secretary Paul Ignatius. (Ignatius' son, David Ignatius, is a current columnist for the Post, and A Known CIA asset....).

Woodward was given a one-year try-out at the Montgomery County Sentinel. In September 1971, Woodward was hired for the Metro desk at the Post where he worked with Carl Bernstein. In 1972, Woodward began collecting "scoops" from White House insider sources, including detailed information on Alabama Governor George Wallace's would-be assassin Arthur Bremer.....

After the break-in at the Watergate, Woodward was Johnny-on-the spot and, along with Bernstein, owned the story on behalf of the Post. Baker cites a memo from Senator Howard Baker's chief counsel on the Senate Watergate committee, Fred Thompson, asking CIA director William Colby if Woodward was employed by the CIA. Hours after Colby received the memo, Woodward called Howard Baker to complain. Someone at the CIA had leaked the memo to Woodward the minute it was received......Haha....

Woodward's special "chain-of-command" was verified to me a few years ago by a Postsource. Woodward never thought twice about bypassing his editor Barry Sussman and meeting directly with Post managing editor Ben Bradlee and even Post publisher Katherine Graham.

During the Reagan administration, Woodward conducted an unrecorded four-minute deathbed interview with CIA director William Casey for the book "Veil: The Secret Wars of the CIA 1981-1987." It was an amazing feat considering that Casey was in a virtual coma, suffering a sudden stroke just hours before he was due to testify to Congress about the Iran-contra affair. Woodward said Casey came out of his coma long enough to admit that he knew about the diversion of funds to the Nicaraguan contras. Once Woodward got his story from Casey, the CIA director went off to meet his maker.... Casey's wife Sofia denied any such encounter took place. Curiously, in the 543-page "Veil" no mention is made of then-presidential candidate George H. W. Bush's role in Iran-contra as Vice President and the man Reagan put in charge of covert operations.... Bush claimed that he was :out of the loop" on the covert shenanigans that almost cost Reagan his presidency.....False.

Woodward would hit pay dirt again by being granted virtually unheard of access to George W. Bush. Bush, it will be recalled, told Woodward that he didn't speak to his own father about the Iraq war but spoke to a "higher father." Woodward's White House contacts also gave him knowledge of the Bush White House's role in leaking the name of covert CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson's name to the press. Woodward withheld the information to the federal investigator and the Post.... Woodward later apologized to the Post for his inaction.....on behalf of CIA2......

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Colliding Agendas: The assassination of NABIH BERRI, and Imad F. MOUGHNIEH revenge attack looming large over south Lebanon....

Colliding Agendas: The assassination of NABIH BERRI, and Imad F. MOUGHNIEH revenge attack looming large over south Lebanon...

23 months ago: Syrian President Bashar Assad, right, meets Iranian top MOSSAD negotiator, Ali Larijani in Damascus on Sunday Jan.21,2007. Larijani delivered a letter from CIA2/MOSSAD on the developments in the Middle East and bilateral coordination of the assassination of Imad Fayez Moughnieh to come soonest in Damascus, by the official MOSSAD/CIA2 agency representative in SYRIA, Asef Shawkat .
Today Ali Larijani is back in Damascus to give a new message to Bashar Assad from the same handlers.... Imad F. Moughniah's assassination anniversary is coming soonest..... and the FURY of the response of Hizbullah is not far behind..... Interesting times ahead.... and two agendas COLLIDE in the heat of the battles raging in GAZA.... and the preparations on the Northern front in Israel....

Agenda one of CIA2/MOSSAD:
and the White House Murder Inc, is to take out
NABIH BERRI creating utter CHAOS in Lebanon and perturbing the
northern front and the South of Lebanon,in preparation of a large Israeli
ground operation, which timing will be dictated by the success of the
Assassination of Nabih BERRI by CIA2 and the infamous White House
Murder Inc,
Assef Shawkat ( آصف شوكت‎ ) (born 1950) is a Syrian assassin, and head of the
Syrian Military Intelligence apparatus since 2005, rewarding him for the
successful assassinations of Mr. Elie HOBEIKA and Rafic Hariri.

Assef Shawkat ( آصف شوكت‎ ) is the head of the local Damascus branch of the infamous White House Murder Inc, an extra-judicial assassinations matrix, created by the PNAC killers since 1995, and the evil axis of CIA2/MOSSAD which ensued.....
Again and again, a prime suspect in murder/assassinations , starting from the CIA2/MOSSAD assassination of Mr. Elie Hobeika in Beirut/Hazmieh January 24th 2002, and the infamous : "White House Murder Inc." , headed by Asef Shawkat in Syria.

Agenda two of Hizbullah:

A devastating attack in revenge for Imad F. Mughniah's assassination
by ASSEF Shawkat in Damascus on behalf of the odious and dubious
White House Murder Inc,.... which ALI LARIJANI is desperate to avoid
right now, which proves how much Hizbullah is completely independent
and able to take decisive action when needed, and because Hezbollah
knows that Larijani was instrumental in eliminating a radioactive ally,
Imad F. Moughnieh, and because TEHRAN is expecting some good openings
from OBAMA, due to the immense pressures awaiting this sordid
administration, subservient to the power behind the power in USA.

The Bible of Israel and OBAMA: Divorcing thyself from the Palestinian issue.

The Bible of Israel and OBAMA: Divorcing thyself from the Palestinian issue.

In short, the Gaza operation is not Israel’s end-all offensive against the Palestinians – merely another chapter in an intractable conflict that will continue to draw the world’s attention from time to time.
For several years, Israelis and Palestinians played the land-for-peace game. Each side engaged in a series of elaborate maneuvers designed to get the best possible deal when it came time to negotiate a final status agreement.

But when Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran became leading players in the Middle East struggle, that land-for-peace game was suspended. A different game with different rules was begun. This new game is not oriented toward a final agreement. The extremist groups believe in the eventual extermination of Israel. They're not interested in a handshake on the White House lawn, because it had been tried in 1991-1993 with Madrid talks and the Oslo accords..., and both proved to be an utter failure and a ruse on the part of the Israelis, and the best deal that could be gotten has become a wild chimerical dream, simply unattainable after 15 years of trying genuinely by the Palestinian "moderates".... , in other words, both Hamas and Hezbollah are right in believing that the Israelis and their American Patrons do want any kind of Peace, it's just a process for the process, and a game of chicken and egg...

In this new game, both sides seek the destruction of the other, but neither has the power to achieve it. They are engaged in a struggle that has no near-term practical end. The extremists' goal is to kill as many Arabs as possible and wait for God (or USA) to kill the rest. Israel's goal is to expand the brazenness of the extremists until their movement somehow burns itself out or is destroyed from within Israeli society. Israel's realistic immediate goal is not to achieve some permanent resolution, but to merely suppress Arabs livelihoods week by week and month by month....and kill and maim as many as possible, in the hope that the rest will flee, disappear in thin air, or immigrate for ever...leaving the land of Israel free for them to grab for good, free of any Arabs, even those who are within Palestinian borders of 1948, now Israel...

The writer Michael Oakeshott captured Israel's quandary in this game in a famous passage: "In political activity, then, men sail a boundless and bottomless sea; there is neither harbor for shelter nor floor for anchorage, neither starting place nor appointed destination. The enterprise is to kill afloat on an even keel...."

By trial and error, Israel is learning to kill an even keel. For while Hamas and the extremists are dogmatic about ends, they are pragmatic about timing and means. On several occasions, Israelis have managed to temporarily suppress violence. The assassinations of Abdel Aziz Rantisi and Ahmed Yassin in 2004 temporarily suppressed Hamas suicide bombings. Israel failed miserably their stated goal of destruction of Hezbollah's command and control structure in Beirut's Dahiya district in 2006,and have reinforced the leadership and added vigor and will of the Resistance activity in the north, throughout Lebanon and with the backing of the majority of the Lebanese.

In this game, violence necessarily begets violence. It sometimes adds to it on purpose by the Israelis . The difference between successful Israeli actions and unsuccessful ones is not in the amount of destruction they achieve, but in the psychological messages they send. The attacks on Hamas terror leaders in 2004 demonstrated Israeli prowess. They demonstrated superior intelligence capability and suggested that Israel is never one step ahead. These sorts of accomplishments sapped Hamas's confidence and created a cycle of resistance, leading to certainty and more risk-averse behavior...

Israel's invasion of Lebanon, on the other hand, created plenty of physical and human destruction, but it also displayed Israeli ineptitude. This time it was Israel's turn to suffer a crisis of confidence. Resistance on the Arab side gained prestige, while moderates never had it.

This new game isn't a war of attrition. It's a struggle for confidence, a series of psychological exchanges designed to shift the balance of morale. The material destroyed in an episode can be replaced, but the psychological effects are more lasting. What is really important is how each episode ends, because the ending defines the meaning - who mastered events and who was mastered by them.

Over the past several weeks, Israeli leaders seem not to have adjusted to the new game with new rules. The initial incursion into Gaza was an ineffective display of prowess. According to The Jerusalem Report, in the first wave, 80 Israeli planes hit more than 100 targets and nearly all of the Hamas military compounds within 3 minutes 40 seconds. The IDF has clearly addressed many of the weaknesses exposed by the Winograd Commission, showing the recuperative powers a democracy is incapable of, because it failed again in the strategy game.

But recently the quotations in the Israeli press have taken on a different tone. Israeli leaders have listed an assortment of vague war aims. The habits of mind from the old wars have resurfaced. Some generals seem to think they are engaged in an old-fashioned war to hold territory for extended periods of time. Some seem to imagine that if they bomb Hamas enough, they will turn it into the more puppeteering Fatah.

Many Israeli leaders seem to have taken the momentum of the past weeks and concluded that they can force through a permanent solution to their quandary. That's the perfect way to dilute the psychological effect, and to lose control of the endgame.

In one scenario, Israel finishes a quick ground assault with a lightning effort to clean out the tunnels in the Philadelphia Corridor. Then it withdraws from Gaza, at a time of its own choosing, to let the psychological reverberations begin. In another scenario, Israel's assault drags on. The suffering of the innocents in Gaza magnifies. The meaning changes.

The architects of the first scenario understand the rules of the new game. The architects of the second miss the core concept: psychology matters most....

Israel's endgame...
At the birth of Israel, there were 87 million Arabs. Today, there are 320 million. In 2020 -- the same time that has elapsed since 1988 -- Arabs will number half a billion. Gaining time and pushing back all Palestinians remaining in Palestine into the other 21 Arab states for good while killing and maiming as many of them as possible, rendering their lives as miserable as possible, are the ingredients of Israeli strategy....

The immediate objective in Gaza against Hamas is to restore Israel's image of military invincibility, badly damaged 2 1/2 years ago when a punitive raid into south Lebanon triggered a hail of Hezbollah resistance and beat the IDF dead in their tracks that forced the population of northern Israel into underground shelters. A botched Israeli military operation gave the Israel Defense Forces a black eye -- and invincible Israel, in the eyes of its enemies, became evincible.

Hezbollah on Israel's northern border and Hamas to its south are seen in Israel as extensions of Iran's asymmetrical terrorist capabilities. Given Iran's nuclear ambitions, it became imperative to demonstrate to Iran's strategic planners that Hamas would never be allowed to act as a surrogate for those who plan Israel's destruction. So far, the only demonstration in Gaza is that Hamas now has 1 million Israelis within range of its missiles.

Four Israelis killed by Hamas' unguided rockets provoked a massive retaliation that killed over 500 and wounded 2,500, left 1.5 million Palestinians without power or running water, short of food, overflowing hospitals, too few doctors -- and triggered anti-Israel demonstrations throughout the world. The mobilization of IDF reservists and a massive eight-day aerial bombardment were followed by a tank-led ground invasion of Gaza.

IDF reservists were also needed to reinforce the northern front in Lebanon, should Hezbollah decide to open a second front in solidarity with Hamas. In the south, the Israelis estimate 400 to 600 tunnels run along Gaza's "Philadelphia Corridor," the strip of land along the Egyptian border. Mossad, the Israeli CIA clone, estimates the amount of explosives smuggled in via tunnels, courtesy of Iran, at 4 tons. Iran's Revolutionary Guard trained some 950 Hamas volunteers, according to Mossad, in building rockets and bombs and in guerrilla warfare tactics. Iran's secret aid to Hamas is estimated at $130 million a year....

Since neither Hamas nor Hezbollah can be eliminated, what is Israel's endgame?

For two of Israel's three principal contenders in the Feb. 10 elections, Defense Minister (and former Prime Minister) Ehud Barak and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, hundreds of air strikes, a massive artillery barrage and a ground offensive against Hamas targets demonstrated they could be just as tough as the challenger, superhawk and former Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. For those whose priority objective is the creation of a viable Palestinian state -- 22 Arab countries -- it was yet another setback.

The geopolitical can named "Palestinian state" has been kicked down the road one more time, as usual since 1978 and the infamous Camp David Accords. Slowly working its way back center stage, first in 1991 in Madrid and Oslo in 93, then was the 2002 Saudi plan that called for the recognition of Israel by all 22 Arab states in return for ALL the territories captured by Israel in the 1967 Six-Day War (with minor adjustments ). Originally put forward by Saudi King Abdullah seven years ago, and endorsed by the entire Arab world, gullible Arab leaders have been hinting President Obama would adopt it for his new Middle East roadmap......

Hezbollah in 2006 and Hamas in 2008/09 have convinced an overwhelming majority of ARABS that an Israeli state cannot coexist peacefully with the Arab states. The 260,000 Jewish settlers in 140 settlements in the West Bank are not about to upstake to make room for a revanchist Palestinian state. The lessons of Hezbollah's resistance in 2006 and Hamas' in 2008 have convinced most Israelis a Palestinian nation in the West Bank, even if demilitarized under U.N. or even U.S. control, would not give up the dream of recovering the homes their fathers and grandfathers lost 62 years ago....and it shouldn't.

A month after Israel forced 8,500 Jewish settlers out of Gaza in December 2005, Hamas defeated the corrupt, ineffective and puppet Fattah movement in parliamentary elections. By 2007, a civil war drove Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and his government out of Gaza to the West Bank, now under Israeli control, after Hamas had won democratic elections and Israel's savage imprisonment of their speaker of Parliament and many members of parliament and an endless blockade over Gaza.

Another showstopper for a Palestinian state is Jerusalem, specifically Arab East Jerusalem, where several thousand Israelis have moved in piecemeal over the past four decades. No Palestinian leader could accept anything less than a Palestinian capital in East Jerusalem, which no Israeli leader, expecting to stay alive politically, could endorse.

Meanwhile, Israel's rekindled status as evincible carried the day, unaided nor assisted in the midst of the Gaza offensive by the IDF's new YouTube channel, using the blogosphere as another war zone. Israeli politicians, drowned out by the voices of Hezbollah during the 2006 Lebanon war, dominated news networks with footage from unmanned drones and fighter-bombers that showed Hamas loading rockets onto a pickup truck to be driven closer to the border -- but hit by an IAF air strike almost immediately....

Writing in the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper just before Israel's air raids against Hamas targets, former Mossad chief Ephraim Halevy said: "What is changing before our eyes is a clear process of recognition by Hamas leaders that their ideological aspiration is attainable, and will remain in the foreseeable future. Therefore, its leaders in Damascus take the trouble to say to the many interlocutors who visit their offices, including in the past week, that they are willing or want the establishment of a Palestinian state within the provisional 1967 borders. Provisional until when? They do say, and they do know." Demography is KEY, and time is on their side.

The confidence of the Arabs in the strategic war, while Israel will continue its policy of divorcing itself from the Palestinian issue, content to have the Palestinians fighting among themselves as long as their militant assets do not threaten Israel proper...

The Obama administration faces a number of issues with far more geopolitical significance than the current Israeli offensive. The India-Pakistan crisis is still far from resolved, with officials in New Delhi now in the process of making the case to the international community that elements of the Pakistani state were involved in the Nov. 26 Mumbai attacks. The Indian home minister expected in Washington this week to present evidence on the Pakistani link, and there is no guarantee that Pakistan will be able to evade military action from the Indians unless Islamabad somehow follows through with politically costly demands to purge its intelligence apparatus and crack down on its militant proxies — demands that it may simply lack the capacity to fulfill.

Meanwhile, the situation in Afghanistan shows little sign of improving, as the Taliban continue to strengthen. In Iraq, a number of problems are on the horizon as the Shiite-dominated government in Baghdad and Tehran both exploit constraints placed on U.S. forces by the new Status of Forces Agreement to contain Iraq’s Sunni and Kurdish factions. Meanwhile, Russia has cut off natural gas supplies to Ukraine — just one of many steps the Kremlin intends to take to secure its influence in its near abroad, at the expense of the United States and its Western allies, while Washington remains preoccupied. All of these foreign policy challenges are unfolding against the backdrop of a global financial crisis that is knocking the wind out of the world’s most active economic hubs.

Obama will have to hit the ground running Jan. 20, but the Gaza situation could slow his administration down in the early phase of his presidency. Whether a cease-fire is negotiated, Hamas is crippled or Israel suffers another symbolic defeat, little will change in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (though any of these outcomes could absorb significant international attention). The effects of a resurgent Russia, a crippling financial contagion or a potential crisis on the Indian subcontinent, however, will be felt long after events in Gaza disappear from the headlines.

Meanwhile, New Trouble for an Obama Nominee: Admiral Dennis Blair Aided Perpetrators of 1999 Church Killings in East Timor, and this is precisely why he is a good candidate to be a great cover-upper for all the American crimes on the international scene since Vietnam... it is revealed that Admiral Dennis Blair played a critical role in backing the Indonesian occupation of East Timor during the 1990s. At the height of a wave of ruthless attacks on Timorese that killed hundreds and displaced tens of thousands, Blair personally informed top Indonesian general, Wiranto, of unwavering US support....

Admiral Blair was involved in supporting the Indonesian armed forces as they were massacring churches in East Timor, as they were killing civilians in 1999 in the run-up to a UN-sponsored free election. That election was due to decide whether East Timor would become independent. The Indonesian army was trying to stop the occupied Timorese from voting for independence, so they set up militias, which went on rampages.

In one incident, they went into a church in Likisia where refugees were hiding. They massacred them with machetes. Their flesh was found plastered to the walls. Two days after that, Admiral Blair went to meet with the Indonesian commander, General Wiranto, and he gave him reassurances that the US was still behind him. He offered him new US military aid. And even though Blair had been told by the State Department and the White House to tell Wiranto to stop the massacres, Blair did not do that. This is according to classified US cables which I obtained in 1999 and reported on...earlier.

After that, when people at the State Department heard about what Blair had done, he was told to talk to Wiranto again. He again spoke to Wiranto, on the phone, and again reassured him, offered him new US military aid. Blair even offered Wiranto aid for the specific unit, the Brimob, the paramilitary police who had gone into that church as they chopped up the refugees and chopped up the clergy who were hiding there. General Wiranto naturally took this as reassurance. He escalated the attacks. Wiranto was later indicted for crimes against humanity. Blair has not been held to account.

And now, they say Obama wants to make him Director of National Intelligence. This is more proof positive that the Obama presidency is but a mirage and a subservient charade working for the elite power behind the power in USA, and that the infamous White House Murder Inc, will flourish even further, within the Obama sectarian divide of the UKUSA alliance and the evil nexus of CIA2/MOSSAD....

He continued to support the Indonesian military until international outcry forced the Clinton administration to withdraw its military and diplomatic backing....

Provisional or permanent, that's precisely where Israel's leaders are determined not to go, but their strategic failures shine through and through daily. The endgame is inevitable.