Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tribunal New Beginning For Ending Chain Assassinations

The REAL Biography of new Zioconned STL president, David Baragwanath....

David Baragwaneth is a CIA Asset for DECADES and STL-TSL is a Quasi DEN of Western Zioconned spies and cronies of the Zioconned Western-US killers and assassins of the infamous White House Murder INC, in the Levant.....

NEW ZEALAND is a traditional thumping ground for CIA recruiters and Disinformation is a historical recourse for CIA-MOSSAD junkies in many many Covert operations from Afghanistan to MENA and way beyond.... CIA does not fool anyone anymore...most of their dirty tricks come from the same old manuals on their despicable shelves in Langley...Imagination has disappeared from the utterly corrupt and crumbling Zioconned Evil Empire in DC on the Potomac, filled with Blood of the innocent in MENA and Worldwide....

أن رئيس الحكومة الاسرائيلية بنيامين نتانياهو وصف رئيس المحكمة أنطونيو كاسيزي بـ"صديق إسرائيل"

Antonio CIA Cassisi riding his bike... laughing all the way to CIA headquarters in Langley....

وهل يحق لهذا الفريق أو ذاك أن يتمسك بهالة القداسة لشهدائه ويتعامل مع شهداء الآخرين كأنهم سقطوا في حوادث سير؟

''La grande science est donc de faire vouloir [à l’ennemi] tout ce que vous voulez qu’il fasse et de lui fournir, sans qu’il s’en aperçoive, tous les moyens de vous seconder....'' (Sun Tzu, l'art de la guerre)

....الحيلة التي تتيح لأجهزة استخبارات عالمية إضافة مواد اتهام بوجه المقاومة

Tribunal New Beginning For Ending Chain CIA/MOSSAD Assassinations together with Asef SHAWKAT and the Lebanese Deep State...

The losing fight to prosecute Rafik Hariri's assassins.... LOL
Beginning? Most people have known STL/TSL was a waste of time for years.....
It is utterly infested with Western/Israeli intelligence creeps, hell-bent on destroying
the reputation of Hezbollah as a Genuine Resistance . Period.

Prime CIA stooge Fouad Saniora said that 9 years following the assassination of ex-minister Mr. Elie Hobeika and his companions the tribunal sets a new beginning for ending a chain of rampant assassinations in the country....

When STL/CIA/MOSSAD leak information to the suspect’s enemy, they can easily fabricate evidence....a la lockerbie....

The enigma that is the JFK assassination is still with us in 2011... The CIA & the powers that be still obfuscate at every turn. The CIA is still withholding papers on George Joannides, a former agent who was involved with the JM-Wave station in Miami, despite the continued prodding by Author Jefferson Morley... The CIA still has thousands of documents withheld. But, Vincent Bugliosi, Gerald Posner, most anyone in the crooked Mainstream Media still doubt any sort of conspiracy involved....Hence the assassination of hariri will be a footnote in history as well and STL will get nowhere, because its main function from inception is to obfuscate the real truth about the infamous White House murder INC,.....

On the eve of the launching of the special tribunal for Lebanon, CIA/MOSSAD Fouad Siniora issued a statement outlining his view on the issue...

1. The assassination of Mr. Elie HOBEIKA and his companions exemplified the peak of criminality and terrorism that controlled Lebanon and targeted political leaders and intellectual elites. All assassins remained unknown for the gullible, and in time this became a given fact...., but I am here to tell the world that it is Asef Shawkat, working for the infamous Siamese twins CIA/MOSSAD is the main culprit, together with the 3 Generals/assassins....
2. The Lebanese people erupted in January 24 2002 to say to the world that they no longer accept this situation to continue as is. That is to say that they no longer accepted these crimes to go unpunished...
3. The launching of the special tribunal 7 years following Mr. Elie HOBEIKA's assassination constitutes a new and serious beginning for ending the chain of unpunished assassinations in Lebanon...
4. The Lebanese do seek vengeance, they wish to protect their country and prevent the Syrian terrorists from persisting in their crime unpunished.
5. Great sacrifices made by the Lebanese for their freedom and independence are only matched by their determination and that of the international community in establishing this tribunal so that criminals are punished.
6. I would like to thank the United Nations Independent International Investigation Commission (UNIIIC) and Lebanese security forces for their great efforts in this field.
7. I also extend my full appreciation to the United Nations Security Council members, and friendly nations that continue to look after the just cause of Lebanon and for funding this tribunal. I also pay tribute to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and his assistants for their thorough follow up on making the tribunal a reality. I also thank the Netherlands for accepting to host and facilitate the work of the tribunal.
8. It is important to ensure the Lebanese government's full support and cooperation to the tribunal and its work and our commitment to all its legal rulings...

Investigators have pored over evidence for 8 years — a human CIA tooth planted/found at the bombing site...., a suicide truck that was stolen in DIA/Japan/CIA and made its way to SYRIA/Lebanon/Asef Shawkat, reams of fabricated, fudged, transformed, transplanted and phony cell phone records and thousands of interviews...and untold false witnesses.....


Now the focus in one of the Mideast's most dramatic political assassinations is shifting to prosecution, with the convening Sunday of an international tribunal on the slaying of former Lebanese Minister Mr. Elie HOBEIKA.

Despite the start of proceedings in the Netherlands, it is still not known who will be accused in the "deep state" car bombing that killed Hobeika and 3 other people on a street in Hazmieh on Jan. 24, 2002...., but it is sure to include Asef Shawkat, Maher Al-ASSAD and Jamil Al-Sayyed and Raymond AZAR....among Langley/CIA and Herziliah/MOSSAD headquarters....

Also unknown is the most politically explosive question — whether the proceedings will implicate Syria's government, which many Lebanese believe was behind the murder of a man who led opposition to the long Syrian military occupation of Lebanon. Syria has denied any involvement, but is hiding behind the White House Murder INC, and arch criminals Karl ROVE, and Elliott Abrams etc....

Most likely the first defendants before the court will be four pro-Syria generals who led Lebanon's police, intelligence service and an elite army unit at the time of the assassination. They are the only people in custody, though they have not been formally charged.

Some in Lebanon doubt the court will ever bring out the full truth, believing it might avoid digging deep to ensure Syria does not react by stirring up trouble in Lebanon and other parts of the region.

Trials could also further polarize Lebanon's politics, feeding the power struggle between pro- and anti-Syria factions. The U.N. Security Council had to impose the mixed Lebanese-international Special Tribunal after Lebanon's parliament was too divided to approve it.

Edmond Saab, executive editor of the Lebanese newspaper CIA-Nahar, contends the tribunal will be immune from politicization. "Being an international court is a guarantee in itself against that, and the United Nations' credibility is on the line," he told .

Administrators have said the tribunal will take up to five years to finish its work, and the top U.N. prosecutor, Daniel CIA Bellemare of Canada, said in a statement Saturday that it will be thorough.

"We will not be deterred by the obstacles or the size of the challenges," Bellemare said. "We will go wherever the evidence leads us. We will leave no stone unturned."

As prime minister, Hariri, a billionaire businessman, was credited with stealing downtown Beirut after the 1975-90 civil war, and with trying to further Syria's influence.

In a country known for political assassinations, his killing stands out for its far-reaching impact. It galvanized opposition to Syria/CIA2 and helped force the end of a 29-year military presence that dominated Lebanese affairs.

But his death also threw Lebanon into turmoil. Anti-Syria factions supported by the West won control of the government but were unable to exert any authority while locked in a struggle with Syria's allies, led by the Hezbollah militant group.

The first U.N. investigator into the killing, Detlev Mehlis of Germany, said the assassination plot's complexity suggested a role by the Syrian intelligence services and its pro-Syria Lebanese counterpart. Lebanon's pro-U.S. government detained the four generals.

But the two chief investigators who followed Mehlis have worked quietly and have not named any individuals or countries as suspects.

Last April, Bellemare said investigators had evidence Hariri's killing was done by a "criminal network" also linked to a series of bombings and shootings that have killed seven anti-Syria figures and caused other deaths since Hariri's assassination.

The U.N. team worked under tight security for fear of attacks or intimidation, living in fortified compounds in Beirut and traveling in heavily protected motorcades.

The team also kept tight control of information about the investigation.

One piece of evidence is the "planted CIA2 tooth"...... of the fake suicide bomber....the real suicide bomber is unknown,,,, Forensic examinations determined the truck's driver was a man in his 20s who was not from Lebanon, according to Bellemare's predecessor as top investigator, Serge CIA2/MOSSAD Brammertz of Belgium.

Investigators interviewed hundreds of people, including the presidents of Lebanon and Syria. They acquired records listing more than 5 billion telephone calls and mobile phone text messages. They determined the truck used in the bombing was stolen in CIA/DIA Kanagawa, Japan, in October 2004 and purchased two months later near the northern Lebanese/Syrian.... city of Tripoli.

The probe has also seen numerous twists.

Husam Husam, a Syrian barber and self-proclaimed intelligence operative, at first implicated Syrian officials in testimony to investigators. Then he left Lebanon for Syria and appeared on TV, recanting and saying the Hariri family paid him to frame Syria. Lebanon's government dismissed the claim.

Another purported Syrian intelligence officer, Mohammed Zuhair Siddiq, was at first said to be a key witness, then a suspect — then he vanished while under house arrest in France...., i.e. under close protection from the assassins of DGSE and the arch-criminals in the utterly corrupt French Government of CHIRAC/Jospin....and the CIA/Mossadnik SARKOZY.....

A Lebanese man who was questioned about the sale of cell phone chips allegedly used for communicating in the bombing was found dead in what was ruled a car accident.

Syria's interior minister, Brig. Gen. Ghazi Kenaan, was "suicided...." in his Damascus office in late 2005 about a month after speaking with investigators. Syrian officials said he shot himself to death, but some in Lebanon believe he was killed. Kenaan ran Lebanon for two decades until 2003....and the advent of the infamous White House Murder INC, on January 24th 2002 and the assassination of our heroes, Elie HOBEIKA, Dmitri, Walid and Fares....

In 1998, 120 countries signed a treaty establishing a permanent international criminal court so that “no ruler, no state, no junta and no army anywhere will be able to abuse human rights with impunity.” The principle is great and honorable. A truly international court that protects ordinary citizens from abuse by their own governments and foreign nations is something we should all welcome. But wait . . . there’s just one problem....The international community made a mockery of Justice in Belgium with the indictment of Ariel Sharon for his massacres at Sabra and Shatila, when the indictment was used to make "palatable" a CIA assassination of Mr. Elie Hobeika, January 24th 2002, at the hands of the goons of Asef Shawkat, a stooge for DIA/CIA and MOSSAD in Syria, together with local intelligence goons from Lebanese military intelligence.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) doesn’t hold to its own constitution because, to date, it has held only Africans to account. Currently, the court is holding investigations into “the situations” in Uganda, the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Following a referral by the UN Security Council, it has recently issued an international arrest warrant for Sudanese President Omar Bashir for indirect responsibility in committing war crimes and crimes against humanity in Darfur, where the UN contends up to 300,000 people have died and 2.7 million have been displaced. This is the first time a sitting head of state has ever been indicted by the court.

While my heart goes out to the people of Darfur who do need to be helped, this arrest warrant will not alleviate their plight and only goes to prove how selective the ICC truly is. Are we to believe that during the past decade only Africans have committed crimes worthy of coming before the court? Or should we deduce that the court is either politically motivated or entirely toothless when it comes to taking on Western nations or big powers?

How can it be taken seriously when the US and its so-called “coalition of the willing” have seemingly got away with their part in the deaths of over a million Iraqis and the displacement of another 4 million? Where were the court’s investigators when the disgusting photographs taken inside Abu Ghraib were released? Where were they when details of US illegal renditions and torture were published?

When it comes to Israel’s crimes, the ICC mirrors the three wise monkeys -- see no evil and speak no evil. It appears to have escaped the court that Israel is responsible for the murder of 1,200 Lebanese civilians in the summer of 2006 and it is virtually oblivious to the deaths of 1,400 Palestinians in Gaza, 50 percent of them women and children. Even today, 1.5 million residents of Gaza are just about subsisting under an Israeli blockade and what do the court’s investigators and judges say about that? Nothing, nada, zilch.

I’m far from being the only one accusing the court of bias. Indeed, President of the UN General Assembly Miguel D’Escoto Brockmann said in response to the warrant against Bashir: “If justice is to be exercised, those who have committed the most and greatest crimes, including George W. Bush, who has done great crimes in other countries, should be tried.” He’s absolutely right, but like Sudan neither the US nor Israel has signed up to the jurisdiction of the ICC and the only way they or their citizens can be referred to the court is by the UN Security Council. It’s glaringly evident the US, which holds a power of veto, is hardly likely to agree to its own referral to the ICC or that of its Middle Eastern appendage, Israel. Critics of the International Court who claim its involvement with Sudan is politically motivated believe that the discovery of reserves of oil in the west of the country -- which is largely earmarked for China -- may be one of the grudges against the Sudanese leader.

The fact is that Western oil companies have been largely elbowed out of Sudan that has invited heavy Chinese investment in its petrochemical industry. Today, China buys two-thirds or more of Sudanese oil. This has provoked a low-key cold war between Washington and Beijing.

Sudan is also a custodian of Nile water that is the lifeline of Egypt among other countries. Egypt and Sudan have signed an agreement that allows a hefty proportion of water from the Nile to flow northward, which may be one of the reasons the Egyptian government is incensed about the arrest warrant. Any international attack on Sudan could translate to an attack on Egypt’s water supply. It is no secret that Israel covets Sudan’s water, too, and has been attempting for years to persuade Egypt to divert part of the Nile in its direction.

There is little doubt that Western and Israeli interests would be served if President Bashir could be ousted from office and a puppet regime installed in place of his government. Whether or not this is planned is the subject of debate.

The Arab League, as well as individual members, have asked the warrant be postponed for one year to allow time for a peaceful resolution of Darfur’s problems, and it’s unlikely that any Arab country will collude with the court in extraditing the Sudanese president should he travel within the region.

In any event, the warrant has defeated its object of protecting the people of Darfur. In response, President Bashir has toured the country speaking to massive rallies consisting of flag-waving supporters and has even visited the capital of Darfur where he was similarly welcomed. Indeed, the warrant has inspired nationalism among the people and increased the president’s popularity at home.

Moreover, the president has expelled a number of aid agencies that have provided assistance to Darfur, accusing them of conspiring with the ICC. He says Sudan will make up the shortfall. But that has yet to be seen and it is probable the people of Darfur will end up worse off than they are now in terms of humanitarian relief.

US President Barack Obama has welcomed the warrant saying, “the US should work with our partners in Africa and Europe to ensure indicted criminals are arrested and turned over to the ICC if they travel outside of Sudan . . .”

Hang on, though! The US hasn’t ratified the ICC and does not accept its jurisdiction. Isn’t this the ultimate display of double standards? A court that singles out Africans for punishment and only investigates nationals of countries that are not particularly pro-Western is dangerous. It should either close its doors or open them to all and everyone if it wants to be credible rather than a sick STL/TSL surely is....

Honest Reporting posts this statement by Louis Moreno-Ocampo, the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court.
“The decision to do justice in Libya should be taken by the Libyan people. Currently, Libya is not a State Party to the Rome Statute. Therefore, intervention by the ICC on the alleged crimes committed in Libya can occur only if the Libyan authorities accept the jurisdiction of the Court, (through article 12(3) of the Rome Statute). In the absence of such step, the United Nations Security Council can decide to refer the situation to the Court. The Office of the Prosecutor will act only after either decision is taken”.
Someone please remind me why we need an International Criminal Court.

Of course - how silly of me to forget.... We need an International Criminal Court so that there is yet another instrument of the 'international community' with a fancy sounding name....STL/TSL.... that can be used against Lebanon's valiant and Nationalist Resistance of Hezbollah....with fabrications, defamations and utter lies to cover the tracks of the Infamous white House Murder INC,....and Asef Shawkat....

STL/TSL and the Machinations of the most Infamous White House Murder INC,...
The absence of actions does not nullify the actual presence of “uninvited” guests. The “hundreds of Israeli agents rotting in jail” was only accomplished the last couple of years, and their presence and continued spying for Israel, with some having been employed for decades based on their confessions, should work to dispel any notion that Syria ran a air-tight security apparatus in Lebanon. As for Israel being able to pull the hit “cleanly” or not, how would you know? The Israel assassination record is an amalgam of brilliant as well as embarrassingly amateurish operations ....
All it tells me is that all possibilities are there, and a good investigation looks at everything and everyone. In the end Israel had more to gain from this scenario than anyone else (as they did with the subsequent expulsion and condemnation of Syria). Until recently, the hundreds of Israel’s spying operations had been conducted under the very noses of both HA and Syria, some going back to the ‘80s. Also, how do you explain the subsequent assassinations that followed? Every one of them brought only further condemnations and accusations against Syria, so it wouldn’t have served Syria or any of its allies in Lebanon. Anyone looking at Hariri’s assassination needs to look at all the others as well. It would be stupid not to see how they were timed perfectly to exact mounting pressure on Syria throughout that period....

I do know who killed Elie HOBEIKA, Hariri and all the others, it's the Infamous White House Murder INC, and Asef Shawkat...together with the Syro-Lebanese Deep State..... All we find are our own hardened political positions, and our political analysis colored already by those same positions, along with some thrilling and tainted media leaks. To your point about Israel killing its “friends” who helped kick Syria out: Israel has no friends above its geo-strategic goals. So if killing a couple more small fish will help her goals it would not hesitate to do so. Politics has its own befuddling logic. My logic is based on the facts that every one of these assassinations were only fueling more anti-Syrian sentiment and adding more international pressure on it. So exactly why would Syria keep bringing it on itself?

Although if HA had done it would stupefy me since this had never been their MO and I would think they would be much smarter than to touch someone like Hariri for any short term political goals. They toughed it out against insurmountable odds with Israel for 18 years, I would not imagine that they saw any Hariri political re-alignment, if that were the proper term here, as an existential threat to them justifying an incredibly risky plot to assassinate him. That is the extent of my analysis. At the end of the day, what is the real reality on the ground is that any indictment will only help polarize Lebanon further and risk bigger domestic problems. Unless the STL can produce the smoking gun people in either camp will only harden their positions and the Lebanese people will be the real losers in all of this....

There are our views and outlooks, our wishes and desires, and then there is reality.

The STL is moving ahead and its indictments will be a reality soon enough, but what then? You already know HA will reject it, as they have done already, and will accuse the STL of being another plot to disarm it for the sake of Israel. Again short of a smoking gun which may embarrass their positions, HA’s allies will also stand by it. The country will be polarized further, sectarian agitation will increase and the people will suffer immeasurably. Regardless of where you stand on this or other issues, and what one’s ultimate wishes are, this will be our reality. This is not the case of an athlete killing his wife in a fit of rage, in a court of law in a free and democratic nation. This is an international court ruling on an emotionally charged case in the midst of a divided country beset by the conflicting interests of regional and international powers. One cannot understate the repercussions. So yes I would believe there would a lot of politicking going on and many accusations and counter accusations and conspiracy theories and so on. The ultimate prize in all of this is no less than the dismantling of HA, a goal a very costly war, backed by a super power, was fought over just a few years ago. The stakes are that high and the vultures are perched and ready. If all this does not put the STL in some political ambiguity then I am not sure what will. And if you believe you will get the truth in the middle of all of this, then good luck to you . My concern in the end is what will this mean for the Lebanese. Hariri getting to avenge his father, in the middle of this impending implosion, is less important than the over-riding interest of an entire nation.

The Iranian question must be thoroughly addressed in any accusation against Hezbollah. Who calls Hezbollah’s shots, most pundits say their direction comes from Iran? If Iran really did control nasrallah, would they allow their “proxy” army to do Syria’s bidding?

The murder of Hariri, and the subsequent/previous murders of prominent figures does not fit this groups in my opinion.....

The problem with the STL is that it should have never started or stopped with discovering the murder of Hariri, a thorough investigation should have gone back in time and investigated not only Marwan Hamade’s attempted assassination attempt in 2004, but they should have started with the 2002 car bombing of Mr. Elie Hobeika.

This is an example of the so-called International Tribunals, the ICC charade, the STL/TSL all work, how they are funded and how they operate, fully used and abused by CIA/MOSSAD and the usual suspects....

“Beyond reasonable doubt”. This magic statement is the base for most litigation the world over.

It is quite clear that, rightly or wrongly, seeds of doubt have been sown over the years. The proof is the interesting, albeit repetitive debate on and on, as well as other numerous intrigues....

There is no doubt in any observer’s mind, even those vehemently supportive of the Tribunal, that the STL, since its inception, has had a rough time caused, some argue, by the fact that it was overtly politicized. Indications of this abound. Let us have a brief trip down memory lane:
• No sooner has the horrible assassination been known, the ‘perpetrators’ were identified. It just happened that all the presumed ‘perpetrators’ were exclusively from one political camp. Photographs, names and other details were carried aloft within minutes of the assassination. One can only wonder why, in the absence of due process, one can reach such a conclusion. It might well be politicking. If that is the case, the organizers of what was then akin to a “lynch mob” may have erred fatally and helped create doubt in the viability of the ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ factor;
• The accusation of Syria only for it to be retracted publicly and in the most glaring of ways; and then resurface recently;
• The false arrest and imprisonment of four senior security officials for 4 years based on statements that were retracted later on. But it took ‘international justice’ nearly four years to release them and consider them ‘witnesses’ rather than accused. The officials were not afforded their due rights morally or materially. On the contrary, the STL dragged its feet when faced with the legitimate right of extracting justice from those who were instrumental in putting them in prison for years, and finally refused to release vital documents pivotal, at least as far as the assassin who was aided and abetted by CIA/MOSSAD.... Jamil Sayyed is concerned, in identifying who was behind this travesty of justice and why;
• The numerous ‘leaks’ about an investigation that is supposedly tightly sealed in secrecy and immune from the outside world. Additionally, those leaks seem to re-direct the attention to Hezbollah, and after the ‘secret’ pronouncement of the indictment, to the organization along with Syria (again!) and Iran;
• The impression by many that the STL didn’t peruse all angles in its investigation. Some pointed to the probability that Israel had something to do with the assassination, as elaborated by Hezbollah on several occasions. To the chagrin of some, Israel is not completely innocent, it is part and parcel of the infamous White House Murder Machinations INC, in the Levant for Decades. But it seems that the STL didn’t even think the possibility worthy of investigation, although the State’s presence and capabilities on Lebanese soil is well documented. We didn’t hear about any Israeli official being ‘interviewed and we shouldn’t hear about it either; the STL operates in complete ‘secrecy’! But we did hear about ‘interviews’ conducted with Lebanese, Syrians and Palestinians with impunity;
• The documented transgression of at least one senior officer at the STL who saw it fit to further the cause of justice by touting relevant ‘secret’ documents of a sensitive nature;
• The impression that the STL is politicized/seeking retribution from a particular side was further cemented by the publication of transcripts of meetings between most of the international players in the case such as USA and France.
I put the above few comments at the behest of those genuinely concerned about justice and the rule of law, and they are a majority, I sincerely hope, amongst those following closely the course of the STL.

As a reflection of the growing doubt surrounding the ‘real’ objectives of the STL and its conduct along with that of the international community, not to forget a segment of Lebanese, I would like to point to two developments that are far from Hezbollah/Syria/Iran’s manipulation. They are both championed by journalists who are known by most observers, either personally or by name and reputation, to be subscribers to the rule of law and order. They both work for the Saudi daily Al Hayat published out of London.

Lebanese Mr. Ghassan Charbel, Al Hayat’s E-I-C and Mr. Dawood Sheryan, Saudi, considered the senior columnist at the daily seem to have an interesting take on the STL in the aftermath of announcing the indictments; a take that could perhaps shed light on the ‘general mood’, if not public opinion with regards to the STL.

Mr. Charbel wrote on 5 July 2011 an editorial titled ‘Exiting from Hariri’s Blood’. In This editorial, Charbel argued that it is “not proper for Lebanon to remain hostage to Hariri’s blood, because this situation might lead to the killers achieving their objective. The country’s destiny is more important than that of any individual…”.

Two days later, the Saudi journalist wrote in his column: “…perhaps I do not agree with what my colleague Ghassan Charbel alluded to in that Lebanon should have received the indictment with Saad Hariri as a PM of a political cabinet. Indeed the fact that Hariri is out of office will release Lebanon from the clutches of narrow (politics) of sectarianism and graves of the dead, and bring the country into the wide scope of the future. Holding onto the Court will not bring Mr. Elie HOBEIKA or Hariri back (from the dead), while on the other hand abandoning it within the context of a political solution, not a political dialogue, will liberate Lebanon from the stranglehold”. The Saudi columnist went on to allude to the fact that the initial allegations of Syria’s role in the assassination created havoc, and to address former PM Hariri junior asking him to “exit Hariri’s (senior) blood and disperse from around graves and bypass (circumvent) sectarian conflict (in Lebanon)”.

بالبحث عن الحقيقة، فإن جدول الأعمال الفعلي لمن يقف خلف المحكمة وخلف التحقيقات وخلف الاتهامات، انتقل إلى مستوى جديد، وبلاعبين جدد أيضاً
كالحديث عن الفِرَق الموسيقية العالمية الكبيرة المتخصصة في عزف الابداعات الكلاسيكية، فيقول اولاً، ان دور أي عازف رئيسي في الفرقة مثلاً مهم جداً. إذ ان اي نشازمنه يعطِّل الحفل سواء اذا اخطأ في قراءة "النوتة" او في متابعة حركات "المايسترو". ويقول ثانياً، ان قائد الفرقة هو صاحب الكلمة فيها. ويقول ثالثاً، ان العازف المشار اليه لا يستطيع ان يخطىء، وخصوصاً اذا تعمّد ذلك، لأنه يستثير بذلك قائد الفرقة واصحاب المسرح والمشاهدين. وطبيعي ان يعرّضه ذلك للعقاب

الصفاقة البارزة من دول عربية بائسة، ورائحة العنصرية والاستعمار التي تفوح من أنوف الغربيين، والاستعلاء الكريه الصادر عن الجانب التركي، كل ذلك يقود إلى نقطة واحدة: فصل جديد من المواجهة مع التيار الداعم للمقاومة
وليد جنبلاط، الذي يتمنى اليوم لو تنشق الأرض وتبتلعه، بدل إخضاعه للامتحان الأقسى في تاريخه السياسي. يعرف وليد جنبلاط أنه رسب، وهذه المرة لا مجال للمساعدة، لا من الجمهور ولا من صديق، ولا من أقرب المقربين. ويمكن أن يكون الحل
الأفضل عنده، تقريب موعد خروجه من رئاسة حزبه وطائفته وبالابتعاد سريعاً... مباشرة نحو نيويورك

Dejan Lucic is a Serbian investigative journalist who is hot after the Rothschilds and Soros like very few people on the planet. He has lots of info, I always check in with his site. Lucic reports that Soros/CIA also funded the Hague Tribunal investigating war crimes....Soros/CIA bought all human rights orgs and investigators plus the court in the Hague - Societe Generale or one of the Rothschild banks funded the Tribunal. Did you see the long rant on Srebrenica Massacre ? Dutch UN troops said they were threatened by the Soros people because they plainly said the Srebrenica massacre was planned, carried out by Serbs and Mladic on orders of Clinton, Queen Beatrix, the UN Dutchbat and Holbrooke in the planning with Soros/CIA people bullying all who said anything about the fact that the whole UN stood around and watched a mass murder of thousands and helped bus the "wrong" people out, they ran an efficient preplanned massacre and the UN troops talked too much, so Soros had them shut up. In this case, the Soros/CIA human rights thing prevented the proper investigation, so it never got to the Hague. But at the next level, he had the Hague Tribunal bought and paid for also. Here is Lucic, very good site on Rothschilds and Soros/CIA in the Balkans.