Saturday, February 14, 2009

The US Government is utterly corrupt and deceitful beyond redemption.

"The US Government is utterly corrupt and deceitful beyond politics, policy, economy, monetary, finance, Intelligence and CI practices and much much more ta name!"

The UN tribunal to try Hariri's alleged killers is due to open its doors on March 1, housed in the former headquarters of the Dutch intelligence service, well known for kowtowing and complete submission to MOSSAD and AMAN for decades, on the outskirts of The Hague, the capital of ill-justice.

The tribunal will also try those known to be responsible for a series of attacks on other Lebanese political and media figures, starting with the assassination of Mr. Elie HOBEIKA, Fares Sweidan, Walid Zein and Dimitri Ajram, January 24th 2002 in Hazmieh.

US President Barack Obama on Thursday vowed to support UN moves to bring to justice Hariri's killers....which is a travesty of justice in of itself and the biggest lie ever to known to mankind since Adam and Eve....since the orders emanated from the oval office for the odious White House Murder INC, to commit ALL these atrocious assassinations since January 24th 2002 in Hazmieh.

"As we share our grief with the Lebanese people over the loss of prime minister Hariri, we also share our conviction that his sacrifice will not be in vain," Obama said in his new and additional lie in a million others..., the biggest lie ever to known to mankind since Adam and Eve....since the orders emanated from the oval office for the odious White House Murder INC, to commit ALL these atrocious assassinations since January 24th 2002 in Hazmieh.

"The United States fully supports the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, whose work will begin in a few weeks, to bring those responsible for this horrific crime and those that followed to justice." the biggest lie ever to known to mankind since Adam and Eve....since the orders emanated from the oval office for the odious White House Murder INC, to commit ALL these atrocious assassinations since January 24th 2002 in Hazmieh.

MP Mustapha Slouch, a member of the parliamentary bloc headed by the slain ex-premier's son and political heir, Saud Hariri, said he had no doubt that the tribunal will serve its purpose....

"There are those who had doubts about the tribunal and thought it was a political instrument but it has now become a reality," Slouchy told APO.... the biggest lie ever to known to mankind since Adam and Eve....since the orders emanated from the oval office for the odious White House Murder INC, to commit ALL these atrocious assassinations since January 24th 2002 in Hazmieh.

Seven suspects have been arrested in connection with Hariri's assassination. Among them are four generals, including the former head of Lebanese state security, Jamil Al-Sayyed who is the prime planner of the execution of the crimes on January 24th 2002 and February 14th 2005, together with Asef Shawkat and Raymond AZAR, on orders from the White House Murder INC, of the Siamese twins CIA2/MOSSAD of Langley and Herzlia...

The UN probe has also implicated senior officials from Syria but Damascus has strongly denied any connection with Hariri's death and accuses Washington of using the tribunal as a political additional extravaggant and deceitful line of rhetorical moves, in tandem with Washington and Tel Aviv to obfuscate the assassinations responsibilities and cover the tracks of the Syrian KILLERS, all in a day's work of the FDDC within DOD, and the NID of Israel...

The Hezbollah-led alliance in Lebanon, which is backed by Syria and Iran, for its part is demanding full transparency as far as the UN probe and tribunal.

"We don't want the ongoing investigation and the tribunal to be politicized because any such move would affect credibility," Hezbollah MP Hassan Hoballah told ....


For the last several years, I've been told, repeatedly and emphatically by very deep, extraordinarily capable sources who monitor human corruption, that the following people are "direct operative" in a pacification plan to de-stabilize this planet and essentially harness us with a regime that drastically reduces our freedom. The plan is apparently rationalized, as Cheney reportedly once said to Bush, as "technology's plan." The inference, of course, is that certain black budget technologies now in the hands of some of the named suspects, will determine the human future. The thinking is symptomatic of a mindset in which heavy industrial compromises and bad planning due to technological resource needs are all rationalized as God, in a sense. It's a scheme in which rigorous, critical thinking is supplanted by a kind of resonance, instead.

The named suspects: the French Rothschild, part of the Biderman-DuPont family, the Sauds, (David) Rockefeller, some Dutch royals, Prince Phillip, a NY investment family named "Gold"-something (appears to be Goldman), Netanyahu, Bush Sr., Gen. Hugh Shelton (commander of the joint chiefs before and during 9-11), and others numbering some _3000-4000"--not named yet. Fritz Thyssen, the prime financer of Hitler's rise, was also mentioned obliquely (the obliqueness perhaps owing to the horrendous design of Thyssen's work--the source apparently wanted us to do the final footwork on his case). The source(s) of these reports have demonstrated a highly advanced ability to tease out breakthrough details of communications that are reported at critical junctures, here...
I should add that a sustained effort was made to tease out and test and further details about the subjects. Corroboration, sometimes tacit admission was seen--sometimes from quarters that few would normally suspect. Again, these sources are unusually capable and they work outside the nominal structure of the named suspects...

Bush and Cheney and their henchmen were responsible for 9/11, it would be just another crime to add to a long list of crimes that have, in certain cases, also killed thousands -- like the lies that, like a spider’s web, entrapped the American military in Iraq. 9/11 could just be standard operating procedure for the Empire, another “false flag” attack, like the Tonkin Gulf situation in Vietnam, staged to enlist public support for expanded military operations abroad; and a search for 9/11 truth will in the end be as fruitless as the search for the truth of JFK’s assassination. And even if, as with JFK, a majority of Americans come to believe that the US government is the prime suspect, nothing will ever come of this belief.

I’ve had a number of conversations with liberal 9/11 truth skeptics, and my general impression has been that the primary reason they are skeptical of “conspiracy theory” (aside from their fear of ridicule) is that they don’t know very much about the subject.

In the first place, their defense of the official story is built upon the utterly illogical premise that, even though Bush and company have lied about virtually every matter of executive branch responsibility, from science to intelligence to defense contracting to politicization of the Justice Department, on this one issue -- 9/11 -- they are telling the truth. How much sense does that make?

And every other point in the “liberal” defense of the official theory (i.e., Arabs in caves outwit stupid Bushies) is subject to serious question. Bush’s incompetence? On the contrary, it could be argued that Bush and Cheney accomplished everything they wanted to while in office. The biggest asset that went into Bush’s so-called “blind trust” when he entered office in 2001 was Exxon stock -- a company that has seen world record profits ever since the Iraq invasion. And Halliburton stock has also soared.

The traditional Bush family interests, especially the defense and energy industries, have prospered mightily. A compliant media let Bush and Cheney do whatever they wanted for eight years, whatever the law might say, and are still on full guard, trying to protect them from investigation and prosecution. And Bush, in an Oedipal frenzy, vastly outdid his father’s measly half a trillion dollar savings and loan taxpayer rip-off, with trillions of dollars stolen from generations of taxpayers, and redistributed with unprecedented arrogance directly into the pockets of the wealthiest cronies of the power elite -- no questions asked. Bush played his dumb smirking redneck shticks to perfection.

On the other hand, as David Ray Griffin notes in his latest book, The New Pearl Harbor Revisited, Bush’s incompetence, as such, is on ready display in the fact that there are so many glaring holes in the official story -- from the lies told by the military and CIA to the 9/11 Commission, so egregious that the co-chairs considered asking for federal indictments; to the violations of fundamental laws of physics in the official explanations for the unprecedented “collapse” of three steel-framed skyscrapers in one day -- the only steel-framed buildings in history to “collapse” due to fire.

Also, the “need to know” compartmentalization of American intelligence guarantees that only a few key people, and possibly some outsourced mercenaries, would need to know the full story of the 9/11 operation; and either patriotism, bureaucratic groupthink, fear or money would keep everybody else in line. The few whistleblowers, like the FBI’s Sibel Edmonds, who had the courage to destroy their careers for the sake of truth, have been easily turned into “nonpersons” by a corporate-controlled media coordinating their broadcasts with a Defense Department psychological operations agenda, a dynamic revealed by the New York Times in its analysis of conflicts of interest among “independent” TV network military “analysts” (more accurately, Pentagon propagandists).

But it’s their lack of knowledge of significant 9/11 details that, in my experience, usually leaves liberal 9/11 truth skeptics in dumbstruck confusion, when confronted with facts.

In the first place, they’re generally unaware that 9/11 questions go way beyond “theory.” There is hard, cold physical evidence, from the microspheres of melted steel found in every single sample of dust from the World Trade Center (and which the US Geological Survey said needed to be further investigated, and never were); to the melting and “sulphurization” of the steel beams of WTC Building 7, as reported by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and which the New York Times called “the biggest mystery” of 9/11 -- and which was also never investigated further.

A few weeks ago, after the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) corrected its years-delayed draft report on the destruction of WTC7 (which was never hit by an airplane), to finally concede that critics of the original draft were correct that the 47-story building collapsed at free-fall speed (a concession ignored by corporate media), there was a discussion of the report at the website Democratic Underground.

The first reply to the original post was a snarky comment about “Bigfoot” causing the collapse, which initiated a sometimes ugly debate between defenders of the official story and 9/11 truth advocates. The “Bigfoot” commenter kept repeating, “Go read the report,” and giving the NIST URL. I was surprised that no one thought to tell him, on a site as tuned-in as DU, that he may as well have been saying, “Well, go ask George W. Bush,” since NIST is just a branch of Bush’s Commerce Department. Like I said, we now know about outright lies, especially lies about science, coming from every Bush-era executive branch agency, from EPA to CIA. Why would NIST be exempt from this pattern?

Not only that, but anyone can watch a Youtube video of one of NIST’s lead investigators, engineer John Gross, lying through his teeth in a public forum, trying, in answer to a question, to deny the existence of molten steel in the WTC rubble (since the NIST report, like every other government report, had to acknowledge that the fires barely got hot enough to weaken steel, much less melt it, and then only for brief periods). In the clip, he archly maintains, “I didn’t see any molten metal,” and claims ignorance of contrary accounts from numerous other eyewitnesses (including the WTC’s lead engineer), video of heavy equipment pulling molten metal out of the rubble, fires that smoldered at the site for months, and satellite thermal imagery.

NIST admits in all its WTC reports that it never investigated for the possibility of explosives in the buildings, even though that is standard procedure in fire investigations, and in spite of the questions raised in the USGS and FEMA reports about unexplained phenomena in the WTC steel, and in spite of the testimony of hundreds of eyewitnesses (including over a hundred firefighters) who said that they heard explosions in the buildings. An ABC report on the day of the attacks said that the FBI was initially working on the hypothesis that bombs had been planted in the World Trade Center.

Where liberal skeptics really freak out, however, is when they hear about the eerie “coincidences” related to WTC security in the weeks before the 9/11 attacks, “coincidences” greatly underplayed in the corporate media -- about the mysterious workmen upgrading the WTC electrical system, laying cable for a company owned by a Skull and Bones fraternity brother of the Bush family; about the unprecedented complete “power down” of the WTC complex the weekend before the attack; about the removal of bomb-sniffing security dogs from the WTC the Thursday before the attacks -- dogs who never returned to duty; about the CEO of the company in charge of WTC security being George W’s alleged cousin, Wirt Walker, who was also joined on the company’s board of directors by Bush’s brother, Marvin; about the millions (perhaps billions) of dollars made on unprecedented stock trades in the days right before the attacks, made on companies directly affected by the attacks, by traders whose actions were declared “innocent” and whose identities were kept secret by a 9/11 Commission staff who otherwise judged the source of funding for the 9/11 attacks to be “unimportant,” and who worked under the direction of a White House mole secretly communicating with Karl Rove, despite his assurances to the contrary to the Commission’s co-chairs.

Considered together, these “coincidences” are enough to generate a case of cognitive dissonance -- and often do -- among those who want to believe that “the system” still works.

It is the cumulative weight and seriousness of the questions that remain about 9/11, however, that lead me to think that Barack Obama is not in fact a skeptic of 9/11 truth. He’s much too smart to ignore the obvious contradictions in the official story. But that scenario opens up a pretty complicated can of worms....