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Wikileak [21]: Elias Murr is an American-Israeli SPY first and foremost....

جاسوس تابع لـ"السي آي إي إلياس المر

Michel Sleiman is a CIA agent, stooge and Puppet as well..., Hence in time, he will take back Elias CIA El-Murr under his CIA wings...., regardless his "preference..." because of Elias MURR's utterance in public about the weak Sleiman personality...which is very true indeed....that's why he was chosen by the CIA....Whatever CIA dictates to Sleiman...Michel CIA Sleiman does, no questions asked....

....وللأقزام وشبه الرجال النسيان والمذلّة
.....فرنسوا الحاج: يا ابي 3 سنوات القضاء لم يتحرّك والوطن يرجم الحكام المزيفّون

Francois El-Hajj was murdered by the infamous White House Murder INC, and the Lebanese Deep State's lackeys of CIA/MOSSAD......The Deep State's crimes and sordid assassinations in the what BINDS together....Michel CIA SLEIMAN and the Traitor Elias CIA/MOSSAD MURR.....they know ALL about it since January 24th 2002....., they both know about the infamous White House Murder INC,....and have sanctioned and protected and still protect its sordid actions.....

Michel CIA SLEIMAN and Elias CIA-MOSSAD El-MURR have sown Hell fire and now they can reap the whirlwind.....

From Edward Bulwer-Lytton's The Last Days of Pompeii:
Thou that hast sown the wind with conquest, shall reap the harvest and the whirlwind of desolation....

....وما أفصح القحباء حين تحاضر في العفة

لمفروض ان يتم التحقيق مع المر بشأن هذا الكلام لانه كلام خطير لشخص يجلس في وزارة الدفاع وهذا يرتقي الى الخيانة العظمى لانه يدل على ان من قال هذا الكلام اي المر انه يتعامل مع اسرائيل
جاسوس تابع لـ"السي آي إي إلياس المر

Elias El-Murr is an American-Israeli SPY first and foremost...., like father like son...,"Syrian Intelligence DOGS" and like their crooked uncle GABY MURR and his family of spies for CIA/MOSSAD....

....وما أفصح القحباء حين تحاضر في العفة


إلياس المر صعد قطار الخيانة, فهل يكون آخـر
2. (S) Charge, Defense Attache and ODC Chief met with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Elias Murr on March 10 at his home in Rabieh. The atmosphere of the meeting was cordial and in a [SCIF...].....
5. (S) As for the areas further north in Lebanon such as Keserwan and the Metn, Murr confirmed that Shia are renting in high numbers there because they feel that Israel is going to attack soon. Such action could take place as early as April 2008, he warned. ....Murr also told us that Hassan Nasrallah's cousin has moved his family out of the southern suburbs, the Dahiyya, and rented a chalet in the resort town of Farayya for a year. According to Murr, this means that Nasrallah is on high alert. In addition to renting homes in these areas, Hizballah is making many concessions to the Christians who live in these areas. In a meeting three weeks ago between top Hizballah officials such as Wafiq Safa and March 14 members at MoD Headquarters in Yarze, Hizballah agreed to all of the Christians demands. The two most notable concessions were that Hizballah will not place any signage with Nabih Berri or Hassan Nasrallah's image in these locations and that Hizballah will not have a visible presence in these areas...... During this same meeting, March 14 members learned that Hizballah has rockets that can fly over 200 kilometers.
7. (S) Murr told us that Hizballah is not "internally convinced" that it can win this time. It was internally convinced that it could win in 2006. Murr predicted that Hizballah's war with Israel will not be like 2006 .... Murr harbors no illusion that they will not get bogged down in the village a second time. Instead, Murr thinks they will bypass strongholds in villages and pursue the main forces, the rockets. "I am sure Hizballah is scared and they are preparing for a severe lesson this time," Murr said. ...... (S) Murr related that Saudi journalist Ghassan Charbel of the Al-Hayat newspaper recently returned to Beirut from Damascus where he met with Bashar Al-Assad. .....He does not see anything at all happening this year in Lebanon, Charbel had said. Murr seemed to think otherwise, reporting that Syria has recalled 250,000 migrant agricultural workers from Lebanon who also serve in the Syrian military reserves....... Returning to the theme of a wary Hizballah, Murr told us that "they (Hizballah) are scared, terrorized. They know the Israelis will not lose again." Murr thinks that Ehud Barak is a very different Minister of Defense... Additionally, President Bush is coming to Israel in May, so they think that this new war must be completed by that time.
13. (S) When asked what role Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun is playing right now, Murr deadpanned that he is "going insane." Retired BG Fouad Ashkar, an Aoun advisor dating to Aoun's time as Lebanese Army Commander, came to see Murr on March 9 to discuss weapons permits for Aoun's bodyguards. Murr told Ashkar that he was authorized only ten permits. Aoun had recently contacted Murr's father to try and pressure the MinDef into agreeing to fifty weapons permits. A defiant Murr told Ashkar to "go get some of your Hizballah suicide bombers to serve as bodyguards," the sub-context being that perhaps Michel Aoun would get blown up along the way......
18. (S) Making clear that he was not responsible for passing messages to Israel, Murr told us,...if Israel has to bomb all of these places in the Shia areas as a matter of operational concern, that is Hizballah's problem. According to Murr, this war is not with Lebanon, it is with Hizballah. ..... As such, Murr is trying to ascertain how long an offensive would be required to clean out Hizballah in the Beka'a. The LAF will move to pre-position food, money, and water with these units so they can stay on their bases when Israel comes for Hizballah--discreetly, Murr added. (S) Murr also gave guidance to Sleiman that the LAF should not get involved "when Israel comes." .... that he promised Sleiman the political cover for LAF inaction. .....For Murr, the LAF's strategic objective was to survive a three week war "completely intact" and able to take over once Hizballah's militia has been destroyed. ......


Cedar Sweep was definitely “carried out on Israel’s behalf by the Americans?” There is a direct Elias Murr et al link via US intel operations over Lebanon to Israel… : The US/ISRAELI SPY Elias El-Murr et al are going to need a good lawyer among other things....”

ليس المر هو العرص ولكن العرص هو من اصر على جلبه وزيرا للدفاع مع علمه بانه خائن

هناك مشكلة في لبنان إسمها ما هيدا لبنان ....
لك أيه كـ........ ام لبنان إذ بدو يضل الياس المر وزيرا للدفاع في دولة تزعم المقاومة فيها أنها أنهت العصر الاسرائيلي في وقت لا تزال لاسرائيل جزر إستناد ورؤوس جذور تبدا من القصر الجمهوري ولا تنتهي في بطريركية صفير مرورا بالعميل الصغير فؤاد السنيورة والعميل الاصغر الاسخر إبن خوفو الحرامية رفيق الحريري

In February 2002 he paid a visit to Elias Murr by members of the Special Warfare School , U.S.A. This date is a classified report of the visit, made by General xxxxxxxxx, director of research at the Special Warfare School at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. The report was accompanied by a Secret Supplement , in which we read these passages: “ You must create a team right now in that country, to select military and civilian personnel with a view to a clandestine training in law enforcement operations, in case of need after .... This should be done in order to develop a civilian-military structure that is exploited in the event that the internal security system deteriorates over Lebanon.... This structure is used to push the changes that we know that they will need to get functions of counter-action actors and counter-propaganda and, as necessary, to promote sabotage, assassinations and / or paramilitary terrorist activities against known Resistance proponents.... The United States should support this .... “

In the same report, the General xxxxxxxx included recommendations to the Army and the ISF/Police of Lebanon, to improve intelligence [ Maaloumat skunks] and population control..... In particular he suggested: “An intensive program of registration of civilians … So everyone is eventually registered in government records, including fingerprints and photographs .... “ It also recommended procedures and interrogation techniques that included “ sodium pentothal and use of polygraphs … apart to extract information .....

False flag is the health of the government.... War is the health of the State....

The Deep State's crimes and sordid assassinations in the what BINDS together....Michel CIA SLEIMAN and the Traitor Elias CIA/MOSSAD MURR.....they know ALL about it since January 24th 2002....., they both know about the infamous White House Murder INC,....and have sanctioned and protected and still protect its sordid actions....

وهذا التباين بين موقفي المر و حول دور الجيش، جعل المر يقول، في إحدى جلسات التحقيق الدولي في اغتيال الرئيس رفيق الحريري، عندما سُئل عن أسباب اختيار العماد سليمان قائداً للجيش: «ان سليمان كان الأضعف بين الضباط الموارنة»!
بعد هذا كله، لم يعد خافياً على أحد لماذا «زُرع» الياس المر في وزارة الدفاع أكثر من عقد من الزمن، ولا من زرعه.
انــنا أمام خطة مبرمجة لإنهاء دور الجيش في الدفاع عن السيادة واسترجاع الأرض المحتلة.
كما اننا أمام مؤامرة جهنمية لكشف لبنان أمام العدو الإسرائيلي

Wikileaks: "Elias Murr is known for telling people what they want to hear..."
C O N F I D E N T I A L BEIRUT 002583

جاسوس تابع لـ"السي آي إي إلياس المر

2. (C) Murr assured A/S Welch ... not getting into specific areas of deployment, as he had in a previous meeting with Ambassador Feltman two days ago (reftel), said that the role of the LAF would be to "secure the Blue Line, secure any rockets, and stop any Hizballah or Palestinian militant infiltration in the region." 3. (C) Murr stressed that he has complete LAF buy-in for this plan. According to Murr, not a single Shi'ite LAF soldier has defected to the Hizballah militant ranks during the current conflict. He claimed that Shi'a make up 36 per cent of the LAF, down from 58 per cent just a few years ago. Contrary to rumor, the LAF has not once assisted Hizballah with firing rockets into northern Israel,... Murr said that the LAF already has the manpower and highly-qualified special units, but he hopes that the "Saudis and Gulfis" can provide equipment. 5. (C) Murr does not believe that Shi'a acceptance of the LAF deployment plan is an indication that the military could be led into a trap whereby it is dragged into a conflict with Israel in the South. Claiming that "Nabih Berri is praying in his heart to be free of Hizballah politically," Murr said that Berri would never agree to a scheme to trap the army in the South. (Note: Most of the Shi'a in the LAF are followers of Berri's Amal party. End Note.) Murr is more worried that Hizballah and Syria will recede into the background only to ally with the "new al-Qaeda" - Sunni jihadi groups in northern Lebanon and the Bekaa Valley - to support attacks on the LAF in those areas. Again, with the right equipment, Murr believes he can face down that challenge while ensuring security in the South.... 7. (C/NF) Murr admitted that he does not know Berri's or Siniora's stance on these issues, but said he wants to propose to the Lebanese Cabinet that UNIFIL troop numbers in the South be increased from 2,000 to 12,000, with the aim of gaining a Cabinet compromise for 8,000. The Cabinet would then have to agree on the text of a letter to SYG Annan requesting the UNIFIL augmentation. For domestic consumption, Siniora will have to phrase the letter in such a way that the force is needed to "protect Lebanon from Israeli aggression" and to "help people return to their villages." Murr said the letter would not request a Chapter VII force, since Hizballah would never agree to such language in a GOL request, but suggested that upon receiving the letter UN SYG Annan would ask that the force come under Chapter VII since he could portray it as necessary for the security of the UN troops. "Let Kofi ask for it. He could phrase it like, 'I can not send my men there without any protection.'" Murr stressed, however, that both Israel and the USG should remain publicly mute on the Chapter VII issue so as not to provoke a Hizballah rejection. [COMMENT]: 8. (C) Murr is known for telling people what they want to hear. .......................... End Comment.

.جاسوس تابع لـ"السي آي إي إلياس المر