Monday, March 30, 2009

The White House Murder INC, is a criminal joint venture between the USA, Israel and Syrian military intelligence creeps, dating back to the 1970s...

Components of the White House Murder INC's special assassinations operations: Simplicity, Security, Repetition..., Surprise, Speed and Purpose....

''La grande science est donc de faire vouloir [à l’ennemi] tout ce que vous voulez qu’il fasse et de lui fournir, sans qu’il s’en aperçoive, tous les moyens de vous seconder....'' (Sun Tzu, l'art de la guerre)

I suspect that the Lybian Al Megrahi and family should be compensated with millions of pounds and certain spooky Americans and Syrian assassins should be in jail...for the Lockerbie bombing of PANAM flight 103.... The Scottish criminal justice system needs to be cleansed.....from the direct and nefarious influence of CIA/MI6....Lebanon beware....the US is in the process of cleansing the files of the criminal enterprise of the White House Murder INC,... which is a joint venture between the USA, Israel and Syrian military intelligence creeps, dating back to the 1970s...
All these endeavors were extra-judicial and could land many US presidents, CIA chiefs and many others well known to me in Syria, the USA, Israel, France and Lebanon... in jail for life...and that's what is at stake here... Dick Cheney, George Bush, George Tenet, Karl Rove, Asef Shawkat, and Elliott Abrams, Shaoul Mofaz, etc...., should be indicted today, and I am willing to be the first witness in any trial pertaining to these terrorist acts....made in USA, Syria and Israel, the threesome of political assassinations....[ Of course...., with local complicity in Lebanon's Deep State..., i.e. the LEB. MI creeps and the others....whom I will not name....except in a timely fashion....]

A very good journalist is the one who calls a spade a spade! Or a wanker a wanker!

.....إن ما سبق يؤكد أن عملية اغتيال الوزير الراحل شهيدنا البطل الرئيس ايلي حبيقة ورفيق الحريري كانت بتدبير أمريكي والموساد الإسرائيلي، وتنفيذ سورية،

“Of course no such demands of Justice are made of “Israel” , Syria or the USA, about the criminals within the White House Murder INC, and western journalists and correspondents, for the most part, don’t see a need for such demands to be made. In other words, the Lebanese, whose rights have been violated and whose land has been occupied by a force that doesn’t recognize their basic humanity, are required to recognize that usurping entity as a legitimate state without getting anything in return.... This is the justice that western states have been advertising for several decades... Unfortunately, with such attitudes, we will continue to see a prolonging of the war and the rise of more resistance groups who see no other way to defend their rights and restore their freedom, dignity, justice and independence.”

Salmond and Clinton

On 23 February 2009, Scotland's First Minister, Alex Salmond, met with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Washington DC.

Did they discuss the Lockerbie Bombing? YES.

Is the SNP going to support the US and UK governments in their attempt to cover up the truth about Lockerbie?

The government of Scotland is at present run by the Scottish National Party (SNP)

On 19 February 2009, The Mail on Sunday (Scotland) has a Lockerbie Bomb story, by Marcello Mega and Michael Tait, entitled:


The headline may be misleading, as it is the US and UK governments that want Al Megrahi to remain 'convicted' and to serve the rest of his sentence in Libya....

The US and UK governments may be trying to use the Lockerbie business to discredit the anti-war SNP.

The Mail makes the following points:

1. SNP government officials have been involved in secret talks between the UK Foreign Office and Libyan officials....

These talks could lead to Al Megrahi being sent back to Libya.


2. Scotland's Justice Secretary, Kenny MacAskill, instructed his top official, Robert Gordon, to play a key role in the negotiations.

3. The UK and US governments are keen to see Al Megrahi apply for a Prisoner Transfer Agreement.

This would mean that Al Megrahi would serve the rest of his sentence in Libya.

It is the SNP's Kenny MacAskill who would be responsible for organizing a prisoner transfer of Al Megrahi.

A Prisoner Transfer Agreement between the UK and Libya is expected to be ratified in April 2009.

(The UK and US governments would like Al Megrahi to abandon his appeal against his conviction.... An appeal could reveal evidence of CIA involvement in the Lockerbie bombing, together with their Syrian buddies, the Alawite assassins, and could reveal that the CIA and the Scottish police faked evidence in the Lockerbie trial, in order to safeguard the valuable White House Murder INC, for decades....)

4. Al Megrahi's appeal against his conviction is due to start in April 2009.

Al Megrahi wants the appeal to go ahead so that he can clear his name.

5. "Sources close to the Libyan delegation... said Mr. Gordon had given them every encouragement to push for a transfer.

"One said: 'He told them in fairly plain language that if an application came it would be granted.'"

According to the Mail on Sunday: "The planned appeal has the potential to humiliate the Crown Office and to expose conspiracy and dirty tricks involving UK and US intelligence agents and the Scottish police."


There is evidence that the SNP does not want a cover-up of the Lockerbie business.

1. On 3 February 2008, the Sunday Mail had a story entitled: SNP Fury Over Lockerbie Deal - The Sunday Mail :

A FURIOUS row was brewing last night after the agreement of a secret £450million oil deal that could send the Lockerbie bomber back to Libya.

Insiders claim the UK Government agreed to let Abdelbaset Ali Mohamed al-Megrahi go home to save fuel giant BP's contract.

The Scottish Government last night demanded answers after the deal got the green light...

A spokesman for First Minister Alex Salmond said: "We opposed a prisoner transfer agreement which is open-ended and failed to secure the exclusion that the UK government pledged to seek...

Saad Djebbar, a London based lawyer who has worked with the Libyans on the Lockerbie case, said: "The matter of Megrahi had delayed matters, not just for BP but all other commercial arrangements."

2. Leading SNP figure Alex Neil has stressed the importance of holding an appeal trial as quickly as possible.

"Mr. Neil has called on the Crown Office to bring forward the trial of the Libyan ... and to ensure no further delays take place." (UK National News - SNP Calls For Lockerbie Bomber Trial To Be ...)

3. Reportedly, Alex Salmond does not want a cover up.

"ALEX Salmond picked his first major fight with Westminster ... over a British government deal which he feared could involve the transfer of the Lockerbie bomber to Libya." - SNP-Westminster feud flares over Lockerbie bomber - The Scotsman


Murder is the glue that keeps this criminal entity together...." Overseas Contingency Operations...." Syria is ok to use for logistics and political
support and murder/assassinations in Lebanon and Syria of selective
targets for CIA/MOSSAD but not strategic, we all know like everyone else
that the Syrian regime's key preoccupation is survival with no ideology
or Golan concerns whatsoever.They are merchants whoever pays is my
friend today.... A Trilateral Relationship: The United States, Israel ,
and Syria: 1974-2009, a relationship based on the bondage of the
infamous White House Murder INC, a silver-lining of murder,
assassinations and terror bombings, from Panam 103 over
Lockerbie to January 24th 2002 and the assassination of
Mr. Elie Hobeika...etc.

.....إن ما سبق يؤكد أن عملية اغتيال رفيق الحريري كانت بتدبير أمريكي والموساد الإسرائيلي، وتنفيذ سورية، [ more crappy justifications for the trilateral association of murderers ...]

There are always people who try to incite to war as though it were the solution. They sell the myth of war. Deceiving others to believe that there is something noble about war. Ever demonizing the other side. The results of that experiment have been public knowledge for some time. It has been empirically proven that war is not ceasing war! I am truly sorry that a war salesman like Ariel Sharon, has got you convinced to the contrary. May God and the memory of HK, guide you the next time you wish to efface an entire people of a certain religious belief. I would suggest that you allowed your passions to get the better of you....

As for 'attacking Israel and Jews', if that is because I will not grant Jews knee-jerk preference out of sheer fear of breaking taboo, then yes, I guess that would constitute 'an attack', if that's your perspective. But why should they have that? I think the whole Jew/non-Jew discrimination is nonsense: there are basic human moral imperatives, and any hypocrisy should be routed and exposed so it'll tear itself apart....
This is to clarify and provide exegeses.