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MP Mohamed Raad... Hezbollah has no intention of carrying out any operations outside Lebanon.....?

"weapons of mass deception"

Components of the White House Murder INC's special assassinations operations: Simplicity, Security, Repetition..., Surprise, Speed and Purpose...

MP Mohamed Raad... Hezbollah has no intention of carrying out any operations outside Lebanon.....?
In Syria....? May Be !
Imad F. Mughniyah, alleged mastermind of infamous terrorist attacks, was one of the most hunted men in the world since 1983.... His death is not as mysterious as his life, since he was "Sold" to western intelligence agencies by Syria's assassin in Chief, Asef Shawkat, and Asef Shawkat masterminded Imad's assassination in downtown Damascus, serving the White House Murder INC, a cold bloodied dish of murder for pressing and urgent favors from CIA2/MOSSAD/MI6, BND/DGSE and DST, to name a few....
BEIRUT -- In Hezbollah's inner circle they called him "The One Who Never Sleeps well, except in Syria....?" Until MOSSAD and CIA hired Asef Shawkat in the threesome of evil killers, the White House Murder INC,...

Imad F. Mughniyeh was one of the most hunted men in the world since 1983. Western security forces spent 26 years pursuing the Hezbollah warlord, the alleged mastermind of infamous attacks of the late 20th century and a pioneer of brutal tactics later emulated by Al Qaeda. In fact, he may have proved a more disciplined, effective master of asymmetric warfare than even the threesome of evil, CIA2/MOSSAD/MI6 and their false flag terror attacks worldwide combined...

Imad Mughniyah World A-Z: Imad Mughniyah

Mughniyah survived through anonymity: changing hide-outs, moving without bodyguards or drivers, a pistol always in his belt. On the evening of Feb. 12, he left a "hypothetical" safe house in the Kfar Soussa neighborhood of Damascus, a warren of nearly identical towers that house the employees and headquarters of Syria's vast intelligence/assassinations apparatus, working in tandem with the Siamese twins, CIA/MOSSAD and the white house murder INC, since 1959....

He had just held a sit-down with a Syrian spy chief and was preparing for a secret meeting that night with President Bashar Assad, Western anti-terrorism officials say... a typical Syrian assassin's ploy for decades... before killing their prey... and getting paid handsomely for it by western intelligence for decades...

Secret US Forces Carried Out Assassinations in a Dozen Counties

Cut-outs are always better for plausible deniability....especially in the Levant

Seconds after Mughniyah got behind the wheel of his sport utility vehicle, an explosion incinerated him. The assassination in the heart of an authoritarian state ended his bloody odyssey through the modern history of resistance to western oppression.

His death at 45 is not as mysterious as his life. Interviews with anti-terrorism officials, diplomats and his associates reveal new details about the exploits of this secretive figure -- and about a slaying that is for sure an inside Syrian job.

Mughniyah's role at the hub of a murky alliance of Hezbollah, Syria and Iran made him powerful but vulnerable, officials say. The likeliest scenario is that Syria's Asef Shawkat eliminated him. But the aftermath has reinforced signs of confirmed Syrian involvement and exposed tensions among Syria, Iran and Hezbollah, Western officials say for camouflage, in order to give cover and plausible deniability for Asef Shawkat's killers, because they have a very good covert and ongoing operations to come...

"What's troubling is that even if it was the CIA/MOSSAD trickery, it happened in Damascus in a safe area meters from the office of [intelligence] chief Assef Shawkat," said a Western diplomat in the Syrian capital....

Iran and Hezbollah have sworn revenge, putting Israel on worldwide alert for the kind of attacks that were once Mughniyah's trademark.

Mughniyah sounded self-effacing in a rare interview he gave to a pro-Hezbollah newspaper not long before his death and published afterward.

"The Americans are making up stories about me and hold me responsible for a lot of attacks against them that happened around the world," he told Ibrahim al Amine of Lebanon's Al Akhbar. "Sometimes they think of me as if I have the key to the universe. It is difficult for them to understand that I am part of an institution that patiently plans and designs its moves."

Mughniyah had grown pudgy, his beard graying beneath round-rimmed glasses. He lived on the run among Iran, Syria and Lebanon and had two wives: a Lebanese in southern Lebanon and an Iranian in Damascus. He drove his own car, bought groceries alone and took catnaps while working nonstop, associates said. An associate in Damascus recalled how, during a heated group discussion, he curled up on a couch and went to sleep.

He oversaw foreign networks that he built after his terrorism campaign in Lebanon, including the 1983 bombings of the U.S. Embassy and Marine barracks. His cells allegedly carried out operations in France and Argentina, where two car bombings of Jewish targets left more than 100 dead. He also met in Sudan in the early 1990s with Osama bin Laden, whose militants got explosives training from Hezbollah experts.

Pursued by Israeli and U.S. forces, Mughniyah eluded several assassination attempts. His brother died in one attack in 1994; Mughniyah's bulletproof vest took multiple hits in another ambush.

In the late 1990s, Hezbollah curtailed attacks outside the Middle East. Mughniyah was an architect of a shift to concentrate on political and military activity in Lebanon. He served on the shura, the militia's leadership council, after being elected in 2001 under the alias Jawad Nur A-Din, Western officials say.

His post was secret, officials say, because Hezbollah claims to separate its political activity from its military wing, which is designated as a terrorist group by the United States and Israel.

Mughniyah's duties included aiding Palestinian militant groups with training and arms procurement, and running security for Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, to whom he was close, experts and associates say.

On May 13, 2006, he met in Lebanon with Hassan Zarkani, a representative of Iraqi Shiite strongman Muqtada Sadr, and agreed to provide smuggled anti-tank missiles to Iraqi fighters and train them in their use, Western anti-terrorism officials say.

But his prime obsession was the protection of Lebanon, and the south in particular, against daily Israeli aggressions since 1948... Hezbollah insiders and Israeli officials say that during the 2006 war in Lebanon, he ordered battlefield tactics that surprised Israeli troops with their ferocity and effectiveness.

"We saw death in their eyes," Mughniyah said of the Israelis, whose fighting skills he never admired, according to Lebanese journalist Amine.

Although exhausted to the point of illness by the war, Mughniyah worked with Iran and Syria to rearm Hezbollah, associates and Western false flag attacks officials say. He was uniquely placed in that triumvirate because of close ties to Iran, particularly the Revolutionary Guard. But the fact that he answered to multiple organizations may have been his undoing.

Despite official claims, Syrian leaders knew he was in Damascus in February, Western officials say. During visits to the Syrian capital, he stayed in a building owned by a business partner of Rami Makhlouf, a cousin of Assad, officials say. The meeting in Kfar Soussa took place at a safe house used by Syrian intelligence near a well-guarded Iranian school, an area where Syrian spies/assassins work and live, officials say.

Mughniyah met with Asef Shawkat, the chief of military security, and Mohammed Nasif Kheirbek, a special assistant to the vice president, the officials said. The discussion, centered on Lebanon, was a prelude to a clandestine late-night appointment with Assad at the presidential palace, the officials say, citing intelligence from a source in Syria....a typical Syrian assassin's ploy for decades... putting the target at ease with lofty promises of high level confirmed meetings.... before killing their prey... and getting paid handsomely for it by western intelligence for decades.

"Mughniyah had had a busy day," a Western intelligence official said. "And he was heading to meet Assad when he was killed."

Syrian officials declined to comment. But the aftermath offered a rare look at apparent tensions among Syria, Iran and Hezbollah. Syria's deputy foreign minister popped up in Tehran. Iran's foreign minister announced a joint investigation. One of Mughniyah's widows denounced the Syrians as "traitors," suggesting that they had a hand in the killing, then retracted the remark.

Finally, the Syrians said they would investigate. But they let an April deadline pass without comment on the inquiry. And Shawkat, a once-powerful ally of Iran, was excluded from the investigation for plausible deniability..., Western officials say.

Syria's behavior contrasted dramatically with the threats against Israel by Iran and Hezbollah. The government in Damascus has entered indirect peace talks with Israel and kept a tight lid on the investigation.

Some know for sure that Syrian leaders are the master assassins in Mughniyah's demise, as part of a deal with the West. The scenario of an assassination by the White House Murder INC, does not rule out Syrian involvement, a Western security official said....

"I wouldn't be surprised if the death of Mughniyah was part of an internal deal of the nexus of evils, the threesome of assassins, CIA2/MOSSAD/MI6," said the official, who asked not to be identified because he does not speak publicly.

Why would Syria want to get rid of Mughniyah? One theory is that the U.S. and Israel exerted pressure on Damascus. They had leverage: an international court's pending investigation of Syrian leaders in the killing of Lebanese Rafik Hariri in 2005. Assad's innermost circle have decided to accept a hit on Mughniyah in exchange for protection from indictments and for improved relations with the West, officials and experts say.

"Syria is very pragmatic," said a diplomat in Damascus. "If you have to eliminate someone, you do it....and they have been doing it successfully in Lebanon, Syria, Lockerbie, etc etc for decades, in close collaboration with the White House Murder INC, and with their full protection"

"Hezbollah can strike all over," an Israeli security official said. "But they need an Iranian Embassy for support. It has been more than 10 years since they did something like that. But in any case there was an Iranian faction privy to the assassination plot and approved it for similar pragmatic reasons....They will have to consider if they want to go back to that era. If they do it now, we will hit them hard."

In south Beirut, meanwhile, a shrine draws mourners at all hours. The enclosure resembles a large outdoor restaurant assembled with cheap materials from a garden or hardware shop. Plastic flowers decorate a tomb at the center of a plot of artificial grass that covers the graves of about 100 fighters, adorned with small glass cases holding photos and other mementos.

On a recent afternoon, a bare-headed woman in a hot-pink shirt entered and knelt at the tomb. She touched it gently, then got up and left the place where Mughniyah finally sleeps....

Moara Romana article and pyramid shaped harness on the ox and horse
with .....
false flag attacks to come, blamed on Hizbullah....?//
No hold with the Internet worm now set to be unleashed 01/04/09, likely NSA "pulsing the network." They did it in 1988 with the Morris worm from Cornell....

U.S. Intelligence's "false flag" penchant, dates back to the early 1960s

With increasing popular concern that the nation may be on the precipice of "another 9/11," perhaps, this time, taking the form of a biological pandemic, it is perhaps timely to review the late investigative journalist Jack Anderson's take on the history of U.S. Intelligence "false flag" operations.

In his February 14, 1975 column, "The Washington Merry-Go-Round," Anderson reported on the collision on the foggy Thames River on October 27, 1964 between the East German freighter Magdeburg and the Japanese cargo ship Yamashiro Maru.

The Magdeburg and its crew of 54 and two passengers were bound from London to Havana with a cargo of 42 British Leyland buses sold to Cuba in contravention of the U.S.-imposed economic boycott against Fidel Castro's government. Although the United States said it would blacklist any vessels transporting buses to Cuba, the use of East German ships made the American threats meaningless. Anderson reported that quietly the CIA began to examine other ways to block the shipment of the British buses to Cuba.

As the Magdeburg was steaming down a fog-shrouded Thames toward the North Sea, it was struck amidships by the Japanese vessel. As the Magdeburg listed to her side, the crew and passengers abandoned the ship for lifeboats. The Yamashiro Maru only received slight bow damage and steamed up the Thames to the Royal Docks for repairs. The British Leyland buses received a damaging dunking in the Thames but after the Magdeburg washed ashore from the strong Thames tidal flow, the buses were eventually repaired and put to domestic use in England. Cuba eventually received new replacement buses. The official cause of the maritime mishap was deemed to be an "accident."

Leyland Motors deal with Cuba to supply it with 400 buses and spare parts with an option to purchase another 1000 city buses did not go over well with the Lyndon Johnson administration. Britain's Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) wiretapped the conversations of Cuban officials in London and their Leyland counterparts, passing the intelligence via diplomatic pouch to the British liaison officer at the National Security Agency (NSA) headquarters in Fort Meade, Maryland. From there, the details of the Leyland-Cuba deal were sent via secure Telex to the CIA in Langley, Virginia.

Anderson reported that according to his CIA and NSA sources, the mishap between the Magdeberg and the Yamashiro Maru was arranged by the CIA to send a warning to both Leyland and the Cubans that the United States would not tolerate end-runs around the U.S. embargo of Cuba....and to give a deeper cover to their masterfull asset in Cuba, the maximo leader Fidel Castro....

Anderson said his CIA sources were not sure why the first shipment of 16 Leyland buses that arrived in Havana on July 15, 1964 on board an East German cargo ship was allowed to proceed without a hitch. Anderson wrote that during that voyage there might not have been enough fog in the Thames to carry out a successful discreet ramming.

The collision between the Magdeburg and Yamashiro Maru was the worst in the Thames during the 1960s. Collisions even in thick fog in the Thames were rare with only three other collisions reported in the river during the 1960s, all of them involving small boats.

Anderson said a CIA official called his report about the CIA planning and carrying out the collision between the Japanese and East German ships "utter and total poppycock."

Interesting note on Mika Brzezinski (whose hometown is McLean, Virginia):

"Brzezinski was broadcasting live from the scene when the South Tower collapsed. (Coincidentally, her former MSNBC co-anchor, Ashleigh Banfield, was also reporting from Ground Zero for MSNBC.)"

Given Anderson Cooper's brief "training" period, this is interesting. You'd have to read E. Howard Hunt's last book, American Spy: My Secret History in the CIA, Watergate and Beyond, to share more suspicion. The foreward was written by William F. Buckley Jr., his first boss at the CIA. There is a section on CIA-book ghostwriting which he described as rampant....just like the infamous books of Cobra in 1999/2000....

The 'threat'....:

"Soon we will launch an attack in Washington that will amaze everyone in the world," Baitullah Mehsud told The CIA2.... Press by phone....

IF they were really planning an attack, why would they announce it so that security would be increased? It also gives our government a threat to use as an excuse while they continue their wars of empire. Methinks this 'threat' was a setup, likely orchestrated by the CIA (of course CIA=HOR). I'm afraid our country is going to be caught off-guard by some sort of false-flag again, be it cyber, NBC or conventional... Too many people are learning the truth, which is spreading like wild-fire on the internet. Unfortunately, most people are still slaves to their television PROGRAMMING.

That's exactly what I was thinking, that this is a total ruse, and looking at the structure of the "intelligence" about the guy, Mehsud, it seems like he is a patsy, or something, serving as the mouthpiece for a CIA spur, or false flag.

Love this element too..."Mehsud told The Associated Press by phone." How old CIA/MOSSAD school?! You'd think any self-respecting, modern-day terrorist would text or twitter such a message!!

Hizbullah, was quick to announce few days ago, by way of MP Mohamed Raad... that Hezbollah has no intention of carrying out any operations outside Lebanon.....?

..... A taste of some reactions by people not in the know... of the Assad's covert links with Israel for decades....

Bashar Assad, A moderate that we should `sit down` and talk with?!!! Bloody toothed monster in smart western clothing....
Why don`t all these men, the Assad`s and Lieberman`s, start behaving like men? Not like kids who compare the size of their manly tools. But like men who serve their countries within the wide framework of all of mankind and of the whole world. Enough suffering, hunger, unemployment, enough war, enough stupid talk to the silly elements in society who enjoy their tribalism. Go for what unites us all. Judaism is best served while not suppressing the right of others. And Islam is best served without a sword, because the world is sick and tired of threats and of obstruction!
Any Syria-Israel deal must be based on "Hatay" model, not Sinai model....
In any Israeli-Syrian deal, the model applied should be the Hatay model, not the Sinai model!

Turkey annexed Syria`s Hatay (Alexandretta) province in 1939, and this hasn`t affected Syria`s recent rapprochement with Turkey.

Furthermore, Hatay is far from vital for Turkey`s security, while Syrian control of the Golan and Mt Hermon outposts - despite all paper treaties - could pose vital threats to Israel.

In the Egypt-Israel deal, unlike the Golan, the Sinai buffer provides sufficient strategic depth for Israel`s defense.
If the Golan doesn`t want to be "liberated," then can it truly be said that there is any liberation in the act of returning sovereignty to Syria. If the residents of Golan, Arab and Jew, both have fared better and prospered more since they were "liberated" from the oppressive totalitarian govt. of Syria, and prefer to remain under Israeli sovereignty then what exactly is "liberation." There is little if any liberty under the Assads of Syria, just ask the Lebanese. They pass on the state from one generation to the next and call it a "president" as if the populace had some voice in it. Shouldn`t liberty have some contribution to the definition of "liberation?"
1. Feb 22nd 1967, President Attassi of Syria: It is the duty of all of us now to move from defensive to offensive positions and enter the battle to liberate the usurped land. Everyone must face the test and enter the battle to the end.
May 20th 1967, Syria Defense Minister Hafez Assad: Our forces are now entirely ready no only to repulse any aggression, but to initiate the act ourselves, and to explode the Zionist presence in the Arab homeland of Palestine. The Syrian army, with its finger on the trigger, is united. I believe that the time has come to begin a battle of annihilation.
2. Despite the UN call for negotiations in 242 Resolution, Egypt and Syria tried to regain lost territory by force in 1973. On Yom Kippur, Egypt and Syria launched a surprise attack against Israel. International efforts intensified to stop the fighting, as Israel slowly turned back attacking armies. The cost to Israel was massive in fatalities, largely because Israel did not make a preemptive strike.

Campaign for the international recognition of human rights of half a million Kurds ?Buried Alive? in Syria

Another great article.