Thursday, July 05, 2012

The Barbaric White House Murder INC, of the Dick CHENEY/Elliott Abrams Vintage....

بئس دولةٍ تتوسّع بالتحقيق من أجل خونةٍ أنذالٍ وتتناسى شرفاءَ أبطال. رحمك الله يا أشرف وأطهر الناس، على العهد باقون ...

Hard to tell where the Zioconned CIA ends and the Mossad begins, since 1995..., and especially these days....

“Truth is not only violated by falsehood; it may be equally outraged by silence.” ~ Henri Amiel

The White House assassinations INC, courtesy of Langley and Herzliya.... CIA and Mossad, the dastardly duo....

The most Infamous, Odious, Criminal, US extra-judiCIAL assassins on the World Stage are alive and well in the Levant...., very much Zioconned and Operational...
with their cowardly and carefully orchestrated smokescreens.... still desperately wanting and dreaming of being king of the hill in the Levant.... plotting in mannerism found in medieval fiefdoms or kingdoms of Europe....

The Barbaric White House Murder INC, of the Dick CHENEY/Elliott Abrams Vintage..., is very much alive and Kicking in Lebanon, as well as JSOC/OSP PsyOps for All to see....and more are on the Way soon....and in the pipeline since January 24th 2002!

MP and Ex-Minister Mr. Elie Hobeika: He who sows to the Spirit, will from the Spirit reap eternal life... Our Lebanese heroes who gave their lives on the altars of the nation also taught us that he who has faith in the nation, in liberty, and in the rights of its citizens will defend them with absolute vigor and most honorable dedication, and will not fear any threats, threat of oppression, the loss of position or property, or the disappearance of "Thyself" in a Fiery US/Syro/Israeli Car BOMB, orchestrated by the most infamous White house Murder INC, with CIA's Blessing, logistics, utter disinformation for plausible deniability and more....The US/Israeli Ziocons are cowardly and despicable entities/ZOG... who should be locked up for life for their barbaric war crimes and extra-judicial assassinations....

In the world of international espionage, assassinations are considered a sign of a *LACK* of sophistication...

Yeah, I know. 007 and the "right to kill". But that is fiction... And the Mossad, with its Kidon teams. But the Mossad is not a sophisticated outfit at all, only a very arrogant and utterly criminal one... Amongst non-Western civilized actors, assassinations are a very rare tactic, used when no other options are open, and the decision to do so is always taken at the very top of any cowardly criminal state, like IsraHell, Syria, Lebanon and the Zioconned USA....and its Infamous White House Murder INC, in the Levant...

About the most Infamous White House Murder INC,!!!
When an organization like the CIA openly makes
a holy grail of a concept such as "plausible deniability"
and also has extreme technology and funding to create
that illusion of deniability and also has an extremely
shady history of scandal and atrocity, then it is puzzling
why they should seem to assume implicitly that they
are nonetheless entitled to such a nicety as
"presumption of innocence".

With plausible deniability comes the death of trust and
negates the presumption of innocence...

Plausible deniability negates the logic and justifiably
creates an assumption of guilt for which "evidence" or
"proof" is no longer either possible or necessary.

If the CIA can be cynical, then it is only fair
that the People can be cynical in reciprocity.

The assumption of guilt is a basis for corrective action
by whoever might have the boldness and ability
to seize moment, needing the blessings of no
authority and carrying all the seriousness and weight
in possible remedy as if it had been a jury
verdict in a murder trial or a genocide tribunal.