Monday, May 21, 2012

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CONNECTED AT THE HEART Words and music....
by Susan Stark

Spirit is not bound by time or place.
We can be together, though not face to face.
All I have to do is see you, tap into your soul.
It matters not when last we met,
Nor how living takes its toll.
We are connected at the heart, always. (2x)

Death, though but a passage, has its sting.
I would love to see and hold you, more than anything.
The curtain that divides us, does not extend inside us.
Keep confident, and feel me close, and call me when you need me most.
I’ll come to you, I’ll never break the tie that binds. (2x)

I wish that you could see and know that I am near.
In dreams we walk together, through the seasons of the year.
The days we have upon the earth are numbered from the start.
And all that any one of us can do to play our part…
Is love the best we can, and shoot straight from the heart. (2x)

No one said it would be easy, no one said we wouldn’t fall.
How exquisite is the pain and the courage to stand tall.
The naked fear, the awful shame, the vexing, stubborn pride,
The contradicting passions and the loneliness inside…
How the currents swirl around us as we search for higher ground. (2x)

How sacred and capricious and surreal.
The only things we really have are love and how we feel.
This living is an awful thing, so precious and so brief.
We face the hour of death with both deep sorrow and relief.
And so we love, we learn, we lose, we choose, we grow. (3x)
And I know you’ve always loved me…and I’ve always loved you so…..

© Susan Stark Music, October 18, 2000,Windsor Locks, CT.