Saturday, October 10, 2009

Barack Hussein OBAMA is a pathological liar and does not deserve any honors

Barack Hussein OBAMA is a pathological liar and does not deserve any honors........ Those who profess their adherence to "progressive" values such as peace, justice, liberty, equality and truth would serve their cause better by focusing on the essential nature of a system that eviscerates those values, and on the actual operations of power, the crimes and atrocities being committed by the actual wielders and servants of power, instead of mocking people for "throwing fits" and being "puerile" when they denounce the system's leaders for leading the nation deeper and deeper into evil....

It is nevertheless shocking that in all the up is down confusing false paradigms, Obama has truly managed to be the worst lying civil-liberties-killing, spy-and-police-state-running totalitarian warmongering Ziofascist neocon of them all.... A rather stunning accomplishment, having outneoconned the biggest neocon ghoulss we have known thus far.... Perhaps his first real accomplishment to date.

Remember this piece of his speech? "Words".

Obama: Words Yes, words. That is all he ever had to offer. Just words..... Words to create euphoria, lofty hopes and promises of change, words to unite, words to seduce, words to forgive, words to promise, words to enchant, words to make us feel good about ourselves and our country again, words to turn up into down and confuse left with right. Just words.....

He has run out of words, ...... And what is left of him now? All he ever had was words. He gave us words and he took what was left of us and he left not a dime in change....

Seestan Tragedy and Our Deplorable Neglect

U.S. Attacks Iran Via CIA-Funded Jundullah Terror Group...


Listen up Howdy Doody; you’re a waste of carbon, oxygen and water, not to mention space. You’re a low-down, snake-eyed liar and a paid political whore for the nastiest psychopaths on the planet. I understand you wouldn’t be president otherwise but that doesn’t justify it. I remember little things that clued me early on. I remember Warren Buffet being in your corner and then I remembered Warren Buffet and Jacob Rothschild meeting with Schwarzenegger. I remember little things and vague associations across time. I also remember the things people say because I actually listen to them.

As soon as I saw you, my first thought was, “there goes a cool cucumber of a long tall drink of water from the Lincoln Reflecting Pool, minus the Lincoln”. You reminded me of one of those Chicago Pimps without the leopard skin coat. Politics is a world of strange contradictions. That’s how you can be both a pimp and a whore at the same time and have it make perfect sense.

I know there are those who will say it’s a big job being president of, the soon to no longer be, the most powerful nation on Earth. Maybe that’s why people can imagine that a lot of what gets done there isn’t your decision. However, I know the impact the president can have on policy and I also know that even with powerful opposition, the president can stand for the right thing.

You were elected on the platform of ‘hope and change’. Hope’s a hard thing to kill because it will remain as long as fools can dream. The only change I’ve seen is that you’ve expanded the theater of the conflicts you swore to end. I’m especially intrigued about your hypocrisy over the Guantanamo detainees. Any one who wants to, knows that most of those people were kidnapped and sold by opportunistic warlords and, since 9/11 was done by the former administration, in tandem with Israel, there are no other 9/11 terrorists.

Hi-ranking members of the CIA have gone on record that there is no Al Qaeda. That’s what makes hiring Blackwater to kill Al Qaeda operatives so damned ironic. If there’s no Al Qaeda, and there is no Al Qaeda, then it must mean that someone other than Al Qaeda is being killed all along. Since Bin Laden’s been dead for years, the constant mention of his name every time you need to scare the public is also pretty low down. I realize that it is the Israeli controlled press that is responsible for this, just as I am certain that Israel controls everything you say and do. It’s got to be a hard thing for the black people to have come so far from slavery only to have one of their own become president and then sell his ass to the descendents of those who operated many of the slave ships AND the slum housing AND the pawn shops AND the liquor stores AND the film industry that portrayed them as Stepin Fetchits and google-eyed retards for such a long time. That’s pretty cold, Mr. President. That’s pretty cold.

Let’s be perfectly clear here, all the evidence points to 9/11 being an inside job that was accomplished by elements in the American and Israeli governments. The beneficiaries of the attack have been fascist elements of the American government and Israel. All the conflicts that followed were orchestrated by dual national Zio-cons in key positions in government and the corporate and media realms. The looming assault on Iran is being drummed up by the same elements. Israel, who does possess nuclear weapons, is in violation of all the things they are demanding from Iran. Iran is not in violation of all the things that Israel and the Israeli-occupied American governments are demanding from them.

So, consider this Mr. President, if your Zionist occupied government in tandem with Israel, carried out the 9/11 attacks; then for what reason have millions been murdered and displaced in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine and now Pakistan? For what reason are all these people dying? If they have no association with 9/11 and the only acts they are committing are in defense of their nation against a pernicious invader then they are not terrorists, they are freedom fighters.

If the Taliban successfully stopped the opium production in Afghanistan why is it now more abundant than at any time in history? Why is this now being blamed on the Taliban who stopped it in the first place?

Now your government is pulling out all the stops to sink the Goldstone Report. Who owns your ass Mr. President?

You’re pounding the pavement for a comprehensive American health plan. Behind the scenes you are cutting deals with the pharmaceutical industry and the rest of the vultures that have kept affordable health care out of America all these years while most every other country has one. I realize the title of this post is misleading by omission. You’re not just a liar as we can see.

Your country’s economy is crashing around your ears. Madness is already surfacing on your streets. As the winter of American discontent comes lurching through the mist of global cooling, accelerating heating costs and the impact on every other area of the American economy is going to ignite the public rage and… perhaps that will keep them warm, Mr. President?

You gave all their money to the bankers who caused the problems in the first place. One of the things that amaze me is the resilience of the hope so many of your people have placed in you. It appears they are a nation of confused children and I suppose that makes you Gary Glitter.

During the rule of your predecessor, FEMA concentration camps were built across the nation and constitutional rights were dismantled and done away with. Gratuitous wars based on transparent lies were initiated in foreign lands and then you were elected to put things right …and you have allowed all of these things to continue …and then some. So why are you here really? You’re here to take it to the next step. You’re here to set the forces in motion that make the next step necessary. You and your policies and sycophants, at the behest of the psychopaths who own you, are here to instigate the conditions which make that next step unavoidable.

It’s not going to fly Mr. President. All across the course of history, one demagogue and madman after another has attempted to rule the world and they never pulled it off. You won’t either. What we are witnessing is not the final stages of a long sought after fait accompli. What we are witnessing is a cosmic, morality play with you and your associates as the object lessons.

What is it that causes such large numbers of people to follow so many bad leaders into the desert in search of water? What power closes their eyes to the obvious lies and crimes visited upon them? What has made them so dependent and apathetic that they indulge every injury directed at them? Is it materialism and convenience that weakened their spine? Are there hidden technical or magical forces being directed at them? Is it some combination of many things, or is it just human nature? I don’t know. I see what I see and one of the things I see is you. I see right through you because you aren’t even there. You are composed of colorful smoke that dances before the terrible image of the beast that squats behind you.

Listen up; you would be prison wardens of the planet entire. Your house of cards is set to tumble. The dominoes tremble as the Earth moves beneath them. I won’t ask you to see the light and change your ways. This is not something you are inclined or prepared to do. I will say only this to you, watch and see the fearsome destiny that awaits the perennial scoundrels who prey upon their fellows. Watch and see.

....There is something very wrong with the present geopolitical picture.

I am not a historian but even I can see there is something very, very wrong with the world today 2009-10-18.

The three headed beast in our world is: 1) the UK-based Rothschilds and the international banking cartel who seek a new world order which seeks Orwellian control over every person alive, 2) the American industrial-military complex's attempt to hegemony over the whole world, and, 3) Zionist Israel's criminal activities to control those who make all laws everywhere.

This three-headed beast is the real "axis of evil" in our world.

Which is the most evil part is open to academic discussion, but together they are bringing to a certain end the world as we know it.

Orwell's 1984 is just a few years late in becoming a manifest truth. It is becoming de facto right before our eyes.

In early tribal times of mankind, wars were fought over water holes. One tribe would attack and kill another tribe in order to take over their water source.

We have evolved in weaponry but the modus operandi is the same. Our tribe (western "civilization") is going to attack and kill another tribe (Iran) in order to steal their oil source.

The MSM is spinning a story about nuclear bombs but this is just smoke and mirrors to obfuscate the truth that we are barbarically about to kill and pillage a peaceful tribe because they have a commodity we want.

As Les Visible keeps on affirming, this attempted murder and theft of their oil wells is NOT going to go according to the three-headed beast's plan. Karma (big, big time) is going to meet the aggressors (us).

Russia, China and many other countries who are aware of the Rothschilean hegemonial kabalic plan for this murder and theft are going to respond in defense of the victims (Iran) and thwart the beast's attempt to murder and pillage a peaceful tribe.

We who sit at our laptops are on the wrong side of justice and soon history. We will incur the same fate as our aggressing brothers....

Silence is acquiescence. And despite our miles of words condemning what is about to happen we are still letting it occur, making us complicit and accountable for what is about to happen.

There is something very wrong with this picture and we are unfortunately on the wrong side of the looking glass....

Obama Steers Toward Endless War With Islam

In just over 100 days, President Obama is on the verge
of ensuring that militant Islam's war on America will be
waged for decades to come and its forces will never suffer
manpower or money shortages. How did he accomplish so
much in some little time? He simply behaved as all U.S.
political leaders behave; that is, as an ignorant and
arrogant interventionist.

Let us take the ignorant part first. Since Jan. 20, Obama
and his band of Israel-Firsters have shown the Muslim world
? moderate, conservative, radical, and fanatic ? that
George W. Bush was no one-off fluke, that Democrats intend
to wage war on Islam just like the Republicans. How so?
Well, look at Obama's decisions and actions. They can only
be explained by accepting that the new president is
ignorant of our Islamist foes, either by choice or because
the ability to read is not required to graduate at Harvard.

For 13 years, Osama bin Laden, his lieutenants, their
allies, and numerous anti-Islamist commentators across
the Middle East have patiently, repeatedly, and explicitly
explained to the bipartisan U.S. governing elite and its
media and academic acolytes that the Islamists attacking
America do not give a tinker's damn about its lifestyle,
liberties, freedoms, or elections. Orally and in print,
U.S. leaders have been told what motivates the Islamists'
war on America is the U.S. government's foreign policies
in the Muslim world. Foremost among these are U.S. support
for Muslim tyrannies, the U.S. military's presence in
Muslim lands, and unqualified U.S. support for Israel.

And what have Obama and his advisers done with this
excellent intelligence about enemy motivation, which,
by the way, comes straight from the horse's mouth? Well,
they clearly ignored it, and by deciding to operate in an
intelligence-free environment Obama has acted in a way
that will intensify and prolong the Islamists' war against
the United States. How so?

- On the tyranny front, Obama chose to go to Turkey for his
first visit to the Muslim world. That country is formally
governed by an Islamic party, but it is actually ruled by
a thoroughly Westernized general staff ready to pounce on
and dismantle the Islamic regime if its gets too religious-
ly ambitious. Needless to say, Turkey is regarded by many
Muslims as having long ago sold its Islamic soul by joining
the "Christian" NATO alliance.

- Obama then proceeded to acknowledge America's oil
vassalage to Saudi Arabia when, on being introduced, he
bowed to Saudi King Abdullah, the master of the Saudi
police state. The president also chose to speak his first
televised words to Muslims in an interview on al-Arabiya
television, the mouthpiece of the Saudi tyranny.

- Obama next said that he will go to Egypt to address
Muslims in a speech he promised during the presidential
campaign. This visit will show Obama prating about the
glories of secular democracy and the peacefulness of
Islam while standing cheek-by-jowl with Egyptian President
Hosni Mubarak, chief warden of the Muslim world's premier
police state.

- On the military side, Obama has announced plans to send
21,000 more U.S. troops to what Muslims call "the defiant
land of jihad, Afghanistan." The arrival of those troops ?
too few to win but enough to slow our defeat ? will be
portrayed by al-Jazeera, the BBC, and especially the
Saudis' anti-American shills at al-Arabiya as a brutal
re-invasion of Afghanistan.

- Obama was silent while Israel invaded and wrecked Gaza
last winter; has appointed an IDF veteran as his chief of
staff ? think of the espionage potential in that move;
has watched the proliferation of Israeli settlements; and
has re-imposed sanctions on Syria and kept war with Iran
on the front burner. His Justice Department has also
exempted from prosecution Israel-First Americans and
their agents in the Congress.

Like former president Bush, then, Obama has kept himself
ignorant of the Islamists' motivation and is playing
directly into their hands; indeed, bin Laden, with all his
road-building skills, could not pave a smoother path to
hell for America. In taking this tack, Obama also displays
the abiding arrogance that permeates our governing elite,
an attitude that causes them to believe that both Muslims
and Americans are stupid. If you doubt this, listen to the
sophomoric words of White House Press Secretary Robert
Gibbs as he tries to make sure that no one looks behind
the curtain of Mubarak's tyranny when Obama speaks in

"[T]his isn't a speech to leaders. This is a speech to
many, many people and a continuing effort by this president
and this White House to demonstrate how we can work
together to ensure the safety and security and the future
well-being through hope and opportunity of the children of
this country and of the Muslim world."

Well, Mr. Gibbs, as one of Obama's predecessors once said,
you can't fool all of the people all of the time. Elected
on a pledge to end Bush's wars, Obama has instead ensured
their extension by actions sure to further inflame
Islamists and, indeed, most Muslims governed by royal,
military, or elected-for-life tyrants. As it becomes clear
that Obama's administration is miring America deeper in
a war with Islam that benefits only Israel, he and his
advisers will repeat the mantra long intoned by Israeli
politicians: "We tried our best to better relations with
Islam, but we were rebuffed and so now Americans must
soldier on in endless wars." This will be a lie. Obama
may use softer rhetoric, but he is loyal to the status
quo interventionism Washington practices no matter which
party holds power.

The only redeeming aspect of Obama's 100-plus-day foreign-
policy debacle is that his deceit is about played out. He
will fool no Muslims. His courting of Westernized Turkish
generals, bowing to King Abdullah, and joining Mubarak in
a cheer for freedom will tell Muslims all they need to know
about U.S. intentions in their region. Likewise, Obama's
expanding war in Afghanistan and his kowtowing to Israel
and American Israel-Firsters will give the lie to his claim
that Washington is now an honest broker in the Middle East.

Americans will be slower off the mark than Muslims, but
they will soon see that Democrats share the Republicans'
eagerness to wage unnecessary wars at the cost of their
children and taxes. The inevitable need for more troops
and money to stave off U.S. defeat in Afghanistan, the
increased Islamist attacks on U.S. interests at home and
abroad, and ? most of all ? the unraveling of "success"
in Iraq (which, in turn, will prevent a U.S. withdrawal
that would be lethal to Israel) will be seen by Americans
for what they are: the price of an ignorant, arrogant
interventionism that is ruining not only America's economy
and domestic cohesion, but their kids' future prosperity
and security. At this point, a long overdue foreign-policy
debate can begin. It will give Americans a last chance to
realign the republic's foreign policy with the tenets of
Washington's Farewell Address and, in so doing, forever
break the corrupting power of the Israel-Firsters,
individuals who Washington uncannily described in 1796 as
"ambitious, corrupted, or deluded citizens... [who] betray
or sacrifice the interests of their own country."

Pray to God this occurs before a cynical, racist Benjamin
Netanyahu presents Obama with a fait accompli that drags
300 million Americans into Israel's war against Iran......

There was a better voice than that of George F. Kennan who described what America’s foreign policy should rightfully and forever be – it was the voice of John Q. Adams. Read carefully his words of eternal wisdom: “wherever the standard of freedom and Independence has been or shall be unfurled, there will her heart (the heart of the American people and their government), her benedictions and her prayers be. But she goes not abroad, in search of monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to the freedom and independence of all. She is the champion and vindicator only of her own. She will commend the general cause by the countenance of her voice, and the benignant sympathy of her example.”
“She well knows that by once enlisting under other banners than her own, were they even the banners of foreign independence, she would involve herself beyond the power of extrication, in all the wars of interest and intrigue, of individual avarice, envy, and ambition, which assume the colors and usurp the standard of freedom. The fundamental maxims of her policy would insensibly change from liberty to force.... She might become the dictatress of the world. She would be no longer the ruler of her own spirit.... America's glory is not dominion, but liberty. Her march is the march of the mind. She has a spear and a shield: but the motto upon her shield is, Freedom, Independence, Peace. This has been her Declaration: this has been, as far as her necessary intercourse with the rest of mankind would permit, her practice.” The founders of America, though they were imperfect, were truly wise, just and honorable men when compared to that abominable and criminal gang of warmongering liars, thieves and murderers who rule over us today. The foreign policy road our present day "leaders" have chosen is the road that leads us all to hell.....