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CIA always attempts controlling both sides of every conflict

"God grant us the ability to see ourselves the way others see us...."

CIA2 Always plays both sides of every Gambit....hedging operational and Political hazards for plausible deniability....and trying to "outsmart" ALL Players in every covert Intelligence Game !

Meditation on the nature of secrecy... and the elusiveness of truth....

CIA always attempts controlling both sides of every conflict...., all the more so with the nexus of evil, the threesome of assassins, CIA2/MOSSAD/MI6...
ZAPATA - ring a bell?

Some examples and reminders for those "still" gullible...

The STL-TSL self destructed today April 29th 2009....

The chances of ever bringing any of these assassins to justice have just been reduced to zero by the international judge's action which has cut the main sources of evidence leading to the culprits in Damascus....and the White House Murder INC, and that has been the aim of CIA2 since January 24th 2002....

Daniel A. Bellemare is CIA.
Daniel Fransen is a little CIA skunk, and knows nothing about
International law, or any law....
Francois ROUX is run by DGSE and DST cronies...
Serge Brammertz is the biggest CIA stooge who did
the most damage to the whole investigation... => CIA2 ....

ديك تشيني أدار خلية اجرامية اغتالت ايلي حبيقة ورفيق الحريري
نائب رئيس الولايات المتحدة الاميركية السابق ديك تشايني أدارخلية اجرامية هدفت الى اغتيال شخصيات معينة في أفغنستان ولبنان أبرزها حبيقة والحريري...وانا اوكد ان العملية تمت بعلم اسرائيل وبايادي جواسيسها المرتزقة صهر الرئيس السوري بشار الاسد اللواء اصف شوكت

Intelligence is all about putting together lots of small pieces....
and to
retain the ability to do street level intelligence....

Friends of CIA...
This is the torture by UAE ruling royal family member. This is really bad video, watch it only if you can....

The Flying-Murder-Robot has lofted the CIA to the position of "World's Most Advanced Terrorist Organization"

Drug smuggling, extraordinary renditions, political assassinations,
domestic wiretapping, media manipulation: all have combined to make
the CIA the "World's Greatest Terrorist Organization" and it is
recognized as such; however, the Murder-Robot adds the additional
title of "Most Advanced Terrorist Organization" previously held by al-
Qaeda/CIA for their use of the high-tech utility knife with the seriously
sophisticated secret compartment holding five extra blades....for more torture machinations....

Torture Memos Gave CIA Legal O.K. to Bring Detainees to Brink of Death.

Congratulations Spooks! You're #1 in everything related to terror now!

"I was only following orders," has been unsuccessfully used as a legal defense in hundreds of cases (probably most notably by Nazi leaders at the Nuremberg tribunals following World War II). The defense didn't work for them, nor has it worked in hundreds of cases since.

The reason CIA Interrogators cannot be prosecuted is because they will all be convicted.

The real question is: why is something so obvious totally absent from news coverage...?
In any case, this is a side issue for distraction of the masses....., the real issue is why this
administration is not investigating 9/11 and ALL what ensued for 7 years....? and why the
absence of any congressional hearings on all these subject matters....?

Coup plotters in Bolivia were ex-Croatian mercs who were trying to break up Bolivia. Links among plotters to Croatia, Montenegro, and Hungary -- all within "Soros territory." Evo Morales blamed coup and assassination attempt on "neo liberals," i.e., the "Soros crowd," with the involvement of CIA fronts. Also, a Romanian link to Bolivian plot -- Soros was behind Romanian involvement in coup attempt in Moldova. Maybe Soros should get a taste of his own medicine for once.

What you seem not to understand is that the US and Israel are always playing a double "chicken" game...and a good cop, bad cop strategy in when Hezbollah controls Lebanon it will be powerless to attack Israel just as Syria now is afraid to react to any attack from Israel... In fact Hizballah haven't attacked Israel since 2006 because Israel then changed the rules of the game...which were in place since 2000... in full agreement with Hizbullah and Iran, and Hizballah knows that if they attack, it will be very bad for Lebanon....this time around as usual....
And the following is just for covering up the constant covert links between all policies of USA and Israel...regardless who is in power in both countries at all times....Hence, the US is definitely no "Honest Broker Ever"....

Yes, we Lebanese are no saints. But Israelis will hate the alternative… As they complain about their (accidental) terrorists offsprings that will go back to threatening their northern border, there will be little they can do about it, they will be too busy glossing over that dreaded A-word, especially if “Yvette” gets a seat anywhere near the government table.

The Americans will have a harder time as well, and “the One” and his “advisers” will come to regret ignoring the opinion of wiser men;

It is easy to see how Syria gains strategically from a "peace breakthrough" with Israel. It gains in Lebanon; it breaks out of the isolation that the Gulf Arabs (and the United States) had sought to impose on it because of its unholy alliance with Iran. The Israeli strategic analysis is harder to discern. The bottom line is that the Israelis are short-sightedly playing here with American strategic chips, undercutting an American regional strategy toward Iran-which one would have thought they had an interest in....

For Israel a Hezbollah controlled Lebanon is just as "good" as an Assad controlled Syria.... Israel wants and can live with those. As for the Lebanese...they have no alternative but to resist both Israel, USA and especially SYRIA's .... killers and assassins for hire by the infamous White House Murder INC,....

Bolivian-Hungarian convert to Islam, who had Jewish father, named ringleader of plot to assassinate Evo Morales. Two plotters, converts to Islam, linked to shadowy Szekler Legion, Hungarian nationalist group from Transylvania in Romania. Similar to Boris Berezovsky's support for Chechen Islamic terrorists. Bolivia plot smells of Russian-Israeli Mafia and CIA/MI6 Soros....and the White House Murder INC, still in full steam and operational under OBONGO/CIA2.....

Could net be closing in on Representative Solomon Ortiz over Iraqi contractor scandal?

On April 15, 2009, We reported that private military contractor (PMC) sources who served in Iraq claimed that Representative Solomon Ortiz (D-TX) had a vested interest in the contracting activities of Future Services General Trading and Contracting Company, a Kuwaiti firm that reportedly amassed in excess of $100 million in contracts from the U.S. military, as well as coalition forces in Iraq. In July 2008, Lee William Dubois, a former US Army captain, was arrested at Dulles International Airport in Virginia. Dubois was charged by federal prosecutors with stealing over 10 million gallons of fuel valued at $40 million from Camp Liberty in Baghdad. From 2007 to 2008, Dubois was a project leader for Future Services General Trading and Contracting. In 2005, Dubois, still on active duty in the Army, was signing off on Army contracts for Future Services in Iraq.

Dubois' accomplice in the fuel heist was his Future Services supervisor, Elias Maalouf, who has a warrant out for his arrest. Dubois' scheme involved stashing some $450,000 he made from the theft of the fuel into a Lebanese bank account.....[ USAID and the Maaloufs a close encounter made by CIA....]

However, it has been reported that court documents filed in the U.S. District Court for Eastern Virginia in Alexandria indicate that Dubois is now working with federal prosecutors to identify others involved in the Future Services contractor fraud.

We also reported that "a top contractor at COB [Contingency Operating Base] Adder for L-3 Communication's Titan Group ordered our PMC source never to "mention the name of Ortiz as being an associate of Future Services Group." With Dubois singing to federal prosecutors about the extent of the Future Services fraud, Congressman Ortiz may have reason to worry about the outcome.....

- The mysterious deaths of top microbiologists


- Dead Scientists And Microbiologists - Master List

CIA always attempts controlling and "Playing" both sides of every conflict...., all the more so with the nexus of evil, the threesome of assassins, CIA2/MOSSAD/MI6...
Some examples and reminders for the "still" gullible...

ديك تشيني أدار خلية اجرامية اغتالت ايلي حبيقة ورفيق الحريري
نائب رئيس الولايات المتحدة الاميركية السابق ديك تشايني أدارخلية اجرامية هدفت الى اغتيال شخصيات معينة في أفغنستان ولبنان أبرزها حبيقة والحريري...وانا اوكد ان العملية تمت بعلم اسرائيل وبايادي جواسيسها المرتزقة صهر الرئيس السوري بشار الاسد اللواء اصف شوكت

"God grant us the ability to see ourselves the way others see us."

The term was originally coined by "muckrakers" to describe what
they considered to be the iniquitous and almost criminal goings-
on of certain rapacious and predatory American companies in the
Caribbean and Central America - particularly, the behavior of
the United Fruit Company

In addition to the crème de la crème of Boston society and
Rockefeller banking interests, there were other very important
people who were associated with the company; for example, there
was Nelson Rockefeller's former assistant at the State
Department, John Moors Cabot (part of the Cabot-Lodge nexus),
who owned a large block of stock in United Fruit (he later
wrangled for himself a convenient ambassadorship to Guatemala);
then there was John's brother, Thomas C. Cabot, Jr., who briefly
served as president of United Fruit; there was also John J.
McCloy, later closely associated with the CIA and the World Bank;
there was also John Foster Dulles, head of the Rockefeller
Foundation and later head of the U.S. State Department, and his
brother Allen, who became CIA Chief under President Eisenhower -
and on and on ad infinitum. It was a Who's Who of some of this
nation's wealthiest families - pretty much the same ivy league
crowd which later took over the CIA and the State Department
after the Second World War.

Among the objectives which served the interests of United Fruit
were special tax privileges, wage controls (which usually meant
subsistent wages for everyone except the company's "managerial
class"), a "favorable investment climate" (i.e., the "free flow"
of capital in and out of the country so as to insure that
profits would revert to the investors back in Boston and not to
the indigenous population), and most importantly, compliant and
"willing" workers - which meant, naturally, no unions.

Naturally, the broadening of the political process by reformist-
minded local politicians to include the 80 percent of the
population which had been left out of the financial benefits of
United Fruit's "new economic order" were discouraged - even to
the point of using terror. As noted by Edward A Jesser, Jr.,
chairman of the United Jersey Banks, in a speech to the American
Bankers Association, democracy was clearly not conducive to a
"favorable business climate:"

"Quick and tough decisions can be made in a relatively short
time in a ... (military dictatorship) compared to the difficulty
there is in reaching agreement on what actions to take in a

Fearing that Arbenz was about to "re-expropriate" all "their"
land (again, land which they had earlier swindled from the
peasants), these investors coalesced in a "study group" in
October 1952 sponsored by the Council on Foreign Affairs - the
"liberal" arm of America's ruling elite[2] - and issued a report
entitled "Political Unrest in Latin America." The study group
was led by Adolf Berle, a businessman inexorably linked to
Rockefeller interests in Latin America. Berle also served on the
board of the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology, a
foundation the CIA created as a cover for MK-ULTRA. "I am
frightened about this one" (meaning MK-ULTRA), Berle wrote in
his diary. "If the scientists do what they have laid out for
themselves, men will become manageable ants."[3] [Please see our
articles on MK-ULTRA] What all this served to emphasize was how
fundamentally intertwined the interests of the CIA and American
business were in this matter.

At the meeting, several of United Fruit's Boston investors
voiced their opinion about what to do regarding Arbenz's land
reform policies. Much heated discussion followed. At last, Adolf
Berle made a suggestion - and in doing so, he laid bear what the
American elite was really up to in its "War Against Communism:"
"Let's characterize the Arbenz government as ... communist,"
Berle suggested, "and (not merely) communist, but as a Russian-
controlled dictatorship."



One more outrageous example of CIA's atrocities....

Here is one more piece. I am bothered with the story of Yugoslavia with Soros, Bilderberg and Illuminati in it and am constantly putting together the pieces and cross-referencing them with what I saw on the ground during those years. Everything about this war is so full of disinfo and political lies that it is laborious for us and impossible as an outside to weed this stuff apart., an otherwise really good site, has a fat disinfo agent (Nebojsa Malic) spreading some of the worst lies (according to him, the Serbs did no wrong except to defend themselves and it is not proven who the war corpses are, could be anybody from Serbs to old dead Jews – he actually tells that story - they should hire him for Team Obama so he can convince the world pending Iran is an act of self-defense, too) – I am surprised that Justin Raimondo lets him write this junk on his site.....

Check highlighted areas – they are bibliography links.....

Anyway, I am focused on one incident and looking at collateral details now – Srebrenica. The massacre in 1995. I was in transit between Bosnia and Croatia when that happened. Here is a basic history outline what happened: Srebrenica 101[ At least this link is reasonable basic info. The story –Dutchbat (Dutch battalion of the UN) herded several thousand Bosnian Muslims in this village in one place and handed them to the Serbs who executed them all. All males, from teen boys to old men. The women and girls had been taken on buses and evacuated except a small number who stayed. The Dutch UN stood around and watched.

What really happened? The details of this story are staggering. First of all, the president of Bosnia, then Muslim Alija Izetbegovic sold them down the river in a deal he cut with Clinton – the Muslims were complaining that they were not getting enough help from the world fighting the Serbs who were killing their way through the villages. On his deathbed, Izetbegovic allegedly confirmed what I also heard from intel people on the ground - that Clinton told him at least 5,000 needed to be killed in a genocide, then he would have enough justification to get involved in the war. It was arranged with the Serbs and Muslims, Dutch and Americans to kill at least several thousand people in a single event to make world news. And the Queen of the Netherlands, Beatrix was in the middle of it. The Dutch press in archives confirms that Beatrix knew via Holbrooke from that year’s Bilderberg meeting that the Dutchbat would no longer protect Srebrenica – Srebrenica is a small Muslim town on the Serbian border in Bosnia, they are surrounded by Serbs and the Serbs always wanted the Muslims gone from there. So the UN said OK, Clinton said OK, Queen Beatrix said OK, Muslim president Izetbegovic said OK to kill a nice impressive figure of what ended up being 6,000 or so Muslim males. Beatrix knew in advance

In a very efficient manner, the women were bused out, the men and teen boys and old men were all rounded up and executed. There are numerous survivors who report that the UN high command all stood and watched and there was apparently even a live feed TV to the UN central command. There were also numerous reports – here is where it gets creepy – that Queen Beatrix herself stood there in person and watched. Who says so? Survivors who are very sure they would never forget a face standing over such an event obviously taking it all in. A number of women who were left behind and watched their husbands and sons murdered recognized the Queen from photos as being present. Nothing, of course, was ever said at the Hague and I do not know where these witnesses are now but there are none left talking today, as one would expect. Also, the only Western source I found which confirmed this account was David Icke – yes, Icke. I fact-checked him on all the events I have direct knowledge of and – Icke has an amazingly accurate fund of knowledge, I have not found a single detail where he was wrong of things I can confirm myself and he knows more than anybody else recording this history. I don't know anything about his lizards but his war info is amazingly accurate. Icke also says the Queen was there in person – I misplaced the link but it exists. So one of the creepy Illuminati was actually there for the planned mass execution. Icke also has this other link in which he explains the numerology significance of the date the event happened to the Queen and that due to some Illuminati ritual, it had to happen on that day. I do not know anything about Illuminati numerology but I trust Icke knows his stuff. Here Icke on Beatrix and Srebrenica

The next thing that happened is – Soros stonewalled the investigation. Soros had a dozen or so human rights watches such as Helsinki Committee – my ex ran that awful Helsinki Committee Soros thing in Zagreb – and others. They were various “progressive” things from pro-gay, left-wing, anti-domestic violence, pro political opposition, pro-investigation of war crimes...yada yada...the usual Soros crap and it was all fake progressive crap. These things are designed to look progressive and helpful and are actually disinfo and spy outfits and provide the layers and layers of deception and stonewalling I talked about earlier to confuse everybody into thinking there is real democracy and truth out there and to prevent real investigations. Anyway, the Soros war crimes investigations outfits started stone-walling the Srebrenica investigation like mad. If anybody knows how to stonewall an investigation and weaponize human rights, super-politicize genocide and spread disinfo, Soros is the grand wizard of it all. Dutch troops from the Dutchbat that was involved were telling people that this was a brokered genocide and that their commanders were standing around watching. The Soros people threatened them and allegedly found them at home in the Netherlands later and got them to shut up. The Soros groups acted as filter to make sure that this stuff never made it to ICTY. ICTY is this thing: ICTY Holbrooke hushed it up. Peter Galbraith hushed all he could on all fronts from Srebrenica to Clinton’s war in the Krajina in 1995 that never made the news here. Krajina is the Oluja event where Croats killed loads of Serbs but that’s a different matter. I am right now focusing on the Srebrenica mess.

The next thing the Empire did was rewrite all history – not just Srebrenica but all of it, they told MSM world-wide different stories and reassigned blame and freely narrated events. According to them, Croats did Oluja by themselves – they did plenty of killing of Serbs but Clinton and Albright orchestrated that one together with the Pentagon, trained Croatian military, armed them, provided sorties by US jets to take out Serbian positions and then sent in the 250,000 ground troops to duke it out on the ground with Serbs – I was there when that one happened and there were numerous air raids flown by the US and bombing all around us, the combined HV/HVO Croats could not have done it because they did not even have a single plane at the time, just ground troops and a few pirated tanks but I knew plenty of troops and know what happened.

Tudjman was Croatia’s president then and the idiot gleefully took credit for it because it made him the hero to nationalists. Ante Gotovina, the general, who led the offensive was celebrated by Croats and handed the blame by Clinton. He was in fact a Clinton/Albright/Holbrooke operator who merely executed orders. He was on the run for years from The Hague and could not be found – while being seen in street cafes in Split Croatia and even at a book-signing of his book where he was a war hero for kicking the Serbs out of the Krajina – finally in a deal with the Hague, they “found” him on Gran Canaria and brought him to the Hague. Same with Radovan Karadzic for the Serbs. Karadzic lived right in Sarajevo the whole time and worked as a holistic doctor and looked like some wild old druid dude with flowing white beard when they took him in.

The missing wildcard is Ratko Mladic – and here is where it gets interesting – because Mladic was the Bosnian Serb who led the Srebrenica slaughter. So where is he? Nowhere to be found. In Serbia somewhere. There is no way the global elites cannot find anybody unless they do not want to find him. Period. Not possible to hide from them for years. But they stalled on hunting war criminals because these war criminals were their own puppets/operators for the most part. They got Milosevic and helped him have a heart attack and diabetic crisis which killed him before he could testify. Tudjman got cancer and they whisked him to Walter Reed where he died, another one who could not testify against them. Izetbegovic was old and died and his friend bin Laden left the country again.

That left the generals – 3 on the run for years, Hague said we can’t find them as they sipped coffee in street cafes in Croatia and Serbia. One more major one left: Mladic. My guess is – they will never “find” him. He is the witness of Srebrenica who carried it out but he will talk who his puppet masters are if they find him. What does he have to lose at that point? If he testifies and the truth comes out of the Dutch UN having orders to lead the thousands of Muslims to slaughter and if he knows anything about the Queen being present and if anybody deposes the actual Dutchbat troops, the whole ICTY tower of lies and Den Haag farce would come down. So to protect the Queen and the Dutch and the rest of the Bilderbergers and Illuminati cabal (Lord Carrington is another one who was very active in this whole war.), Mladic will be kept safe somewhere is my guess. The Serbs would know if he were dead and would scream about it, he is in Serbia somewhere and the Empire does not want him found so he can’t testify.

I’ll write more on the role of Soros in Yugoslavia another time – from helping collapse it, to helping create the "liberal oppositions” and “human rights organizations” and other OSI infiltration – this “philanthropist” was just everywhere. He built the first post-war Rothschild banks in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, he brought broadband to Serbia after Clinton bombed it to rubble – always the tag team of Clinton and Soros playing good cop/bad cop.

Here is more on Soros inside of Kosovo, bottom of Link I believe, drugs, human rights, collapsed countries and Soros in the middle of it. Soros in Kosovo

P.S.: One thing I forgot to mention which jumps out at me here - in a real genocide of which we had a number of smaller single events also, the women and girls are raped, hauled off, imprisoned and it's a horrific sloppy mess involving females also but they are never spared in this manner. But Srebrenica was - no raping going on here, they actually packed up the females and bused them to safety - this is not a spontaneous genocide but a staged preplanned military orchestrated event in which a great deal of discipline was obviously drilled into the involved killers to kill quickly, efficiently and nothing else....just like in Sabra and Shatila in 1982 with IDF Sayaret Metkal and the SLA of Saad HADDAD.....

Also - why Bosnia stories over and over - that's why I put it out of the way here so as not to unnerve everyone with it. The story is very clear to me - the global elites who are running the show here and now and in the pending NWO also orchestrated this war. Understanding how they act when the beast is unleashed sheds a great deal of light on what makes them tick and what to expect out of them. They will spare no one and should this country here ever fall apart, the above is just one of many illustrations of who we are dealing with. ...."

I am familiar with the Gorazde area - northern Bosnia on the Serb border. Lots of rural Muslims, they got hit very hard by the war, too close to Serbia. These "safe areas" got wholesale sold down the river by the UN, a "safe area" guarded by UN was the worst place you could end up being trapped in. People view the UN as a good thing to come help in a war. They were the unholiest thing to happen to that war. They abetted the slaughter, they traded humanitarian goods to the aggressor to maintain their privileged role, they bought children as sex slaves, it is very ugly. I have to admit that I had to laugh every time I heard one of their dumb convoys got robbed because their convoys did far more business with the aggressor than real people in need who never mattered to them but the townspeople got good at making some loud artillery noises over a UN convoy, chasing the UN guys out on foot and emptying a convoy to feed their villages. The idiots were useless and ornery anyway.

This here is the movie I said awhile ago to go watch - next time you are in your video place, go to foreign films, find "No Man's Land", done about 80% in Serbian with subtitles, rest English/German. Made by a Bosnian Muslim filmmaker, the only "real" movie about the war eve made. This is what it looked like, this also shows the role of the traitorous UN very well, the UN is a central part of the movie. Do rent it, you won't regret it.

Here is actually the whole movie, cut up in 10 parts if you want to hassle with following a 1-10 Youtube full movie ct up into 10 parts of 10-minutes or so each but here is where it starts, follow next one from there. It is so very revealing of the UN and also how idiotic the psychology of war was. It won best movie in Cannes 2001, really good movie.