Monday, March 09, 2009

More on the perpetual White House Murder INC,....

Charles M. McKee and Matthew Gannon ...

Charles M. McKee, ostensibly a military attache for the DIA in Beirut, Matthew Gannon, CIA Deputy Station Chief in Beirut, and three others were on board Pan Am Flight 103, which exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland. They were part of a counterterrorist team in Beirut investigating the possible rescue of 9 American hostages in Lebanon. The McKee team uncovered evidence that a rogue CIA unit called COREA, based in Wiesbaden, was doing business with a man called Monzer Al-Kassar, a Syrian arms dealer and drug trafficker. Al-Kassar was part of the covert network run by U.S. Lieut. Colonel Oliver North... Outraged that the COREA unit in Wiesbaden was doing business with a Syrian who had close terrorist connections and might endanger their chances of rescuing the hostages, the McKee team decided to fly back to Virginia unannounced and expose the COREA unit's secret deal with al-Kassar... They never got there... "For three years, I've had a feeling that if Chuck hadn't been on that plane, it wouldn't have been bombed," said Beulah McKee, 75, Charles McKee's mother, to Time Magazine. Four months after her son was killed for his efforts to expose the CIA, Mrs. McKee received a sympathy letter from George H. W. Bush. Mrs. McKee has never been satisfied with the government's version of events....

America is the whore of Babylon.... Get out while you still can....
The Saudis are up to their necks in 911 complicity.... And they ARE Bush's partners in .... 9/11 !!!

Qui bono?
People are merely clueless and opinionated, or are professional propagandists
whose goal is to drive people away from even considering conspiracy theories....
" The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized
habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in a
democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism
of society constitute an invisible government which is the true
ruling power of our country...."

Visualize a day when all the mass murderers from both nations
are rounded up, tried, found guilty and hanged...

Sonny Bono, who had fallen from grace as a celebrity, warned Gingrich to guard against hubris...."
He was murdered by the infamous White House Murder Inc, few years later...

Bono was the only one at the beginning to warn Gingrich that his
arrogance and unchecked will to power would be his undoing....

The Cover-up of Sonny Bono's Murder

I may not be very insightful,
But I do find it less than delightful
That way 'cross the sea
They can read more than me
About goings-on here that are frightful.

It is now news in "WhiteWater..." that new evidence has turned up that
suggests that California congressman Sonny Bono was murdered and
did not die in a skiing accident as we have been told repeatedly.
Although he was an American whose job was to represent Americans,
as far as the mainstream United States press is concerned this
news is unworthy of the attention of the people of the United
States. This is the same American press, of course, that never
breathed the slightest hint of suspicion that there might have
been foul play involved when the experienced skier Bono was
reported to have slammed into a tree at the Heavenly Ski resort
in Nevada on January 5, 1998. There were no witnesses, the
autopsy report was not released to the public, and Bono had
shown himself to be something of a thorn in the side of official
Washington, which is probably all the more reason for the
lapdogs who call themselves journalists to have dummied up.

Before Bono's death, Fletcher had been probing the activities of
high ranking U.S. military and government officials he claims
were raking in millions from arms and drug deals in Central
America and Southeast Asia.

He says he sent his shocking findings of corruption, including
videotaped evidence, to Bono.

"I later received a call from an assistant in his offices to
tell me Sonny had seen my full report and was absolutely livid
about the level of corruption I made him aware of," Fletcher
tells GLOBE.

"He was going to make it his No. 1 priority when Congress
resumed after the Christmas and New Year break. He was going to
go after the biggest names.

"Just 10 days later, I received a call that he was dead....
FBI Agent Claims Sonny Bono Was Assassinated...

Sonny Bono in 1998 after allegedly skiing into a tree at the
Heavenly Ski Resort in Nevada. A decade later FBI agent Ted
Gunderson is claiming Bono was beat to death by a hitman who
made it only look like Bono had collided with a tree.

Gunderson, who's been researching Bono's death for the last 10
years, believes he was killed because the singer-turned-
politician was about to uncover an international drug
trafficking ring that involved top US officials.....

By all accounts former Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone was a
sweet guy, too, and I don't know anyone at all familiar with the
circumstances of his death who doubts he was assassinated just
before the 2002 midterm election....
Natural selection for newt toxicity

To determine if newt toxicity and snake resistance had coevolved,
Butch had...

Their first job was to show that natural selection could operate
on both newt toxicity and snake resistance. And in order to do
that, they had to demonstrate that the three requirements of
natural selection ? variation, heritability, and differential
reproductive success (i.e., selection) ? was true of both the
newts and the snakes. For example, if some newts produced more
toxin than others (variation), and if more toxic newts escaped
their predators and survived longer to produce more offspring
(differential reproductive success or selection) and if those
offspring inherited their parents' level of toxicity
(heritability), over time the newts would evolve to be toxic
through natural selection. But in order for natural selection to
operate in that situation all three requirements must be met.
Did the newts meet those requirements? Click on the "test it"
links below to find out.

But Bono also says his celebrity status is "a double-edged sword,"

We have a hit squad in Haiti.
You know what our CIA does -- they
kill people," Bono said in the speech...

A week later, at a Republican gathering, Bono made his first
public speech in the Hemet area in several months. His free-
flowing speech gradually returned to the subject of the death
squads and criticisms of the White House, to much applause from
the audience.

He repeated the CIA allegation, complained about the bias of
the "liberal media" and accused the White House of not playing
fair in the presidential race.....

Remember that U.S. patriotism-chauvinism-jingoism means being
willing to die or being willing to tell others to die for the
capitalist warmongers and exploiters and super-exploiters. Never
fall for it!

The capitalists have also infantilized the masses using various
means including Disneyland, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, Alice
in Wonderland, etc. Political cartoons also rely on cynicism-
a capitalist philosophy of submission, resignation, acquiescence,
despair and defeat. Cynicism is also promulgated by the
capitalists' political comedians such as Bill Maher, etc,
wherever possible (see below). The result is that the masses are
more likely to see themselves as children feeling hopeless,
resigned to that fact, and constantly look up to the capitalist
politicians as "the adults." Nixon and others have openly
referred to the masses as "the children." But the capitalists'
deceptions now wear thin as the masses begin to sense the
gravity of the present situation.

The Big Lie is used to demoralize the masses against the only
solution to the complex of problems created by capitalism-
imperialism and was refuted even by the Central Intelligence
Agency, on network television news in 1990 and 1991 who stated
that the CIA had no data or factual basis to support the claim
of a "Soviet economic collapse." That is because there was no
"Soviet economic collapse" and CIA indignantly did not want to
lend itself to acting merely as a propaganda outfit as Bush
tried to do prior to the U.S. Invasion of Iraq....twice....
Happy Birthday Mr. President

Marilyn Monroe sings Happy Birthday To JF Kennedy.

The Assassination of Marilyn Monroe by M...

She maintained that Monroe had sent her a birthday card shortly
before Monr...,0724-5.htm

At one point, one of Kennedy's advisers actually pulled him
aside and told him that he ought to be more discreet with his
affair. One final event would prove to be the proverbial straw
that broke the camel's back. At President Kennedy's forty-fifth
birthday celebration, held at Madison Square Garden and
broadcast live to home televisions across the nation, Marilyn
performed a searing rendition of "Happy Birthday" while wearing
a dress that was so tight that she literally had to be sewn into
it. At this point President Kennedy, who was deeply embarrassed
and angry over Marilyn's performance and his wife's refusal to
attend the celebration because she "didn't want to be made a
fool of", decided that enough was enough, and cut off all
communication between himself and the controversial starlet.
After she persisted in her attempts to contact him, Kennedy sent
his brother Bobby to end the affair and explain to Monroe that
her repeated calls were to stop at once. Bobby, however, didn't
merely deliver the message and leave. He took advantage of the
vulnerability of the fragile woman, and started his own affair
with her.

Information Control For Social Manipulation

There is no question that the proponents of the new "ideocratic"
elite realize very well what they are talking about. One of them,
the political analyst (and mathematician) Sergei Kurginyan wrote:

The hope of the country, the new emerging stratum, must realize
that its role is not to be a revolutionary democracy which puts
in power the criminal bourgeoisie.

Finally, he asserts that Russia cannot adopt the civilization
"of Mickey Mouse and Rambo" and must confront it with the
culture of Fyodor Dostoyevsky and Friedrich Nietzsche. He sees
Russia as the only place on Earth still unconquered by post-
industrial imperialism....?