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More on Israel's colonization plans for Iraq...

More on Israel's colonization plans for Iraq...

Late ABC News correspondent laid out Israel's plans for potential land grabs in Iraq,following the much desired US/Israeli plan to fracture the whole area into hundreds oftribes With Turbans and association with the Siamese twins CIA2/MOSSAD...

On January 28, 2009, We reported on Israeli activities in Iraq that strongly suggest it was attempting to set up extra-territorial colonies in the nation for historical religious reasons. Part-time TV pundit Andrew Sullivan called this editor, "A conspiracy theorist, of course. But his rumors get reprinted in Arabic and there's enough paranoia in Kurdistan for these stories to affect politics - and the war. Iraq has not finished providing us with nasty surprises."

Our reports are based on solid information from Middle East sources, not the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP), and Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) sources where Sullivan and his corporate media colleagues derive their Israeli government propaganda....fabrications and lies of the NID.

Corporate news media could use a little dose of reality from American journalists who knew the Middle East like the backs of their hands. One such journalist was my friend John K. Cooley, ABC's longtime Middle East correspondent, Christian Science Monitor Middle East reporter, and prolific author of books on the Middle East, Islam, and terrorism. John died last August 6 after a valiant struggle with cancer.

Cooley provided me the last time we met in Washington with an article he wrote on Israel's interests in Iraq.

The following is culled from Cooley's article, titled "The Israeli Factor," which appeared in October/November 2005 issue of The Link, a publication of Americans for Middle East Understanding (AMEU).

The Jews of Iraq flourished under the Abbasid caliphs in Baghdad. "The Jews established a system of autonomous self-government under an executive called the exilarch. He was supposed to be a descendant of Israel's King David (1000-961 BC). His office was hereditary."

After the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Sephardic Jews from Spain by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella in 1492, the Ottoman Sultan Bayezit II welcomed them to his empire. From Cooley's article: "Soon the European Jewish immigrants were encroaching cities like Istanbul, Baghdad and Mosul with their arts, crafts and skills."

However, Jews in Baghdad began to emigrate from the city in the 1800s. From Cooley: "By 1853, according to figures compiled by the American Jewish Committee, only about 3,000 Jews remained in Baghdad. In 1853, they joined with the majority Sunni Arabs then living in Baghdad and Mosul to fight against one of the recurrent Kurdish rebellions in northern Mesopotamia."

As Zionist influence began to be felt in Baghdad before and after the British conquest of World War I, Cooley wrote, animosity grew "between the self-appointed and comfortably established, self-declared heirs of Babylonian Jewry and the mainly young and hyper-active Zionists,who came from the West. The Zionists dreamt of variations of Theodore Herzl's Judenstat, a Jewish national state with no determined boundaries."

Cooley continued, "In 1909, an early Zionist group called The General Jewish Colonization Association tried to persuade the Young Turk rulers to bring masses of Jewish settlers into Turkish-ruled Iraq, Palestine, Egypt, Cyprus, Syria and Eastern Turkey (Anatolia). Personal funds of the settlers and subsidies from banks and special societies were to support emigration. The British ambassador in Istanbul reported to London that the Zionist group wanted to found 'an autonomous Jewish state in Mesopotamia.' Nothing came of this, except added tensions among Christian, Muslim, and Jewish communities in the region."

After World War II, a former Ottoman Iraqi politician named Nuri al-Said and Israel's David Ben-Gurion cooperated to extract some 300,000 Jews in Iraq to be re-settled in Israel. According to Cooley, "Israel entrusted this to members of its fledgling Mossad, its external civilian intelligence service. The Israelis named the operation after two Biblical prophets: Ezra and Nehemiah. This writer first heard details during an early reporting trip to Iraq in January 1969. Myself and a small busload of other correspondents were repeatedly arrested by police and mukhabarat worthies as we followed the trial of 14 Iraqis, nine of them Jews, including boys of 15 and 16, who were hanged for alleged espionage before big crowds in Baghdad."

Cooley proceeds to describe the Mossad false flag attacks that prompted the exodus of Iraqi Jews to Israel. "Naiem Giladi, an Iraqi-born Jew, told his life story to The Link in 1998. HIs forbearers were the Haroon family, descendants of the builders of the Prophet Ezekiel's tomb near the ruins of ancient Babylon. Giladi worked for Mossad B [a clandestine Haganah cell] in the Iraqi Jewish underground. As an 18-year-old he was caught by Iraqi secret police while helping fellow Jews to emigrate to Israel. His captors incarcerated him in the Abu Ghraib prison, of ill-fame during today's U.S. occupation. Sentenced to be hanged, Giladi carefully planned a successful escape to Israel. There he experienced the frustration of thousands of other immigrants from Arab and Muslim societies.

Giladi witnessed the dumping of overcrowded Gaza of Palestinian prisoners who wouldn't collaborate with the Israeli authorities. Soon he appeared in the front ranks of civil rights activities."

Giladi opposed the 1982 Ariel Sharon-led invasion of Lebanon in 1982. Cooley wrote: "Giladi then emigrated to the U.S. He renounced his Israeli nationality and acquired American citizenship. Giladi sold his house in Israel and used proceeds to publish his book, "Ben Gurion's Scandals: How the Haganah and the Mossad Eliminated the Jews." It describes violence and terrorism against Jews in Iraq in 1950 and 1951. Giladi asserts the bombings of prospective Jewish emigrants and Jewish property, including synagogues, were perpetrated by Mossad agents in order to expedite Iraqi Jewry's move to Israel. His contentions are supported by other contemporary accounts of his Iraqi-born compatriots."

Mossad's clumsy false flag operations in Iraq and Egypt caused Ben Gurion to change course. Cooley wrote: "Mossad needed to recover from several severe reverses. In Egypt, clumsy bombings of U.S. installations by Israeli agents meant to look like the work of Gamal Abdel Nasser's military-backed regime, resulted in prison and hangings of the confessed bombers. In Iraq, breakup of the clandestine emigration net of "Operation Ezra and Nehemiah" led to 28 espionage sentences against Iraqi Jews, and commuted death sentences against two Israeli Mossad agents."

Cooley: "Ben-Gurion resolved to cement alliances, both official and overt, and unofficial and covert, with non-Arab Turkey, Iran, Ethiopia and other African nations, Muslim or otherwise -- and the Kurds. . . Leaders of Israel's then ruling Labor Party, including Defense Minister Shimon Peres, began secret meetings with Iraqi Kurds in 1964. In June 1966, Prime Minister Levi Eshkol and Foreign Minister Abba Eban secretly visited Tehran, probably to coordinate a later covert politico-military mission to Mustafa Barzani's [Kurdish] mountain headquarters. Israeli arms and military training were promised . . . Later, Barzani visited Israel and met politicians including Menachem Begin. Mossad and the Shah's secret service, SAVAK, helped create a Kurdish intelligence service, called Parastin.

Cooley describes the blueprint for an expansionist Israel in the Middle East, a study written by Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, and David Wurmser called "A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm," originally prepared for Israel's far right-wing Likudnik Binyamin Netanyahu, but later adopted by the George W. Bush neocon cell in the Pentagon. The plan called for a complete repudiation of an independent Palestinian state and the overthrow of governments in Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. It also called for the restoration of the Hashemite monarchy in Iraq. The study states: "Israel has an interest in supporting the Hashemites in their efforts to redefine Iraq."

That redefinition is the basis for Israel's acquisition of land and property in northern Iraq and at ancient Jewish sites in the rest of the country.

It is unfortunate that Andrew Sullivan and the readers of his Atlantic Monthly articles are treated to a little history and some facts as provided by the Middle East expert John Cooley that are shorn of propaganda from Israel's "Amen Corner" in Washington, DC and New York....

This below is the heart of the problem and if we don't know or understand history then we cannot understand what is "Israelhell" and how and why it does what it wants.... Christians and Muslims have a totally false zionized vision of history. It is a planted "Trojan-horse" in thorat/bible, a false-flag-info from the 70 rabbis who falsified the thorat in 300 B.C.

I am so surprised that the alternative media, are time and again complicit in Zionist fraud by not relaying the accurate historical and geographical facts. In fact many journalists write about Jews and Zionism who never read even a summary of the Talmud, the book of fraud. Here are a few basic historical facts one must know:
1. It is the official foreign policy (it was "officious since Ben-Gurion) of “Israelhell”since the Ariel Sharon government that the “historical”borders of the Zionist farcical invention are from the Nile to the Euphrates meaning Anatolia,Syria,the whole Arabian peninsula,Irak,and Egypt. That is why "peace"is a farce and Israel will not draw borders and whoever would just try like Kennedy or Rabin will be killed or "Lewinskied" like B.Clinton. Of course this has no basis in history at all but Palestine is part of it, that means that the "West Bank"and the rest are scheduled for further Nakbah or holocaust. American leaders are part and parcel of this comedy as they were/are with the broken treaties with their American Indians and their ongoing genocide and dispossession.
2. In fact, as we have demonstrated at and and also in the Haaretz article by Dr.Zeev-Herzog chief archeologist at Tel-Aviv University, and also by myself with Dr.kamal Salibi at and and in the masterly free download pdf book and maps”Queen of Sheba and Israel” by Dr.Bernard-Leeman, that there never was any ancient “Israel”or even a “Jerusalem” in Palestine (except the one “invented”by the crusaders who confused the death place of one of the 3 Jesuses, see about the koranic Jesus, with the city of David and Solomon (at Arwa+Salam villages near present day Tanumah) of the rainy saudi
highlands-the ancient kingdom of Judah near Yemen). (the ancient Jews were mountain pirates preying on the incense caravans trade between India,Yemen,Egypt and Europe. They were of the “bin-Yamin” tribes or “sons-of Yemen” like modern day pirate Benyamin Netanyahu). They used to ransack, ransom, and racket the caravans, and pillage other Arab (Arab/Hebrew are the same word/reversal of consonants) tribes-including the northern tribe of, Israel from the area of present Madina, prior to "unity"-whereby their claimed "wealth", and for that reason, their hideout Jerusalem was sacked and 10000 of their apparatchik/leader“warrior-priests” brought captives by the king of Babylon-and they were freed 40years later by Cyrus king of Persia after his victory over Babel with the help of Jewish traitors/informers from inside, and Cyrus used some of them as administrators to rule Palestine where he built a temple, by his order and money, as a one-sided “joint venture”of sorts since the false prophet “Ezra”or“Esdras” had told Cyrus that the Abraham/Ibrahim of Jews is the same Ibrahim-Zeradust or Zarathoustra/Zoroaster of Persians. Hence the small colony of Jews of Palestine sent by Cyrus were known as “Pharisees” that is farsis or Persians in the land of “Philistines” or Palestine as per Semitic pronunciation.....