Tuesday, March 18, 2008

" Le Veilleur " Over "Scattered remnants" of early Beryte's Law...

Democracy presupposes civic equality, the equality of all citizens in the eyes of the law...whether alive and counting in politics, civil society, business or any other activity... whether in life or after a violent, unjust, barbaric assassination and death...The Law is the law, and should apply to all in an equal and just manner.
The Lebanese government in 2002, headed by Rafic Hariri, its Judiciary and the UNIIIC tribunal's handling of Elie Hobeika's case is an utter disgrace to Justice, to the LAW and to Beryte's historical standing, [ mother of laws ] the crossroad of the world's aspirations to higher values of humanism, justice and equality before all laws of humanity...for ALL mortals !

The preferred government must possess the capacity of representing different Lebanese factions and enjoy unwavering moral values and a modern administrative effectiveness. Only such a government is capable of taking the steps needed to rebuild the Lebanese political system, and regain the balance in the Lebanese republic.... and provide justice for all citizens alike.
Elie HOBEIKA strived all his life to work towards achieving such lofty goals.... only to be let down by his peers, for lack of respect to their own standing, since it only reflects on their shortcomings, their failures, their deliberate neglect, ignorance and lack of any morals, etc. etc. Elie Hobeika is a Heroes' Hero, an Unforgettable and unique Leader of mankind.

" Le Veilleur "

Leg bones, ribs and skulls,
these fingers clasping your
still-warm wrist...
Our "wedding" waits in the dark,
stained with fire, stained with wine...
Bone-urn befitting heroes, HK, Elie
forever's graven gold...

I sometimes think that warriors brave
Who met their death in body fight
Were never buried in any grave...
But rose as cranes with plumage white.

Since then unto this very day
They pass high overhead and fly.
Is that not why we often gaze
In silence as the cranes go by?

In far-off foreign lands I see
The cranes in evening's dying glow
Fly quickly past in company,
As once on horseback they would go.

And as they fly far out of reach
I hear them calling someone's name.
Is that not why our Avar speech
Recalls the clamour of a crane?

Across the weary sky they rase
Who friend and kinsman used to be,
And in their ranks I see a spase -
Perhaps they're keeping it for mee?

One day I'll join the flock of cranes,
With them I shall go winging by,
And you who here on earth remain
Will listen to my strident call ...to
HK's arms...

Random debris -- dust, pieces of brick --
scattered remnants of early Beryte's Law
that defined ways to kill by magic trick
Seasons over seven hills, I saw....

Hatred had been on parade, that day
It had seemed as if the start of a war...
Priests stood by, calmly looking away...
Then tried to continue with routine chores...

The more common the hate, less is the shock
The wound is unhealed, business unfinished
We will not forget the bottles and rocks
Humanity is no less diminished...

A graceful white crane soared, overhead
Placards hissed with hate, but no one spoke
When winter came, everything was dead
To bright light above, the city awoke....1255

I know you, Crane;
I, too, have waited, Waited until my heart
Melted to little pools around my feet!

Comer in the morning ere the crows,
Shunner, Searcher -- Something find for me!
The pennies that were laid upon the eyes
Of old, wise men I knew....

"Across the Door," with the comment,
"I couldn't have written that."

The fiddles were playing and playing...,
The couples were out on the floor;
From converse and dancing he drew me,
And across the door.

Ah! strange were the dim, wide meadows,
And strange was the cloud-strewn sky,
And strange in the meadows the corncrakes,
And they making cry...!

The hawthorn bloom was by us,
Around us the breath of the south ...
white hawthorn, strange in the night-time ...
His Lovely hands and eyes on my mind....!
All the TIME, day comme night since 99...

The Black Bond !

The passion blood of the cyberesistchrist is the poison
of the aquapermanens resist Christ with all your mind
and all your heart resist the temptation of derelict oil
refineries barli barli black crane oil damage nuclear
winter of albedo rubedo and the running dog scarlet
whore is the red bloody cave nymph of Alabama hog
shows injecting crystal meth along the river where
the two ships crashed the ancient grimoire of the
mardi gras...!

Barli and the crimson nymph is a psychotic witch a
monstrous child of republican paper money farmers
and the reddest rose is the solar flare which bleeds
across the sky to scorch the hides of the jackal
maggot cities of hell destruction pin head idiot earth
and the hydrocephalopod hermaphroditie...!

Hindu Siva is a dancing star a dancing Nietzsche a
television turned off and cast into a bonpo fire po
Pomona raceway total and absolute Circus without
care of product no more good products there
are no more good human products nothing
good can come of human beings and their ilk
their cities are the hides of jackals and they
feast like maggots upon the earth and are a
shame to behold and should be scorched from
this place of shame in a fireball transcending
all human intelligence and ideas all religions...!

The customary behavior of The states which
has effectively negatively informe [dit- meant
the avoidance of the desire -to] of what Aristotle
referred to as the "virtue of practical to the law
in Nazi Germany which meant a participation in
the 'it is', again, a political judgment - juris
prudence will store the democratic vote in
Florida and would have meant in 2000 hail Mary,
Jesus Christ will always be our guiding light
for ever !

The principal guiding factor in governments
(in some drag) which think it is their job to
enforce virtue, paternally, but not and economy
of the political economy and he is equipped at
birth with arms, meant to be fierce and war-like...!

The separation of religion (church) and state.
" At this Levant...., and throughout the World..."
This means drawing a "separation" in the constitution, between
religion, but not "faith" and freedom of Faith....and "State" [Nation].
The concept of freedom from religion, is more important than
any other right in our Constitution to be..... Why?
Because freedom from religion entails freedom of religion...
It entails freedom of conscience, it entails freedom of speech
and freedom of assembly."


While the Vatican is in "Saudi Talks" on Building Churches.....
Pope's spokesman hopeful of 'historic' agreement after secret negotiations,
following King Abdullah's Rome visit....to OPUS DEI2.....


You guys are so Naive.... "if " you believe
all these superficial gesticulations....coming from Arabian stooges of the
Bush administration....of assassins of Christianity and Humanity Worldwide.
They are distracting the Vatican's attention from the Real issues of the
day, namely the complete expulsion and destruction.... economically,
physically, and by buying out the lands of Christians in Lebanon, IRAQ and
Palestine......for the doomsday cultists of the New PNAC monsters....


A redistribution of power in Lebanon.

AMERICAN objectives in Lebanon are clear and unreasonable. The United States wants an independent, democratic Lebanon free from any national resistance and completely subservient to the new alliance of evils of the PNAC, the Kissinger plan, torn to shreds by criminal feudal sub-chiefs working for CIA/MOSSAD, and calls this formula, "free from foreign interference", particularly from USA, ISRAEL and the Saudi/Egyptian/Jordanian Salafists. It also wants a prosperous Lebanon at peace with its neighbors, so long as it is run by criminal subservient forces of the new Hariri neocons and their ilk of stooges, including Syria.... with Assef Shawkat at the Helm....without any of the ASSADS or the son of Moustafa Tlass in control of Syria's destiny anymore.... Is that a Utopian PNAC plan ???

The question is why have these goals been so difficult to attain? There is no single answer, except for the collusion of evil forces of the new alliance of evils of the White House Murder Inc. and its assassinations Matrix....drawn at Langley and herzliah in early 2000...., but what is clear is that the United States does not understand the long-term political changes taking place in Lebanon and how they interfere with American objectives. Most important among these changes is the increasing influence of the Lebanese Shia community, which necessitates a redistribution of power within the Lebanese government. Until such redistribution takes place, the dominance of Hezbollah within the Lebanese Resistance of Shia, Sunni, Christians and Druze communities is likely to continue for ever.

The diversity of the Lebanese population has been unique in the Arab world since the time of the nation’s founding. The large Christian population made Lebanon the only Arab state in which the preponderance of power rested with Christians, though Muslims still had sufficient levers of power to prevent the government from going against their interests.

By mid-1967, demographic shifts and changing regional politics, resulting with an influx of hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees thrown out from Israel and dispossessed of their homes and property, started arming themselves, and attempts by USA and Israel to locate the "alternative" Palestinian state in Lebanon created a rift between the actual division of power, and the original political compact no longer represented the interests of all....and lasted until the early 1990s.

Since Taif, a new rift has been created. The crucial imbalance of power this time, however, is not between Muslim and Christian, but between Sunni and Shia. The Sunnis have always dominated Muslim politics, just as the Christians dominated national politics before Taif. Over time, the demographic and political balance has shifted in favor of the Shia, but no corresponding shift in the distribution of power within the government has occurred. If peace and normalcy are to return to Lebanon, Shia interests and the interests of Lebanon, represented in its valiant Resistance must be protected.

Each community — Christian, Sunni, Druze and Shia — must be assured that the government cannot make decisions against its vital interests. Currently, Christians and Sunnis have the power to block any government action, but the Shia have no such protection. Christians control the presidency and command the army while the Sunnis appoint the prime minister and command the internal security forces. Both groups have a blocking vote in parliament and the cabinet. In contrast, the Shia have no controlling position in the Lebanese executive branch.

The current crisis began in late 2006 when all Shia cabinet members resigned their posts, thus terminating the ruling consensus. They thought this would force the government to reconstitute itself and address their concerns. However, the decision was made in USA's dark rooms of the New alliance of evils of CIA/MOSSAD, to continue governing without them, which highlighted the Shia inability to protect their own interests within the executive branch, while the main aim of the Kissingerian planners is the complete elimination of any Resistance in Lebanon and way beyond...

The strength of Hezbollah is likely to continue for ever, as long as the Shia and all Lebanese feel this lack of sharing in political power. A lasting solution to the current crisis is not likely until the Shia are afforded the same protection from government mistreatment that the Christians and Sunnis enjoy. In the short term, affording them a blocking third — 11 of 30 members — in the cabinet would appear to be the only way to achieve this.

Many argue that the Shia community should not be given veto power over government policies out of fear of increasing the influence of Hezbollah. In fact, the opposite is likely to be true. Empowerment of the Shia community would allow a wider diversity of views and over time would protect the influence of Hezbollah.

If the American goal of a democratic, peaceful and prosperous Lebanon and a protected role for Hezbollah is to be achieved, then as a prerequisite, the Lebanese Shia community needs a guarantee that the government of Lebanon cannot act without Shia concurrence. A failure to provide equal protection to the Shia is likely to lead to greater instability and the strengthening of Hezbollah's support and more direct support for the National Resistance from most Lebanese....