Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Pictures of MP and Minister Mr. Elie Hobeika / 1956-2002

"Can't you see we're still here,Can't you see we're still here,Singing loud; Singing clear,We shall not go under,We're still here."
Sensitive Compartmented Information
Facility(SCIF)in Washington DC area,
was the site for a very useful, WELL
documented meeting with CIA & FBI
Personnel in 2002. More later!!!
Timing is everything ! "HK".

Where there are averted eyes and scopes compared, lies paralysis, beware false displays of cohesion today, those with answers provide them for specific times and specific places. I only look through cracked windshields of blue safety glass, or through kaleidoscopic beehive vision, because wholeness seems such a formidable task. I am bound to sift through unsightly scrap yard heaps, where are my little sparrow helpers. I can't even pretend to have daintiness or gentleness of character on my side , where will I ever learn to sit still....