Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Colliding Agendas: The assassination of NABIH BERRI, and Imad F. MOUGHNIEH revenge attack looming large over south Lebanon....

Colliding Agendas: The assassination of NABIH BERRI, and Imad F. MOUGHNIEH revenge attack looming large over south Lebanon...

23 months ago: Syrian President Bashar Assad, right, meets Iranian top MOSSAD negotiator, Ali Larijani in Damascus on Sunday Jan.21,2007. Larijani delivered a letter from CIA2/MOSSAD on the developments in the Middle East and bilateral coordination of the assassination of Imad Fayez Moughnieh to come soonest in Damascus, by the official MOSSAD/CIA2 agency representative in SYRIA, Asef Shawkat .
Today Ali Larijani is back in Damascus to give a new message to Bashar Assad from the same handlers.... Imad F. Moughniah's assassination anniversary is coming soonest..... and the FURY of the response of Hizbullah is not far behind..... Interesting times ahead.... and two agendas COLLIDE in the heat of the battles raging in GAZA.... and the preparations on the Northern front in Israel....

Agenda one of CIA2/MOSSAD:
and the White House Murder Inc, is to take out
NABIH BERRI creating utter CHAOS in Lebanon and perturbing the
northern front and the South of Lebanon,in preparation of a large Israeli
ground operation, which timing will be dictated by the success of the
Assassination of Nabih BERRI by CIA2 and the infamous White House
Murder Inc,
Assef Shawkat ( آصف شوكت‎ ) (born 1950) is a Syrian assassin, and head of the
Syrian Military Intelligence apparatus since 2005, rewarding him for the
successful assassinations of Mr. Elie HOBEIKA and Rafic Hariri.

Assef Shawkat ( آصف شوكت‎ ) is the head of the local Damascus branch of the infamous White House Murder Inc, an extra-judicial assassinations matrix, created by the PNAC killers since 1995, and the evil axis of CIA2/MOSSAD which ensued.....
Again and again, a prime suspect in murder/assassinations , starting from the CIA2/MOSSAD assassination of Mr. Elie Hobeika in Beirut/Hazmieh January 24th 2002, and the infamous : "White House Murder Inc." , headed by Asef Shawkat in Syria.

Agenda two of Hizbullah:

A devastating attack in revenge for Imad F. Mughniah's assassination
by ASSEF Shawkat in Damascus on behalf of the odious and dubious
White House Murder Inc,.... which ALI LARIJANI is desperate to avoid
right now, which proves how much Hizbullah is completely independent
and able to take decisive action when needed, and because Hezbollah
knows that Larijani was instrumental in eliminating a radioactive ally,
Imad F. Moughnieh, and because TEHRAN is expecting some good openings
from OBAMA, due to the immense pressures awaiting this sordid
administration, subservient to the power behind the power in USA.